10 Best Reasons for a Professional to Work from Home

10 Best Reasons for a Professional to Work from Home

In the past decade, with cloud computing and the gig economy steadily rising, working from home has become an increasingly popular way to make a living. A report in 2017 showed about 5% of people worked from home, and we’re only expecting it to go higher now and into the foreseeable future. If you’re considering working from home, here are ten reasons why you should.

1. You’re Less Likely to Get Sick 

You’re Less Likely to Get Sick

Let’s address the elephant in the home office first. With COVID-19 becoming an increasing threat (as of March 2020), more people are working from home. In a traditional office, you’re exposed to many people, some of them not practicing basic hygiene. They may even come in while sick, making everyone catch the bug. They may not even know they have a virus.

When you’re at home, you’re with yourself, your partner or your roommates. You can still get sick, but with fewer people around you, the odds are in your favor. Even if you do get sick, as long as the labor isn’t too taxing, you can still work and make money. Just make sure not to overdo it.

2. Pets! 


While a traditional office may have a “bring your pet to work” day, it’s not every day. Plus, your cat may not like you driving him all the way to the office. On the other hand, studies have shown that dogs and cats in the office can lower your stress levels and boost productivity. When you have a dog or cat curled up next to you as you work, it makes the work go much more relaxing. Even fish can make you feel peaceful.

3. Tax Write-offs 

Tax Write-offs

We are not accountants, so consult a tax professional about this. But if you work from home, you may be able to deduct all costs relating to your household. Your electric bill, your Internet, heating, cooling, any repairs; the list goes on. One tip is to write down any expense related to your house. You’ll be happy you did come tax season.

4. Your Music, Your Rules 

Your Music, Your Rules

Certain types of music are known to increase productivity, especially classical or other instrumental music. Of course, you may be someone who works while jamming out to metal. Unless your traditional office workplace allows otherwise, you may be stuck listening to whatever music is playing from the speakers in the building. If you don’t like that music, then working from home may be the solution.

5. Your Own Computer, Too 

Your Own Computer, Too

With traditional office work, you usually have to do your business on an office computer. You may not like the operating system, settings, or how the computer feels. By working from home, you can usually choose your own computer to do the work. If you want a powerful desktop, so be it. If you want a small laptop/tablet combination, there are plenty for cheap.

With that said, make sure you have the right computer for the job. If you’re writing, you don’t need anything too huge, but if you’re editing movies, you may want to buy something more advanced.

6. Work Anywhere 

Work Anywhere

Another reason why working from home is so alluring is because you don’t have to just work from home. If you have a laptop or access to a computer, you can work anywhere. At the coffee shop, in the backyard, while your is spouse driving, (if you have a good data plan, you can use your phone as a WiFi hotspot,), and even during a vacation. Plus, working outside is good for you. 

7. Your Schedule is Yours 

Your Schedule is Yours

This is going to depend on what work from home job you have. Some jobs are going to have a set schedule, especially if you’re an employee. However, independent contractors who work various gigs for clients have much more freedom with their schedules.

Having your own schedule can make you more productive. If you’re not a morning person, why wake up at 7 AM? If you’re an early bird, why work the second shift? Create your schedule and work on your own terms, and you’ll be much happier.

8. No Commute 

No Commute

Driving to work can be such a hassle. You’re always worried about being late, especially in the event of a traffic jam. Alternatively, you may be someone who takes the bus or train to school. With the virus going around, these are not good places to be. Not only that, you have to pay money for tickets or gas, too.

In contrast, working from home usually doesn’t involve a commute. You wake up, drink your coffee, and start your day.

9. No Dress Code 

No Dress Code

Who wants to wear a suit and tie all day? While you may want to look professional when speaking to your clients through Skype, most people who work from home do so in their pajamas. In a business, it is understandable why you would need to look presentable to your coworkers and customers, but in the work from home world, you don’t need to. Wear whatever you want.

10. It’s Good for Your Business, Too 

It’s Good for Your Business, Too

If you own a business, working from home can be good for it. If you’re an employee, you’re helping your business save more money, which could mean more for your paycheck. You’re not working on their premises and eating their foods. Also, the business does not need a giant, connected network, but can instead use cloud computing, which saves money on business expenses.

Bonus: A Few More Work from Home Tips

Before we leave, here are a few extra tips for working from home.

  1. a) Install apps to block distracting websites. For example, if you’re a Mac user, SelfControlApp.com is a great app that doesn’t stop until it runs out of time.
  2. b) While everything is on your own schedule, creating a routine and sticking to it is still ideal.
  3. c) Schedule time to take breaks or have a power nap. Don’t work all at once, or you may experience burnout.
  4. d) Have an office space that’s away from your kid(s), family members, or anyone else distracting.

Overall, working from home has become an increasingly popular trend, especially with the younger generations of working professionals. If you find this article helpful, please share it with those who are interested in learning this new-normal way of working for a company.

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