10 Clever DIY Home Office Improvement Tips to Improve Your Health

Written by Sarah Rosario
  • Dec 20 2018
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10 Clever DIY Home Office Improvement Tips to Improve Your Health

In this day and age, more and more people are working from home. Since most of what people work nowadays include technology and online media, it’s more possible to accomplish tasks without having to go to an office. Before, only certain professionals had home offices, such as doctors, writers, lawyers, and such.

Today, the number of people who have offices inside their houses have doubled or even tripled. In the same vein, home offices have become extremely popular nowadays. When building up a home, owners now take into account which room can best serve as their work area inside the house.

Homeowners should be careful, however, when designing their home offices. It’s not like any other part of the home. It has to be both help you improve your work ethic while still maintaining the atmosphere of an actual home. Furthermore, since you’re most likely all by yourself in it, the room should also be able to promote health and wellness. In order to achieve this, here are some home office improvement tips you might want to use.

1. Make It Homely

Make It Homely
Probably one of the most important factors when designing a home office it still make it feel homely. Just because this is your work area, doesn’t mean it has to look like a cubicle in an office. Add some personal touches here and there to make it more you and less of a boring working space. You can also incorporate a lot of softness into it to make it more relaxing. Just don’t make it too relaxing, however, as this might not improve your productivity.

2. Light or Neutral Tones Only

Light or Neutral Tones Only
Just because you have the freedom to design your home office however you want, doesn’t mean you have to go all crazy. When choosing a color for your walls, go for the more neutral tones or lighter shade. Shades of cream, white, dove gray, or even hints of pastel pink and baby blue will work wonders for your work area.

It’s scientifically proven that such hues can help people feel calm and more at peace. You’re more likely to focus on work more if your mind isn’t too full of tensions and troubles.

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3. Keep it Organized

Keep it Organized
This can’t be stressed enough! No working area, whether it’s in the office or at home, will be suitable for anyone if it’s not tidy and clean. If the papers are all over the place, the furniture blocks you from having ample leg room, and the desk is just too full of unnecessary objects, you’re bound to have a hard time finishing your tasks and responsibilities. As much as you can, organize your home office by putting in cabinets, shelves and storage spaces where you can place everything in the right order.

4. Keep Water Near

Keep Water Near
There’s a reason why water-dispensers are popular and offices, and it’s not because it’s for socializing with co-workers. Workdays are composed of long hours accomplishing tasks and finishing assignments. At some point, you’re going to need a refresher and the easiest of such a sip of water. At your home office, make sure you have some near you at all times. It can be a dispenser at a corner of the room or a jar that’s just on your desk.

5. Open for Air

Open for Air
When choosing a room for your home office, go for the one that has openings to the outside. Whether it’s a big window, a door, or even a balcony. It’s important that, within your workday, you get to breathe in some fresh air from the outside.

This keeps you refreshed, energized, and rejuvenated to better finish your jobs. Among many choices, go for the rooms with big windows so that you’d still get your fair share of fresh air without having to hear all the noises from the outside that might disrupt your work.

6. Place a Plant

Place a Plant
Sometimes, opening up a window isn’t enough to get your daily dose of fresh air. This is especially if you live in the city, where the car smoke and other sorts of air pollution can come wafting into your home office. To freshen up your work area, place some plants inside it. They will freshen up the air with all the oxygen they emanate, as well as brightening up the room. And if you get more floral plants, their soothing scents can better calm you down and relax more while you work.

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7. Incorporate a Standing Desk Converter

Incorporate a Standing Desk Converter
Working in your own home office means you get to do your job your own way. One of the more popular new working styles nowadays is using a standing desk converter. This nifty office furniture adds a new dimension to working that’s possibly healthier for any employee.

And since you’re all on your own, working while standing up can allow you to do loads of other activities while you accomplish your tasks, such as working out or strolling a little in between assignments.


8. Install a Sound System

Install a Sound System
Contrary to popular belief, music can actually help you work better. If it’s a song or a musical piece that helps you clear your mind, you have more chances to focus more on your assignments. If you install a sound system in your home office, you can acquire all the benefits of listening to music while you work. This also helps you tune out more disturbing noises from external sources, giving you a calmer environment upon which you can work better.

9. Keep a Stress Ball

Keep a Stress Ball
Even though you’re in your own home office, that’s not necessarily an escape from work stress. If your job comes to a point that you need to calm down, squeeze a stress ball. Have one, or maybe even more, ready inside your home office. Place it on your desk or on a nearby shelf to be able to grab it as soon as you feel tense and anxious. This is a great medium to pour out all your troubles on and achieving a more peaceful mind to accomplish your tasks for the day.

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10. Include Family Photos

Include Family Photos
Always remember that your home office is still a part of your house. This house is your own personal sanctuary, and your working area should reflect that. It might also help you work better if you’re reminded of who you’re working for in the first place, your family.

In your home office, keep a few framed family pictures to motivate you to work better. You can hang them on the walls or keep them on your desk by your side.

Don’t let the stresses of work get you down in your own in-house office. Follow these tips and more to ensure that you’ll have a healthy working lifestyle within the comforts of your own home. I hope you find this article helpful; if you do please share it on your social media page so other can benefit from it as well. Thanks in advance!

Author: Sarah Rosario

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