10 Productive Activities You Can Do at Home to Stay Healthy

10 Productive Activities You Can Do at Home to Stay Healthy

We all know the value of a healthy lifestyle, but in today’s fast-paced world, fitting wellness activities into the day can be a challenge.

Fortunately, there are plenty of opportunities throughout the day to improve your health and wellness while getting things done. The best part? You’re probably already doing most of them.

Here’re the top 10 productive activities you can do at home to stay healthy.

1. Exercise at Home

Exercise at Home, workout at home

You don’t need to go to the gym to work out. Even if you don’t have a treadmill or stationary bike, you can stream workout videos and do bodyweight exercises like planks, push-ups, and crunches.

You don’t even need to set aside a big chunk of time for exercise; you can add in isometric and cardiovascular exercises throughout your day. Taking laundry downstairs? Add a lap back up and down for a quick heart rate increase. Set a timer when you’re working in front of the computer and do 20 jumping jacks every hour to reset your mind and get your blood flowing. Listen to some music and make your cleaning routine into a dance party.

To get some quick bursts of cardio, buy a jump rope and head out to the driveway a few times a day. It has been proven that these short spurts of intense activity can build your endurance and be extremely beneficial for your body, while taking little time out of your daily routine.

If you need proof that you’re being more active, wear a pedometer inside the house. Models that signal you to do a few more steps before the end of the hour can be highly motivating.

10 Productive Activities You Can Do at Home to Stay Healthy

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2. Soap On, Soap Off: Washing Dishes Meditation

Soap On, Soap Off: Washing Dishes Meditation, keep your mind clear, be mindfulness

Calm your mind and body and prepare yourself to face the rest of the day by bringing mindfulness to rote chores like washing the dishes.

Washing the dishes may seem like drudgery, but a shift in perspective can turn this chore into something different. Applying a Zen-like discipline, you can make dish washing into a mindfulness experience.

Focus your attention on fluidity and economy of movement. Seek the perfection of each item washed. Notice the sensations of the water on your hands and the colors in the bubbles. Before you know it, you’ll be washing dishes to reduce your stress.

10 Productive Activities You Can Do at Home to Stay Healthy

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3. Plant and Maintain a Garden

Plant and Maintain a Garden, stay busy with your garden

Planting and maintaining a garden is beneficial to your health and wellbeing in many ways.

First, planting and weeding a garden requires significant physical activity. It’s a great counterpart to time spent in front of a screen, especially since natural sunlight helps to stimulate vitamin D production in your body.

Working with the earth is therapeutic, connecting us to nature and its cycles. It’s tactile, too, in a way that most of our work is not. And as a bonus, the garden rewards its creator with fresh vegetables, herbs, or flowers.

There’s even a financial incentive to do your own gardening: you can pick you own produce for the price of a packet of seeds.

4. Clean the House

Clean the House, keep your house clean

Cleaning the house is hard work and is an excellent combination of cardio and strength training. Moving a vacuum, reaching up to dust high places, and crawling on hands and knees to wax the floor all exercise different muscles and help to loosen up a body that’s been sitting too much.

A thoroughly clean house can help you cognitively, too—it reduces distractions and feels sharp and fresh. For many people, increased organization engenders mental calm.

Tackling the attic, the basement, or the garage is a demanding and dirty job that can result in a sense of accomplishment and pleasantly sore muscles.

10 Productive Activities You Can Do at Home to Stay Healthy

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5. Walk the Dog

Walk the Dog, exercise with your pet

Walking the dog is multitasking at its finest because both the owner and the four-legged friend get some excellent cardiovascular exercise. Walking at a brisk pace burns almost the same number of calories as running, with less wear and tear on the joints. Add fresh air, sunshine, and socializing with the neighbors to make for an activity that can be the highlight of the day.

To push yourself to walk when you aren’t in the mood, start taking your pet out at the same time each day. Soon your buddy will start to remind you when the time is near.

10 Productive Activities You Can Do at Home to Stay Healthy

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6. Reorganize Rooms

Reorganize Rooms, keep your rooms clean

Reorganizing rooms can bring new energy to a space and a dose of novelty to your life.

Draw up a diagram of the new design before moving things around, so that the placements make sense and you can move the furniture efficiently. Free software can help you visualize the new arrangement before you move so much as a pillow—just be sure to measure carefully.

Completing a room reorganization can revitalize a living space and shift the energy of the room to reflect a different state of mind. You may feel like a whole new person for a while.

7. Cook Meals at Home

Cook Meals at Home, enjoy your home cook meals

Meals prepared at home are typically healthier and less expensive than takeout. A home-cooked meal can provide a sense of comfort and wellbeing, and the act of preparing your own food can increase your appreciation for it.

Cooking involves a lot of movement and time on one’s feet, so it is a good way to break up sedentary periods of the day.

Many people find that selecting nutritious ingredients and presenting them beautifully make cooking into art.

10 Productive Activities You Can Do at Home to Stay Healthy

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8. Wash the Car

Wash the Car, keep your car clean

Washing the car at home is physical, and it saves money at the same time. Also, the result of a home-washed car is generally superior to a commercial car wash, because there is no time constraint. This allows for greater attention to detail.

You’ll love the feeling of satisfaction that comes when the hose turns off, and the car sits shiny in the sunshine.

In nice warm weather, wear a bathing suit or old t-shirt and make it playful. Kids can help with hoses and sponges, and they’re bound to bring a dose of laughter to the process.

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9. Mow the Lawn

Mow the Lawn, keep your lawn in top shape

Mowing the lawn is fantastic cardio, and it builds muscles in the legs and arms as well.

Mowing the lawn can also give you a sense of pride in the appearance of your property. The smell of freshly cut grass is unique aromatherapy, and a dose of sunshine will do good things for your mood.

If you get bored mowing, wear noise canceling headphones and listen to a fun audiobook—then you can get some reading done at the same time. Multitasking!

10. Play Sports with the Kids

Play Sports with the Kids, stay active with your children

Tossing a football, throwing a baseball, kicking a soccer ball… there are so many ways to enjoy sports with your kids (or the neighbors’). Kids have lots of energy and their silliness can wear off on you.

Enjoy quality time together as a family while moving your body and instilling an enjoyment of exercise.

10 Productive Activities You Can Do at Home to Stay Healthy

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Staying healthy is a major part of a well-balanced life—and that means your physical, mental, and emotional health. These are just a few of the ways you can boost your health without leaving home.

Next time you’re feeling lethargic, stressed, or stuck, try one of these activities to get your energy flowing.

If you enjoyed this article and gained ideas for a more energized life, please share it with your friends.

10 Productive Activities You Can Do at Home to Stay Healthy

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