5 Reasons Why You Should Hire a Professional Home Stager

5 Reasons Why You Should Hire a Professional Home Stager

As we live in a world dominated by advanced technology, the process of buying and selling has been simplified for consumers, brands and business owners. This surely applies in the real estate world where it is far less complicated to start your journey for the dream home.

In fact, all we need is an internet connection and a computer or a smartphone to start looking. Once the potential buyer finds what best suits their interests, they can arrange for a viewing of the house. What happens from here on will determine how the process will end, whether by closing the deal or not.

There are many factors that influence this decision that realtors should be aware of. Among them are the reasons for hiring a professional home stager. However, before getting on site to see the house in person, the potential buyer needs to be motivated and attracted by the listing in the first place, so other factors prevail in significance in the two phases of searching for a house when it comes to convincing the potential buyer. Let’s investigate these two important phases.

Phase 1: The potential customer starts a journey to find their dream home, draw the potential buyers to your home

Phase 1: The potential customers’ journey to find their dream home

This is the crucial phase where the potential customer looks through lots of houses for sale on the internet and narrows their choice to several options that cater to their needs. In order to attract the attention of the buyer, the realtor must provide relevant information and concise description of the house that is selling in terms of design and layout of the rooms and other features of the property.

Also, realtors need to mention any other facts that somehow influence living in the area, be it neighborhood activities or other background information. Finally, the realtors must provide photographs that will depict the real condition of the house.

When it comes to providing photographs, realtors may use a technique widely known as real estate virtual staging which is digitally furnishing the rooms of an empty house. This service is done by a virtual staging designer who transforms the vacant space into a completely furnished place so that they can showcase the full potential of the house.

Of course, in no way, is this tricking the potential buyers since the buyers are made aware that this is just a digital enhancement of the home in order to show them what can be done with furnishings in future. Quite often, the very ideas used by virtual staging designers are used by the buyers to design their future home.

Virtual staging has lots of benefits in real estate marketing because it is a time-saving option and a very effective one. Seeing the place completely furnished—from furniture to decorative details—will give a better visual image of the house. This will motivate potential buyers to schedule a visit and take a look in person.

5 Reasons Why You Should Hire a Professional Home Stager

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Phase 2: Coming on the spot and taking a look, view the property in person

Phase 2: Visiting the home in person

Once the potential buyers ask for a viewing of the house, they are interested in buying. What they are going to see on site must deliver the promise of showcasing the potential of the house. Because of that, the house shouldn’t be empty as the interest will certainly decrease significantly. Seeing vacant rooms and empty walls is not conducive to closing the deal successfully.

Therefore, the next thing the realtor must do is hire a professional home stager who will stage the house completely with real furniture in a style and design that corresponds with the surroundings. Here are 5 reasons why a realtor must hire a professional home stager.

5 Reasons Why You Should Hire a Professional Home Stager

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Professional home stagers follow trends, use eye-catching staging trends

a. Professional home stagers follow trends

The professional home stager knows what is “in” and what is “out.” They know how to turn a place into a peaceful paradise with just the right pieces of furniture. They know how to bring sleekness and cleanliness with carefully chosen items that will accentuate the comfort in the room.

They can change the color of the walls to capture the essence of the welcoming spirit. Also, they use the space appropriately so that everything looks inviting, roomy and excellently put together.

Professional home stagers bring aesthetics, show the aesthetics of your home

b. Professional home stagers bring aesthetics

The seller of the home is emotionally attached to their house and the way they might show it will speak volumes about their way of living. This will probably not fall in line with the latest trends and requirements of the market. For this reason, it should be changed to appeal to the new, fresh set of eyes of potential buyers. That is why homeowners shouldn’t stage their own home for selling. The emotional moment might be the breaking factor of the deal.

On the other hand, realtors have their own field of expertise, which is real estate and convincing people about the prospects of the listings they are offering. Dealing with interior or exterior design might be too much of a task for them. Their full attention should be focused on how to make the deal great for both parties so that everyone wins from the shopping experience.

This leaves the professional home stager the best option to stage the house. They are not emotionally attached to the house nor do they have to convince the buyer that the house is perfect for them. Their job is to provide the best possible design for the house and to suggest upgrades and changes around the home so that the overall appeal is drastically improved. They, in fact, bring appealing aesthetics into the house.

5 Reasons Why You Should Hire a Professional Home Stager

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Professional home stagers have experience and aren’t afraid to use it, Professional home stagers get it right

c. Professional home stagers have experience and aren’t afraid to use it

This is a very simple reason why hiring a professional home stager is smart. They are experienced and know what works best and what should be avoided. Because of the numerous projects under their belts and many years designing and changing perspectives of houses, they can recognize the X factor that will make the final nudge for potential buyers when making a decision. They use their specific design principles to showcase the house in the best light possible.

5 Reasons Why You Should Hire a Professional Home Stager

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Professional home stagers have the resources, Professional home stagers are resourceful

d. Professional home stagers have the resources

Apart from owning lots of furniture, professional home stagers have a lot of resources available to make the home welcoming. They have connections and use the services of rental furniture companies when they need to capture a specific design. These connections minimize issues such as waiting for a piece of furniture to be delivered and placed.

Professional home stagers have time, it takes time to stage a home professionally

e. Professional home stagers have the time

The seller of the house doesn’t have time or energy to deal with the actual staging of the house. And, realtors are busy with marketing and showings, so they also don’t have the time necessary to wrap everything up in a perfect visual appearance. Yet, the idea is to create a setting that entices potential buyers to fall in love with the place. On the other hand, that is exactly what professional home stagers do. They take on the challenge and deal with it to perfection.

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5 Reasons Why You Should Hire a Professional Home Stager

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