How does HOMEiA help the area’s best agents gain online exposure and high ranking for their real estate specialties?

On a mission to select the best local real estate-related professionals for consumers, HOMEiA researches and interviews each publicly nominated agent carefully to make sure s/he has a good customer service track record, as well as professional values that align well with those of HOMEiA. Once an agent has been approved to join the ranks of HOMEiA-certified members, we add that agent to our Local Best Agents’ listing pages which we are already promoting online. All agents on those pages gain exposure in their designated markets.

If you are a certified member on one of our local listing pages, you can score points on to further increase your profile ranking on that page. There are many ways to earn points. You can produce practical content to help people better understand real estate issues in your local area. Or, you can re-share helpful content posted on HOMEiA's social pages, and more. HOMEiA awards you points for these types of activities because they demonstrate your knowledge and the fact that you are an active member of the community.

HOMEiA is not just a website. It's a growing online platform that enables real estate professionals to establish a strong web presence highlighting their experience, knowledge and achievements. By making it onto our list of certified real estate professionals, you have moved another level up from your peers—and earned HOMEiA’s support.

In addition, as a HOMEiA-certified member, you can participate in various programs to earn achievement badges which will highlight your Agent Profile even more. These programs are opportunities for you to show your experience, knowledge and participation within the community. The badges feature key characteristics people look for in their agent of choice.

As our computing technologies become more and more powerful, consumers can search and compare potential providers much faster than ever before. Your Agent Profile page on HOMEiA showcases your abilities and achievements for a readily available, noteworthy first impression.

HOMEiA is here to set the gold standard for excellent customer service in the real estate industry. If you are passionate about providing exceptional service for your clients’ real estate needs, please consider joining the HOMEiA experience. Apply here today!

The problems we solve

There are many experienced real estate professionals with great advice, and there are people with a desire to learn from that advice so they can make better decisions. However, there is a gap which is not fully met because of these two common problems:

1. Professionals are willing to share (and have been sharing) free helpful advice online (which also makes people aware of their expertise. The problem is that most often don’t know the best practices of writing appealing content for the web. Even with a small percent of them know how to write for the web, most of them don’t know how to promote their content on channels that would get them in front of the right audiences.

2. Although search engines ( and are trying their best to rank relevant content according to searchers’ intentions, there is still a big gap between what searchers expect and what they find on the web. Our team at HOMEiA wants to narrow this gap by selecting, optimizing and promoting high-quality content in a way that will attract positive attention from search engines and deliver helpful content from reliable sources to interested audiences.

The benefits we bring to real estate professionals?

Once you become a certified member on and your articles are approved by our content editors (CE), then our digital marketing team will promote your content on the internet. We work to drive viewers to your content on, and at the same time sell banner ads to (non competing) parties who would benefit from the exposure in front of visitors. In this way, all parties gain.

1. You gain exposure as a professional expert from our team efforts to promote your content intelligently on the internet at a no to low cost.

2. You gain HOMEiA’s points which helps rank your profile on higher over time among other HOMEiA-certified agents on our Best Agent Listings.

3. You can earn HOMEiA’s achievement badges.

4. People (including your target customers) gain helpful content from a reliable source.

5. Advertisers gain exposure as their banner ads are seen by potential customers.

Why is this the best approach?

People are tired of overloaded sales pitches and promotional materials mailed or emailed to them. These interruptive content marketing approaches are not nearly as effective as they were a couple decades ago. A better approach is to invest in permission-based content marketing to gain the interest and trust of your potential customers. Permission marketing is an inbound marketing method. You share something that will benefit your target customers or address their initial needs. It then creates interest and engagement on the part of the readers so they want to contact you or tell their friends about you.

Once you have established an expertise in a specific field, your helpful content develops trust with individuals and search engines. As you gain greater trust, you also gain new clients and a broader client base. Let’s face it: Today, customers are in complete control of how and when they engage with your content, and when your online presence is the only thing potential customers know about you, a great strategy to gain their trust (among all the online competition) is to offer advice to demonstrate your time-tested, practical knowledge. This approach is the best way to present your “resume” to search engines and today’s consumers who are becoming more and more tech-savvy than ever.

How do I measure the performance of my articles?

Each time your new article is posted on, our marketing team will promote it online. You will see how people response to your article(s) via signals such as social shares, thumb-ups, comments, direct contact, etc. These statistics tell you which articles performed well and which didn’t. You can then reallocate your time to produce articles on the topics that get you closer to your target audience for effective conversion.

What other benefits do authors gain?

Once you become a certified member on, we will provide guidance on how to produce impressive online marketing content. Once your content is approved, our online marketing team will post your article on and promote it accordingly to maximize online exposure. Readers can also share and comment to let us know how helpful your content was for them.

At the end of each of your article posts, there is an author’s signature section displaying your name and contact information such as: Name, Phone and Email so potential customers can reach out to you directly. There is also a hyperlink from this section linking to a dedicated page of your biography on, where people can learn more about you, your specialty, experience, achievements, etc.

Below your author’s signature section, there is a 2×3-inch banner ad where you can display a promotional image about your business or you can trade that space with another qualified author on For example, if you sell home insurance, you can trade that banner spot with a residential real estate agent who is also a qualified author on That way, at the bottom of your article, it would show his banner ad and at the bottom of his article, it would show your banner ad. With this type of cross-promotional campaign, both of you will gain additional exposure without spending more money.

How can you become a Qualified Author on

We have a two-step process to become a certified member:

First, you apply online with your basic information so we can verify whether you are an experienced professional with a good track record based what your customers have said about you up to this point. However, if you are already a certified professional on, you can skip this step.

Second, if approved in the first step, we will send you a guide sheet and expect a few articles produced by you. Once your articles meet our guidelines for excellence, we will congratulate you and begin posting your article on, then promote it accordingly.

How does the content review process work?

Step 1: Once you (as a HOMEiA-certified member) submit a new article on a topic belonging to your registered sub-category, our Category Editor (CE) will review your article to see whether its educational statements are correct and well written. If that article passes, it will move on to Step 2. If it not, our CE will send it back to you with helpful feedback.

Step 2: Our Senior Editor (SE) will let you know whether your article needs proofread and fine tune before moving it to the next step.

Step 3: Our Digital Marketing (DM) team will post and optimize your article on We will notify you once your article is published. After that, our DM team will promote your article online to drive traffic back to it.






























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