HOMEiA’s Educational Content for the "New Normal"

COVID-19 has changed many aspects of our lives, including where we live. We are now witnessing one of the largest migrations in the history of the United States. The migration will continue to come in waves as the economy recovers, people adapt to the "new normal", and governments implement new policies and programs.

Throughout these changes, HOMEiA will be here to research and produce the type of content that will help you understand the national landscape.

Here’s what you can expect:

  • More coverage of the states and cities to which you want to move.
  • Improved City Living Guides with the most up-to-date information.
  • Insightful content that will help you make an informed decision about relocating.

At HOMEiA, we like a good challenge. Our team will stay on top of the data with periodic reviews and updates of our content. Our mission is to provide you with the best resources to navigate your future.

The great state of Texas has something for everybody. Having lived there for 20-plus years, I can assure you that art and culture, vibrant industries and world-class universities are as much a part of The Lone Star State as are the images of rodeos, ten-gallon hats and country music. The diversity of architecture, attitudes and…

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Rochester, Minnesota is the third largest city in the state, situated in southeastern Minnesota on the Zumbro River. Home of the renowned Mayo Clinic, the city is often noted on the “Best Cities” lists as one of the best overall or one of the best in the Midwest. With its scenic setting, outstanding healthcare and…

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How does HOMEiA help the area’s best agents gain online exposure and high ranking for their real estate specialties?

Another of our goals is to select the best local real estate-related professionals for consumers, HOMEiA selects each candidate carefully based on good customer service, as well as professional values that align well with those of HOMEiA. Once a candidate has been interviewed and approved to join the ranks of HOMEiA-certified members, we add that person to our Local Best Professionals’ listing pages which we are already promoting online. All professionals on those pages gain exposure in their designated markets.

If you are a certified member on one of our local listing pages (here is an example), you can score points on HOMEiA.com to further increase your profile ranking on that page. There are many ways to earn points. You can produce practical content to help people better understand real estate related issues in your local area. Or, you can apply for to be one of our local topic experts, and more. HOMEiA awards you points for these types of activities because they demonstrate your knowledge and the fact that you are an active member of the community.

HOMEiA is not just a website. It’s a growing online platform that enables real estate professionals to establish a strong web presence highlighting their experience, knowledge and achievements. By making it onto our list of certified real estate professionals, you have moved another level up from your peers — and earned HOMEiA’s support.

In addition, as a HOMEiA-certified member, you can participate in various programs to earn achievement badges which will highlight your Professional Profile even more. These programs are opportunities for you to show your experience, knowledge and participation within the community. The badges feature key characteristics people look for in their agent of choice.

As our computing technologies become more and more powerful, consumers can search and compare potential providers much faster than ever before. Your Professional Profile page on HOMEiA showcases your abilities and achievements for a readily available, noteworthy first impression.

HOMEiA is here to set the gold standard for excellent customer service in the real estate industry. If you are passionate about providing exceptional service for your clients’ real estate needs, please consider joining the HOMEiA experience. Apply here today!