An Update for our Clients: Changes to HOMEiA’s Line of Services

An Update for our Clients: Changes to HOMEiA’s Line of Services

In the last two years, has grown steadily as a platform.

Our unique approach to content publishing and marketing has rewarded us with an increase in web traffic at each Google core update for the last 24 months. In the most recent core update, on December 3rd, 2020, our web traffic saw a remarkable 230%+ increase.

This growth in traffic confirms that our content marketing approach is sound. The increased number of visitors also benefits the clients who have been guest posting on our site.

Our recent success has further fueled our team’s passion and our determination to make HOMEiA even better in 2021. We’re working toward bigger milestones, and to achieve those goals, we are making a few adjustments to our guest post services. We would like to share those changes with you today.

Guest Post Updates

Guest Post Updates, changes to guest post

First, we have discontinued the Contributor Basic package, previously our bottom-tier offering.

Next, we have added a Diamond package, which features great content produced by our internal team.

Our Silver, Gold, and Diamond packages will work according to the following guidelines.

1. Silver package

Our Silver package will be reserved for topic experts and real estate professionals who have proven experience publishing insightful articles online: We will look for at least 3 previously published articles that meet our quality standards.

The Silver package is intended for those who want to share their real-life knowledge with our audience in an educational way. The more insightful and popular the content these members publish on HOMEiA, the higher the “author score” they will achieve.

Authors with the highest scores may be featured on our high-traffic pages for free. You can learn about our Silver rate here.

Key Factors for Long-Term Guest Blogging Success

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2. Gold package

Our HOMEiA team will produce and publish content in-house based on the topics we determine to be beneficial for our audience. The Gold package will no longer accept incoming guest post articles.

Going forward, the Gold package will provide a link insertion from our article to your URL. Gold article backlinks must take our readers to sites that we deem helpful and not overly promotional.

You can learn about our Gold and Diamond rates here.

3. Diamond package

Our Diamond package is a step-up of our Gold package. As with our Gold package, our HOMEiA team will produce and publish content in-house based on the topics we determine to be beneficial to our audience.

Diamond content involves more in-depth research, and Diamond articles will be approximately twice as long as Gold articles.

Diamond content will often feature a short video summary to make it more attractive to our visitors. We may also promote the video summary on our social media channels, including YouTube, Pinterest, LinkedIn, Vimeo and Facebook.

The Diamond package will include a link insertion from our article to your URL. Diamond article backlinks must take our readers to sites that we deem helpful and not overly promotional.

We are now offering the ability to sponsor our video summaries. Contact us to learn more about displaying your brand name in our videos.

Why is HOMEiA making these changes?

Why is HOMEiA making these changes? reasons for the changes

There are several reasons for the changes to our services.

A. Content Quality

After reviewing all incoming guest posts for the last 12 months, we have determined that their average quality is not up to our standards. We suspect there is a big increase in guest blog articles written by advanced spin content software.

We believe blog sites will encounter an increasing number of such submissions in the coming years—and we at HOMEiA believe that the sites that publish such spun-articles as-is will be penalized in Google’s future updates.

At, we want to avoid that problem.

B. Publishing Volume

Second, we have determined that our resources are best spent on our content production, publishing, and marketing campaigns.

As we increase our publishing volume to meet the needs of our global audience, we have to let go of our underperforming lowest-tier offering.

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C.   Expertise

Third, by bringing our content quality and publishing volume to the next level this year, we believe we will attract like-mind individuals who are the “educators” in their verticals related to real estate.

One of HOMEiA’s objectives is to partner with local professionals, especially influencers, to produce and publish local content to share with our audience. In return, we feature these professionals on our high-traffic State pages. This is where the Silver package comes in.

D.   Our vision

Our team at HOMEiA wants this site to be among THE Bests in the industry. We aim to partner with local professionals to share insightful content in an attractive way.

Our decision to restructure our offerings shows our willingness to trade short-term gains for long-term sustainable growth. We believe it will allow us to leap forward from our current level of success toward bigger goals.

We hope you see it the same way we do.

As HOMEiA’s CEO often says, “Life is short. Why not build something that makes a positive impact?

If you like what we do, please share our site on your Facebook or LinkedIn page.

Thank you very much!

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