Los Angeles, affectionately known as L.A., is a lively city of 4 million people along the southern California coast with an attractive climate and lots of sunshine. It is the most populated city in the state and the second most populous in the country, after New York City. Its accessibility to oceanfront and mountains lends itself to a variety of leisure activities from the warm beachside to chilly ski slopes.

Major industries include entertainment, tourism, retail, hotel, dining, healthcare, technology, aerospace, transportation and international trade. Education is also a big industry in L.A. with choices of colleges, universities and community colleges. L.A. is known for its tourist attractions such as the original Disneyland, Hollywood and its Walk of Fame, Griffith Observatory, and many studio tours including Universal Studios and Warner Bros. Residents and visitors alike enjoy the parks, zoo, aquarium, theatres, museums, golf, beach and boating activities.

Formerly part of the Spanish empire and then Mexico, this U.S. city has a large Hispanic and Latino population as well as many diverse, multi-cultural neighborhoods, each with its unique architecture, music and authentic cuisine. L.A. has attracted a highly creative population with large numbers of artists, film makers, producers, musicians, writers and actors. The city offers an abundance of museums, art galleries and sports, featuring major league and collegiate teams to satisfy every sport preference.

Transportation is a breeze with user-friendly rail stations, bus lines and subway system. The ultra-busy Los Angeles International Airport (LAX) connects the U.S. globally, and especially to the Pacific and Asia. The combined ports of Los Angeles and Long Beach form a bustling container port and cruise ship center and one of the busiest ports in the world.

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