Cheryllyne Vaz

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Cheryllyne Vaz is originally from Mumbai, India, and has over 20+ years in advertising and marketing—a forté she uses well when it comes to selling her clients’ homes and negotiating on behalf of her home buying clientele.

Cheryllyne is passionate about sustainable gardening, cooking and teaching Indian cuisine, and taking long road trips with her 3 kids, her husband Andy Harwood and Riff, the family’s Dalmatian. Cheryllyne also enjoys giving her clients tips on how to cook butter chicken and aloo gobi or grow heirloom veggies. Beside her love for real estate and cooking, Cheryllyne is also crazy about vintage purses—she owns over 300 beauties.

HOMEiA has listed Cheryllene Vaz as one of the best real estate agent in Minneapolis, MN. Contact Cheryllyne today for a great buying or selling experience!


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