The 10 Best Places to live in Louisiana in 2024

10 Best Places to live in Louisiana

Louisiana is the perfect place for anyone who wants to live in a very affordable yet exciting area. There are many things to do and see throughout the state, and it is also home to some of the most beautiful scenery in North America. It’s a state that has everything you need to be happy – from fantastic food to excellent weather and even some of the best American cities. Louisiana has everything from rugged bayou landscapes to the Gulf Coast beaches, which are known worldwide.

Everyone knows about Louisiana’s cultural contributions to the south and the rest of the United States. New Orleans is known for the Mardi Gras festival each spring. The unique Cajun culture and cuisine are deeply ingrained in the population. Rather than counties, Louisiana has parishes mainly due to the heavily Roman Catholic influence in the development of the area. Initially, the country-like areas were grouped according to the religious community. Thus the term was adopted as the permanent name for the areas of the state.

We know what’s important to people when choosing a new place to live. We made sure to consider factors like cost of living, proximity to major cities, and especially safety when compiling our list. We have chosen cities from every part of the state, so there’s bound to be something here for everyone. Read on to learn about the 10 best places to live in Louisiana.

1. Lake Terrace and Oaks (New Orleans) – Orleans Parish

Lake Terrace and Oaks (New Orleans) - Orleans Parish

This list is complete with mentioning Lake Terrace and Oaks. Technically, this is a neighborhood located within the city limits of New Orleans itself. Since so many people who relocate to Louisiana want to live close to the city, it made our list. As a small fraction of the city of New Orleans, Lake Terrace and Oaks is home to just a few thousand people. Still, the neighborhood living makes it a desirable spot.

While New Orleans has higher crime rates overall, Lake Terrace and Oaks is the safest neighborhood. Crime here is 16% lower than the state’s average. Since this is considered one of the city’s wealthiest areas, housing is also more expensive. The median home here costs well into the $400,000 range.

This strip of land is considered part of the larger neighborhood called the Lakefront, so you know it will provide the lifestyle that waterfront lovers will enjoy.

2. Destrehan – St. Charles Parish

Destrehan - St. Charles Parish

Do you want to be close to New Orleans but want to avoid the noise and bustle of city living? Destrehan might be the perfect place. It is built upon an old plantation that is now part of the National Register of Historic Places. It features some nice riverfront areas just a short trip west of New Orleans. It has a population of 10,989.

Destrehan’s crime rate is 49% lower than the state average. Its cost of living is lower than that of New Orleans overall, but the homes cost a bit more. It makes sense since so many single-family units are built in the town. The median home here costs $251,000. Being so close to the central city, Destrehan has ample access to amenities such as health care.

Recreationally, the people of Destrehan can enjoy a diverse array of activities. Multiple companies offer tours in the swamplands on the famous airboats, where customers can get up close and personal with all the Louisiana swamp life, most famously the alligators. Destrehan Plantation also has the distinction of being used as a set in Hollywood productions.

3. Youngsville – Lafayette Parish

Youngsville - Lafayette Parish

Traveling further west than Baton Rouge, you’ll find the Lafayette Metropolitan area, Louisiana’s fourth-most populous city. Youngsville is a suburban alternative that’s become a great community for new homeowners or people building a property. There are 15,262 permanent residents in Youngsville, and it has grown a whopping 62% since the 2020 census.

Safety abounds in this farming town. Youngsville’s crime rate is 48% lower than the state’s average. Compared to nearby Lafayette, it is supremely safe. The city has a public and private high school system for residents to choose from, depending on their individual needs. Buying a home here is well within reach. The median home costs $226,300.

Youngsville is mainly a rural community, so it’s suitable for quiet. Sugarcane farms mostly surround it. It is also home to a giant sporting complex that helps train hundreds of thousands of athletes annually. Youngsville also had the misfortune of being part of the great Louisiana floods of 2016. The city has since recovered.

The 10 Best Places to live in Louisiana in 2024

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4. Claiborne – Ouachita Parish

Claiborne - Ouachita Parish

The closest city to the census-designated town of Claiborne is Monroe, the state’s eighth-largest city and home to one of the campuses in the University of Louisiana system. Claiborne offers a more laid-back lifestyle and safer neighborhoods than Monroe. For a balance of safety, affordability, and things to do, Claiborne is an excellent choice. The population is 11,225.

With the crime rate so crucial in finding a Louisiana home, prospective buyers can rest easy knowing that Claiborne’s rate is notably lower than the state’s average. In addition to lower crime, living and real estate prices are also lower. So it’s an excellent place for those who want to feel safe while staying within more modest budgets. The median home price in Claiborne is just $155,700.

Claiborne’s sparse suburban atmosphere is also a good place for education, as its schools are well-respected. It is considered one of the better places in the state to raise a family. Those families will find plenty to do in the area, including the Excalibur Family Fun Center, close by.

The 10 Best Places to live in Louisiana in 2024

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5. Inniswold – East Baton Rouge Parish 

Inniswold - East Baton Rouge Parish 

Inniswold is a tiny community of just 6,680 people. Despite its small population, it is a lovely place to live, owing to its community, with a dense suburban atmosphere. Its proximity to Baton Rouge ensures plenty of amenities and things to do. It’s a popular spot for young professionals and families.

As with all of the communities on our list, Inniswold has very low crime rates. They are 67% lower than the rest of Louisiana, a firm number. The cost of living and real estate is a bit higher here as well, but that’s the price of safety. The median Inniswold home is valued at about $219,600. The Baton Rouge hospitals serve the community.

Inniswold residents always have the option of taking a short trip into Baton Rouge for the nightlife and restaurant scene. Within the city’s bounds, there is plenty of shopping and lovely public parks to explore and enjoy.

The 10 Best Places to live in Louisiana in 2024

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6. Mandeville – St. Tammany Parish 

Mandeville - St. Tammany Parish 

Located along the northern bank of scenic Lake Pontchartrain, Mandeville is one of the most amazing cities to relocate to in the entire state of Louisiana. It is technically a suburb of New Orleans. Still, it will take about an hour to drive to Mandeville from the city center. The 12,259 residents agree that this is a terrific town.

Mandeville has high-performing public schools, beautifully clean neighborhoods where most people own their homes, and a low crime rate. There is approximately 60% less crime here than in the rest of the state. All of these positives do tend to drive up housing costs. Combine that with the amount of lakeside property, and you have a higher median home price than most other communities. Here, that number is $313,500.

Mandeville has lots to do. There are many options for dining out and shopping. Lake Pontchartrain provides some excellent water activities with multiple boating charter companies to choose from. It even has some novelty sites. The Seven Sisters Oak, the largest certified southern live oak tree, is here for those who enjoy looking at quirky attractions.

The 10 Best Places to live in Louisiana in 2024

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7. Belle Chasse – Plaquemines Parish

Belle Chasse - Plaquemines Parish

People who want to say they live near New Orleans but remain far enough outside of the city to enjoy peace will like Belle Chasse. It’s a suburban town with a healthy dose of southern charm. While younger folks may not necessarily like the 25-minute drive into the city, it is a much quieter place and a nice place to raise a family. The name of the city is French for “beautiful hunting,” so it is believed that the area was first discovered by hunters settling the region. Today Belle Chasse is home to 13,383 people.

The crime rate in Belle Chasse is 46% lower than in Louisiana. They have good schools. These factors drive up the cost of living and the value of the real estate. The median home price is $314,100.

The culture of Belle Chasse is one of southern hospitality. Multiple annual festivals take place here throughout the year, including the orange fest, crawfish fest, and gamers fest. But the real reason people know the area is for the outstanding seafood meals you can get at the local restaurants.

The 10 Best Places to live in Louisiana in 2024

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8. Elmwood – Jefferson Parish

Elmwood - Jefferson Parish

Elmwood is a community for renters. Being part of the New Orleans metropolitan area, it provides an urban feel. It is full of bars, restaurants, and coffee shops. This is an excellent place for young professionals to move if they want to relocate to Louisiana. Just over 5,000 people live happily in Elmwood.

Elmwood crime rates are far lower than New Orleans proper despite its proximity to the city. They are 62% lower than the state average. The cost of living is similar, though. It remains affordable, with the median home valued at $204,000. This statistic may be less relevant as most people live here to rent. Still, renters do have to pay a little more than the state average to stay in this desirable location.

Elmwood contains a lot of the New Orleans culture for residents to enjoy. There are novelty shops, cajun swamp tours, and a Jewish Heritage museum nearby. It is an exciting community.

The 10 Best Places to live in Louisiana in 2024

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9. Prairieville – Ascension Parish

Prairieville is named as one might expect. It’s because the community stands on a sprawling region of beautiful prairies that once dominated the landscape and were visible from the major highways. Eventually, people migrated out of Baton Rouge into the area and developed it into a flourishing community. Today, Prairieville has 32,901 people and is growing.

Prairieville is attractive to Baton Rouge residents who want to get away from the congestion and crime of the city. It has good schools, a small-town atmosphere, and a crime rate 37% lower than the Louisiana average. Compared to Baton Rouge, where crime is much more prevalent, it’s no wonder this community has been growing in the last few years. Prairieville’s median income is over $93,000, and the median home is valued at $262,100.

In addition to the quality of life and cost of living, Prairieville is also attractive because of its residential architecture. There are types of homes here that will suit all tastes and needs. It has an authentic suburban feel while remaining close enough to Baton Rouge to provide excitement and squash boredom.

The 10 Best Places to live in Louisiana in 2024

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10. Ball – Rapides Parish

The town of Ball is a tiny community tucked about 10 miles north of Alexandria in the central part of Louisiana. It’s a community where those looking for peace and quiet can find it, along with affordable housing and living costs. Fewer than 4,000 people are permanent Ball residents.

Crime in Ball is virtually nonexistent. The crime rate is 87% lower than that of the rest of Louisiana. That’s about as low as you can get. There are plenty of amenities in nearby Alexandria, but Ball is somewhat of a bedroom community. Many people own their homes here, of which the median value is $151,100.

Ball became a settled area because of the logging industry in the mid-1800s. It was also home to a military base from the 1890s until the end of World War II. After the base closed, many families decided to stay, making the foundation for the version of Ball that exists today.


There are a lot of great things about living in Louisiana. The low cost of living and the great amenities are chief among them. The top-rated restaurants, the culture, and the excitement of living near one of Louisiana’s major cities make it a treat to relocate to and settle down. That’s not even mentioning the incredible natural landscape and waterfront activities available. Whether you’re a young professional, raising a family, or retiring from a long career, Louisiana is a state you should consider moving to, and our list of communities is a great place to start.

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