4 Best Places to Live in Minnesota for Families in 2024

Best Places to Live in Minnesota for Families

Those who are looking for the best places to live in Northern America often find Minnesota ranked among the top 10 states in the U.S.

“Home is where the heart is,” is how the age-old adage goes. But where is your heart when you don’t know where home is?

Fortunately, there is a beautiful place that you can call your home. Bordering Canada and the Great Lakes is a state fondly dubbed as the “North Star State” and “Land of 10,000 Lakes.” The actual number of separate bodies of water is 11,842, but don’t sweat the details. The state has a lot of lakes sprawled across its more than 86,000 square mile area.

In a comprehensive study of cities, Minnesota is the number one state for raising a family because of its high median income, affordable cost of living and exceptional education services. But forget these studies for the moment. Why Minnesota? Where exactly are the best places to raise a family within this state?

As far as family friendliness of a state goes, Minnesota ranks near the top. High salaries and a reasonable cost of living, a low percentage of poverty and divorce, affordable houses, excellent health and safety services, and a relatively low crime rate are all contributing factors to this rating. Add to that the state’s quality schools and its strong economy, then you’ve got yourself a splendid place to raise a family. The numerous parks and water recreation spots are a nice bonus.

If you are looking for one of the best places for your family to live in Minnesota in 2023, below are the top 10 you should consider.

1. Saint Paul

Saint Paul is one of Minnesota’s Twin Cities and is the more affordable option of the two. An apartment in Minneapolis costs around $1,500 a month, lower but still more expensive than some cities such as New York. The smaller of the Twin Cities, Saint Paul, averages around $1,200 a month, which is a whole $3,600/year cheaper.

In Saint Paul, there are perfect places for families to bond, such as the 200+ parks, 26 recreation centers and four aquatic centers. If you are looking for kid-friendly food establishments, St. Paul also has a lot of those. St. Paul has excellent schools, with the Jie Ming Mandarin Immersion Academy as one of the premier choices. One hundred percent of the students here tested proficient in Science in 2018.

Saint Paul’s tagline is “the most livable city in America.” That is not hard to believe.

4 Best Places to Live in Minnesota for Families in 2024

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2. Edina, MN

Formally known as the City of Edina, this place is more of an affluent, suburban place than a typical big-city environment. Housing prices in Edina are quite high, averaging $404,000, but if you can afford that, then Edina is a prime place to live.

The place is a mere 20-minute drive from Minneapolis, and traffic is light to moderate during rush hours. There are a lot of exciting activities for kids and adults alike. Adventure Peak is Minnesota’s largest indoor play park with an indoor pool, ampiTheater and fitness area. Centennial Lakes Park allows for outdoor activities such as mini-golfing or paddle boating. If you want more of the green scenery, then one of Edina’s 40 parks should do the trick.

What sets Edina apart from others is the high quality of its education levels. The 2019 American Community Survey Data shows that around 98% of its population, aged 25 and above, have either graduated from high school or completed the equivalent GED or its requirements. Seventy percent of the same demographic has earned a bachelor’s degree.

3. Eden Prairie

A 30-minute ride to the southwest of Minneapolis is the little town of Eden Prairie. But don’t be fooled. While the town feels cozily unique, it is brimming with life and affluence every single day.

In Eden Prairie, the average household income is $106,600. For a median income figure, this amount is rare in other cities. The median housing value in Eden Prairie is estimated at around $396,200, which is sizeable, but when the median yearly income of its households hovers around six figures, the amount is achievable. These numbers are a part of why resident satisfaction and quality of life is exceptional and rated at 95%.

Eden Prairie has no shortage of places for fun and learning. The Eden Prairie Art Center, Airmaxx Trampoline Park, Way Cool Cooking School and 3 public beaches are more than enough entertainment for you and your growing family.

Families are drawn to Eden Prairie because of its small-town feel, and they stay because of its affordability, quality of life and overall satisfaction.

4 Best Places to Live in Minnesota for Families in 2024

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4. Linden Hills

Linden Hills, MN

The Linden Hills neighborhood is tight-knit and there is a strong sense of community. Long-term residents who call Linden Hills home are welcoming to newcomers. Many of the residents of Linden Hill earn nearly twice as much as the national average and live well within their means. Because of these traits, crime rates are minimal.

There are more than 40 public schools in the area, and with only about one in five residents of school age, there is a low pupil-to-teacher ratio. This means that teachers are better able to focus on addressing the individual needs of your children. Many of the schools in Linden Hills exceed the standards and target results set by the government.

If you want to raise a family in Minnesota, Linden Hills is a great choice.

4 Best Places to Live in Minnesota for Families in 2024

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What Makes Minnesota Great for Families?

What Makes Minnesota Great for Family Living? Great place to live in MN

Minnesota is also known for its festivals, affordable prices and its people, but it’s more than that. The state has a heap of reasons that make it worthwhile to put down roots and raise a family. Let’s take a look at some of them.

4 Best Places to Live in Minnesota for Families in 2024

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Minnesota is Affordable

Minnesota is Affordable, affordable places in Minnesota

Many people can afford to live, work and retire in Minnesota and have money left over for many other important things in life such as savings, or fun and play. Since there is a wealth of parks, museums, culture and art to keep you entertained for a long time, the extra cash is helpful.

4 Best Places to Live in Minnesota for Families in 2024

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The People are Likeable

The People are Likeable, great people in MN

Minnesotans love their fellow Minnesotans, and if you decide to live in this state, then it’s likely you will feel the love, too. A 2018 study ranks Minnesota as the third happiest state in the entire United States. Residents and guests enjoy the friendly atmosphere, outdoor activities and natural beauty—both of nature and the human spirit—that Minnesota has to offer.

The Cities are Clean

The Cities are Clean, clean environment

Minnesota does not lack in the bustling city department. Its Twin Cities of St. Paul and Minneapolis as well as Rochester and Duluth do not lack in the clean and green department either. The Travel and Leisure Magazine ranked St. Paul/Minneapolis (or Twin Cities) as the second cleanest city in the country.

The clean air, green spaces, biking and hiking trails, and high walkability, contribute to the happiness and health of Minnesota’s residents.

4 Best Places to Live in Minnesota for Families in 2024

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The Economy has been Booming

The Economy is Booming, strong economy

CNBC ranked Minnesota as the 2015 Top State For Business and Gallup Polls voted Minnesota as the number one state in terms of job creation. Furthermore, Minnesota is home to 16 Fortune 500 corporations, as well as to active medical and educational communities. Due to these factors, there are ample opportunities for employment and career growth.

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Minnesota is a primary option if you are looking for a place to settle down and build a family. It won’t cost you an arm and a leg, the job opportunities are aplenty and pay well. The schools are above average and housing prices are reasonable. Furthermore, if you ever get bored inside your house, there is a wide range of outdoor activities with gorgeous scenery. The cities are clean, and the crime rate is relatively low.

The state ticks all the boxes for what you will consider as relevant factors when deciding where to move. And, if you settle on Minnesota as your state, the areas listed are some of the best places to lay down your baggage, plant your roots, and start a complete and fulfilling life with your happy family.

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