The 30 Best Things to Do in Montgomery Alabama

Montgomery is Alabama’s state capital and the seat of Montgomery County. It’s a lively city with over 200,000 people. With a diverse selection of culture, history, and activities, there’s plenty for people to enjoy.

There’s no shortage of fun things to do in Montgomery. The downtown area has undergone a modern renaissance that has revitalized it into one of the more exciting entertainment districts in the state. The bustling arts scene is considered one of the biggest in the south.

Finally, the balance of urban excitement and open spaces ensure that there’s something that anyone can enjoy, no matter their preferences.

Whether you’re visiting the area, recently moved there, or are a longtime resident, here are 30 of the most exciting things to do in Montgomery, Alabama.

Tours and experiences

1. Montgomery Area Visitor Center

If you’re visiting the city for a vacation, make this your first stop. They have all the information you’ll need to make your trip worthwhile. The visitor center can point you in the right direction toward historic sites, attractions, and the best dining in the city.

2. Hyundai Motor Manufacturing Tour

Ever wonder exactly how the cars we drive are put together? The Hyundai plant has an excellent opportunity to learn. Anyone can make reservations to take a full tour of one of the world’s most advanced automotive plants for no charge whatsoever. The tour guides drive a tram through the facility, where guests learn about the many steps and hard work of making these cars.

3. The United States Civil Rights Trail Sites in Montgomery

The full scope of the Civil Rights trail spans multiple states and hundreds of sites, so it’s impossible to check it all out at once, but Montgomery has various sites. That’s no surprise since the city was one of the movement’s epicenters. There’s so much history here. Attractions include the iconic capital building, Rosa Parks’s arrest site, and Martin Luther King Jr’s church.

The 30 Best Things to Do in Montgomery Alabama

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4. Blake’s Segway Tours

What better way to take in all of historic Montgomery than riding around on your own Segway? Blake’s gives guided tours of downtown, taking guests by the historical sites, the prominent architecture, and the best dining options. Tours are by appointment only but can help you get a feel for the lay of the land.

5. Harriott II Riverboat Cruise

Docked within the Riverwalk Park area of town, the Harriott II provides a great way to make an unforgettable night out. After all, most everyone would love to enjoy a lovely cruise while being served a nice dinner, seeing live entertainment, enjoying a bar, and hitting a dance floor. The Harriott II is not only fun but a callback to the simpler times of paddle wheel boats floating down the Alabama River.

Zoos and museums

6. Montgomery Zoo

Montgomery’s local zoo has humble beginnings as a small children’s petting zoo in a local park. Since it officially opened in the 1920s, the zoo has grown and evolved to become the premiere venue for learning about animals. They maintain multiple habitats that feature any type of animal, from mammals to birds to amphibians and reptiles.

7. Mann Wildlife Learning Museum

The Mann Museum has been part of the Montgomery Zoo since being incorporated in 2003. Unlike the main zoo, the Mann Museum is more of a hands-on experience. Visitors can touch and feel various animal furs, antlers, and skins here. People can also learn more about the animals’ habitats in person.

8. Rosa Parks Library and Museum

Celebrating one of the most well-known icons of the civil rights movement, the Rosa Parks museum sits on the campus of Troy University. It brings the life and lessons of the famed bus rider to the public eye. The museum staff understands the importance of teaching the lessons of the movement not just as it pertains to Alabama but the country too.

9. Montgomery Museum of Fine Arts

The MMFA opened its doors in 1930 and, since then, has strived to uphold its mission of showcasing compelling human experiences through creativity and art. The museum is one of the best in the region. If you love to admire visual art in a beautiful facility, stop here to get your fix!

The 30 Best Things to Do in Montgomery Alabama

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10. The Legacy Museum and National Memorial for Peace and Justice

Built on the site of an old forced labor factory, the Legacy Museum houses a dedicated set of interactive exhibits showcasing the ugly history of the racism that once plagued the region. The presentations focus on the slave trade, the Jim Crow era, and the racial injustices of the prison system.

The Memorial for Peace and Justice is nearby to acknowledge the thousands of African American men and women who lost their lives due to racially-motivated lynchings in the south up through the mid-1900s.

11. W.A. Gayle Planetarium

Anyone who has ever marveled about the mysteries of space can come to check out the planetarium. This educational attraction teaches people about the universe. Using a projection system called Super Mediaglobe II, the planetarium can simulate various night sky views from multiple vantage points on earth and project visually stunning shows about the earth’s phenomena, like volcanoes, undersea explorations, and storms.

12. Cattlemen’s Association MOOseum

Americans eat a lot of beef! Alabama has as big of a hand in the industry as any other state. The Cattlemen’s MOOseum opened in 1995 to give the locals a closer look at the Alabama cattle and beef industry. They have some state-of-the-art exhibits and hands-on learning experiences, too!

13. First White House of the Confederacy

The philosopher George Santayana famously said, “those who cannot remember their past are condemned to repeat it.” Thus, the First White House of the Confederacy has become a protected historical site.

The house was built in 1834 and had multiple owners until the confederate government rented it out in 1861 as a residence for Jefferson Davis. Today, it stands as a living monument and peeks into the furnishings and architectural style of the past.


14. Lagoon Park Batting Range

They say practice makes perfect. Perhaps in no other area of life as much as sports. Baseball and softball players can come to Lagoon Park to hone their skills for school, recreation, or professional leagues. They have eight cages for people of all skill levels to up their game and prepare for the next competition.

15. Robert Trent Jones Golf Trail 

This collection of local courses is the largest planned golf project ever completed. It provides months of recreation and competition to Alabama’s golfers. Constructed throughout the 1980s, the 18 separate golf courses that make up the trail are located at various points throughout the state. While the sites are not located in Montgomery, it’s worth mentioning for anyone who visits Alabama and wants to try the local golf scene.

The 30 Best Things to Do in Montgomery Alabama

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16. Multiplex at Cramton Bowl

Residents know that Montgomery is the sports capital of Alabama, and the Multiplex is not your average workout space. Cramton Bowl is a multi-sport athletic stadium that hosts some of the best football and soccer outdoor sports games around town.

It has recently undergone a renovation and the addition of the new indoor Multiplex. It consists of a banquet hall overlooking the bowl and facilities for volleyball, wrestling, gymnastics, basketball, and indoor tennis or soccer. It’s the most state-of-the-art facility in the region!

17. Montgomery Indoor Shooting Complex

Anyone who enjoys the sport of shooting knows how thrilling it can be. Montgomery Indoor Shooting range is there for those people to work on accuracy and ensure they can handle their weapons as safely as possible. The locals say this is one of the most well-maintained shooting facilities in the entire south!

Outdoor spaces

18. Riverfront Park

More than just a simple park, Riverfront is an entire area packed with individual attractions of its own. Located on the banks of the Alabama river, there is a whole multitude of reasons to visit, including the following few items on this list.

19. Riverwalk Stadium

Riverwalk Stadium is the home of the Montgomery Biscuits. They are the double-A affiliate club of the Tampa Bay Rays organization. Riverwalk ballpark has been open since 2004. It can seat up to 7,000 people with 20 luxury boxes, a picnic area, and a children’s playground along the third base line. The stadium is also available for private events.

20. Amphitheater at the Riverwalk

This quaint outdoor theater has hosted numerous concerts, dance recitals, and community plays. It has enough grass seating for up to 6,000 people who can see beautiful views of the Alabama River from all sides. Even when no event occurs, it’s a beautiful place to sit and have a picnic or enjoy a lovely evening.

The 30 Best Things to Do in Montgomery Alabama

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21. Rotary Dog Park

Open seven days a week, Rotary Park has separate spaces for smaller and larger dog breeds. This venue will help your best friend get much-needed socialization and exercise time—another Riverwalk favorite.

22. Wright Brothers Park

Formerly known as Overlook Park, the Wright Brothers Park is an open grassy area overlooking the Alabama River. Locals can show up for picnics or just a lovely day in the sunshine. A model of the Wright Brothers’ famous plane stands in the center, giving the park a sense of history and culture to stand out from the rest.

Live performances

23. Alabama Shakespeare Festival

As one of the leading Shakespeare festivals in the world, the Alabama group typically puts on between 6 and 9 shows per year, with three of them being adaptations of Shakespeare’s classic works. They are permanently housed in the Carolyn Blount theater in Montgomery, and you can always check out their website for upcoming performance information.

24. Montgomery Performing Arts Center

With an 1800-seat state-of-the-art facility, the Montgomery Performing Arts Center is host to many nationally-known acts as well as Alabama-specific local bands. Catching a show here will always guarantee a great night.

The 30 Best Things to Do in Montgomery Alabama

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25. Montgomery Ballet

Montgomery hosts one of only two professional ballet companies in the entirety of Alabama! The Montgomery Ballet has been in practice since the late 1980s, putting on beautiful dance shows for anyone who appreciates the art and running a school for young people to learn the craft.

26. Garrett Coliseum

This arena hosts various sporting events, concerts, expos, trade shows, community gatherings, and so much more! When professional wrestling shows make their way through Alabama, they stop at Montgomery’s Garrett Coliseum. There’s always something unique going on here.


27. Wind Creek Resort and Casino Montgomery

Go for a big windfall while enjoying over 2,200 games set up to have some of the highest payouts in the American southeast! While you’re there gambling, book one of Wind Creek’s luxurious hotel rooms.

There’s also a spa, multiple dining options, golf, and dedicated staff to give you the best possible. Restaurants at Wind Creek include the famed B.B. King’s Blues Club, Lucielle’s Eatery, and Itta Bena, all offering some of the best southern-style cuisines you can find.

28. Common Bond Brewers

The Common Bond Brewery is one of the highlights of the revitalized downtown area. They are named for the owners’ belief that a well-brewed beer is enough to bring anyone together. As the city’s only production brewery, they strive to produce a great product and keep Montgomery’s beer lovers coming back for more again and again.

The 30 Best Things to Do in Montgomery Alabama

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29. 1048 Jazz and Blues

1048 is the home for live music in Montgomery. They host a variety of musical acts across all genres every single night. Their venue opened in 2002 for all the Montgomery locals who love to check out the music scene around town.

30. The Tipping Point

Known as one of Montgomery’s most unique gathering spots, The Tipping Point is familiar to locals for many reasons. It’s a cafe, a restaurant, and a bar. Still, it also fashions itself as a family-friendly venue for an uncomplicated night out. Check out their popular outdoor seating area!


Montgomery is a southern entertainment hub in the middle of a state with great local pride. People from all over Alabama come to Montgomery to participate in the endless excitement.

The 30 Best Things to Do in Montgomery Alabama

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