Content Marketing Tips for Real Estate Agents

Content Marketing Tips for Real Estate Agents

Grabbing the attention of clients in the competitive realm of real estate is tough. With so many real estate companies out there, you need to “really” stand out if you wish to get your message across to your audience and convert leads into clients.

Right now, real estate content marketers are overly reliant on ads, which serves to deter clients. Most people learn to ignore ads subconsciously because they are bombarded with pop-up ads daily on the web. It’s only creative, informative, and high-quality content that can grab their attention and convince them that you have something to offer that others don’t.

If you wish to build relationships based on trust with your potential and existing clients, then you must demonstrate your online authority in the area via content marketing. In fact, in a world where people look towards the internet for answers to every question, content marketing is the key to survival for businesses today.

This is evident by the fact that effective content marketing produces 3 times more leads per dollar spent as compared to paid searches.

Benefits of Content Marketing for the Real Estate Industry

Content is possibly at the forefront of most marketing campaigns today. Nowadays, content marketing is one of the key ingredients you must use to significantly increase your chance of success with your online marketing campaign.

Here are the benefits of content marketing for real estate businesses. Your customized content will:

  1. a) Give clients solutions to their problems, convincing them that you have the answers
  2. b) Provide clients with the information they need, establishing your expertise in the area
  3. c) Help increase your brand awareness
  4. d) Help generate qualified leads

Content Guide for Real Estate Marketing

People today have unlimited options when it comes to content. You must offer something innovative, something different than others to get yourself to stand out. You should produce content that is not only better and more informative but also captures imaginations and engages prospects.

Content Marketing Tips for Real Estate Agents

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Here is our content guide for real estate marketing that will help increase your chance of success. Follow this step-by-step guide and reap the results.

1. Decide Your Content Creation Goals

Decide Your Content Creation Goals, content strategy

Just like any other marketing strategy, you must decide your content creation goals before you head over to the content creation phase. The ultimate goal of content marketing in this regard is to grow your real estate business. But first, you need to break down your main goal into small actionable tasks, then get to work.

If you wish to grow your real estate business, you will have to:

  1. A. Attract more leads
  2. B. Convert more leads into clients
  3. C. Work on building customer relationships
  4. D. Close more deals
  5. E. Make more money than your competitors

Your content should aim at achieving those small goals. However, when it comes to creating content, you must also keep your audience in mind. Your content should serve your audience. It should be engaging and compelling enough that your audience understands your viewpoint and agrees with it.
Once you have decided on your content creation goals, you need to have a website.

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2. Create an Awesome Website

Create an Awesome Website, create a great website for your business

As cliché as it may sound, first impressions do matter a lot. With so many options available to potential clients, you must give them something so engaging that they won’t feel the need to move on to another website. Your website is your first impression on your potential clients and leads. Make sure your website design is great enough that it makes your audience stay.

Here are some important things that you must consider when designing your real estate marketing website or blog:
Keep It Simple: Don’t try to do too many things. Avoid too many drop-down menus and fancy animations and graphics. Don’t add anything that you think may distract the users from your content. Keep it uncluttered and clean.
Make It Easy to Navigate: Your website design should be easy to navigate and mobile friendly. The text font and size should be readable. There should be easy to locate key icons so that the audience can get to the information they want quickly and easily.
Easy Property Search Feature: Your real estate website must also provide easy search options to help your visitors find the properties they are looking for. This is the most crucial factor of your website; thus, you shouldn’t take it lightly. Make it easy to search for properties and provide a seamless experience.
Make It Shareable: All the content you post on your website must be shareable. You open avenues of opportunities for your real estate content marketing when someone shares your content. Thus, make it easy to share. One way to do this is via a share button on your website.

Content Marketing Tips for Real Estate Agents

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3. Create Content

Create Content, start writing

The next step is to start creating the content that will be published on your website.

Written Content

The majority of the content that you share on your website will be written content. Seasoned real estate writers know the tricks of creating content that sells. They know the best practices to follow so that you can achieve your content marketing goals efficiently.
The big question is, what should you write about?

Here are some niches that you can discover and write about on your website:

  1. a) Your Brand’s Story: Write about your company and brand—things like how you started and who is on your team. Write about your inspirations and aspirations and what makes you different from all the other real estate companies out there.
  2. b) Customer Stories: Write blog posts about your customer’s stories. Tell the audience about the problems your customers came to you with and how you and your professional team of real estate experts resolved those problems. Mention the challenges and opportunities.
  3. c) Industry News: Real estate is a vast industry with news happening daily. As a real estate content writer, you must provide the latest news of the real estate industry to your clients and audience. Talk about the latest trends and what the future holds for the real estate business.
  4. d) Describe Locations: Write about the geographical areas you serve. Share histories, neighborhood characteristics, news, and property listings of the areas where you work.
  5. e) Tips: Most people come to real estate websites to find out the best tips that can help them with their buying or selling of real estate. You can create a tips section for buyers and sellers where you provide them with some useful tips on real estate.
  6. f) FAQ: Create an FAQ page where you answer the questions of your audience.

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Video Content

Video content is also significant when you are creating content for your website. It becomes even more important to real estate agents as they deal in physical spaces. Here are some video content ideas that you can include in your content strategy:

  1. a) Virtual Tours of the Properties: Create virtual tour videos of the properties for sale. Post these videos on your social media and YouTube channels.
  2. b) Virtual Tours of the Neighborhoods: In addition to creating virtual tours of properties, you should also include virtual tours of the neighborhood that you serve. This will give your clients an idea about the neighborhood and what they can expect when they buy a property.
  3. c) Expert and Team Member Interviews: Interview real estate experts and post the discussion on your website. You can also interview your team members to give the clients an insight into what you offer and how you work.
  4. d) Interview Clients: A great way to promote the good name of your real estate business is to interview satisfied customers. Ask your customers to sit down with you and talk about the experience they had while working with your business. Positive written reviews are great but being able to hear someone speak about a positive experience is even better.

Visual Content

Images and graphic content are also an important part of your real estate content. Add images to your blogs and on your website. Here are some ideas to help you get started:

  1. a) Create Infographics: You can create infographics that highlight recent developments in the industry. You can also create them for different statistics that pertain to the real estate industry.
  2. b) Property Photos: Add photos of the properties that you have listed on your website. These photos must be of good quality as this is the first impression of the property for potential buyers. Hire a professional photographer if you don’t think you can do a great job yourself.
  3. c) Staff Photos: Add photos of your staff. Show their fun side and add bios along with their photos. This will help build customers’ trust in your company.
  4. d) Presentations and Slideshows: Create presentations and slideshows to tell a story visually. These are perfect for market information, quick guidelines, and how-to content.

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4. Post Content Regularly

Post Content Regularly, add new content daily

Your real estate content marketing strategies will only be successful if you post content regularly. While you should be careful about not making your content boring and repetitive, you must also ensure that you post often and regularly.

You must devise a schedule and stick to it when it comes to creating and posting content on your website. Professional real estate content writers know how important it is to post regularly. You don’t have to post new content daily but try to post something new every week. If you’re not able to do that, make it twice a month.

Don’t just create and publish new content but also share it on your social media channels. You must publicize your content yourself if you want others to do the same. Also, be careful about the optimal posting times as this is the time when the audience is most active.

You can use different content scheduling and tracking schedules to help you become streamlined with the content creating and posting process. Use Outlook, Google Calendar, Excel, etc. to create your content plans and calendar, and then follow it. Add any ideas you have in mind in the content planner, and you will have something to write about whenever you want.

In addition to all these benefits, creating and posting fresh content is also important for SEO. Search engines prefer websites that produce and publish fresh content. Of course, the content must be of high quality, relevant, and as per the best SEO practices.

These simple tips should help you get started with content marketing for your real estate business. What are you waiting for now?

Start creating content and reap all the benefits of real estate content marketing.


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