Dave Ehlke

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There is nothing better than helping someone find, fulfill, and live their dream. Real estate allows Dave Ehlke to do what he love and he is passionate in providing this service.

The process of each transaction is always unique and Dave believe his background truly helps him discover the right needs. Dave have a very extended background in corporate print marketing. Dave believe this allows him to market a home like it needs to be showcased. No advertising campaigns are alike, and that is the same for marketing a home. Being able to reach that right clientele is something he pride himself on.

This career has given him the ability to give back to the communities in many ways. The most rewarding, being able to volunteer as an adoption counselor at local Animal Humane Society. It has filled his life with unimaginable joy! His 2 dogs (Champ & Vinny) are both rescues and they give him the balance he need in life. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact Dave. He would love to assist you anyway he can.

HOMEiA has listed Dave Ehlke as one of the best real estate agent in Forest Lake, MN. Contact Dave today for a great buying or selling experience!


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