6 Design Ideas to Inspire Your Kitchen Remodel

6 Design Ideas to Inspire Your Kitchen Remodel

Are you looking for inspiration for your upcoming kitchen remodel? Do you have an idea, but you’re not quite sure how to execute it? All the design choices on the market can make it tough to make the best choice for your family.

In the end, you want a kitchen design that is functional, incorporating all the appliances you need while also giving you enough space to cook.

But a kitchen is often more than functional. It’s also the heart of your home. While it must be usable, you also want it to be the perfect backdrop for all your family bonding.

Getting inspiration from other projects can help you piece together your own. So take a minute to clear your mind and consider these six timeless kitchen designs that can add both functionality and beauty to your home.

1. A Double Island

A Double Island

The double island is a kitchen design that’s gaining in popularity. A good option for a large kitchen, this kind of design expands your counter space while also making more room for entertaining family and friends.

If you find you run out of counter space quickly when organizing food for a party, but you have plenty of floor space to spare, a double island may be for you. It is also a good choice if your kitchen is a multifunctional space that tends to be overtaken by kids with their homework.

A second island adds versatility to your kitchen. Because it can serve so many functions — as a prep table, dining space, gathering spot for drinks, or buffet station, for example — it can be a great solution to your space problem.

The second island doesn’t have to be overly wide or long to be practical. Even a table with a sturdy top and added shelving for storing appliances underneath can become a second kitchen island.

Not every floor plan allows for a second island, though. Consult with your local kitchen renovation experts to find out whether the design will work for your kitchen.

6 Design Ideas to Inspire Your Kitchen Remodel

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2. Wood Grain and Smooth Stone Finishes

Wood Grain and Smooth Stone Finishes

An impressive trend in kitchen design is mixing textures to create jaw-dropping effects.

Hardwood cabinetry has a soft effect on the eyes when paired with smooth stone countertops and floors. The glossiness of the stone contrasts with the muted wood grain, the texture will stand out even more. The result is a space that draws people in.

While a kitchen with too many stone fixtures can feel cold, combining it with wood cabinetry or even a small accent such as wood bar stools can instantly make the space feel warmer and more inviting.

3. A Monochrome Color Scheme

A Monochrome Color Scheme

A good way to make a design feel cohesive is to keep the color scheme monochrome. While white is a popular color for kitchens, cream, gray and even black can also make for an amazing kitchen design.

While your backsplash, countertops and cabinets may all be the same color, the different materials they are made of result in a variety of textures, which adds visual interest. A tile backsplash, for example, will stand out from a smooth marble countertop even if they are the same color, and painted wood cabinets add a soft touch.

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4. Stand-Out, Durable Hardware Accents

Stand-Out, Durable Hardware Accents

While kitchen hardware, like knobs, hinges, and door handles, may seem like a small part of the kitchen design, it can really change the whole feel of your cabinetry.

For example, brass finishes will bring a warm depth to your room and call attention to other metallic accents in lighting fixtures or appliances. Decorative ceramic knobs convey a country charm, while copper knobs add timeless elegance and are remarkably durable.

These aren’t your only options. Choosing to have no knobs and seamless hinges will make the room feel more modern, and sunken handles will create a similar effect.

If you decide you want visible cabinet accents, the important part is choosing hardware that suits your cabinetry and doesn’t work against it.

6 Design Ideas to Inspire Your Kitchen Remodel

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5. Matte Finishes

Matte Finishes

Many kitchens have a lot of reflective surfaces, which can look amazing, especially in rooms with a lot of natural light. However, the high-gloss look is not for everyone. For a subtler, more nuanced look, matte paint and countertops may be a great option.

Consider an outside-the-box countertop material, such as poured concrete, instead of a traditional glossy stone like quartz.

Soapstone and limestone countertops, too, can create depth with their matte surfaces. They reflect light more gently, adding contrast and reducing glare.

Don’t forget about the floor. A well-chosen rug can add even more texture to the room.

One additional benefit of matte finishes is that they make shiny elements stand out even more. Never underestimate the impact of a glossy backsplash in a kitchen with mostly flat textures. The contrast will draw the eye and make the space more visually interesting.

6. Modern Minimalism

Modern Minimalism

Minimalism has been in style for some time, but the enduring beauty of a clean kitchen design extends beyond trends. Sleek kitchen cabinets make for easy cleaning, as do countertops without grooves.

If you choose high-gloss finishes, your kitchen will look like it came right out of a sci-fi movie. On the other hand, matte or wood grain finishes will encapsulate a sleek Japanese aesthetic, where minimalism and natural materials go hand in hand.

Minimalism is all about reducing the number of visual elements, and that means keeping things off the countertops. So make sure you design your kitchen with enough storage to handle your small appliances, dishware and pantry items. Or think about investing in sleek dry food storage containers in stainless steel or another color that suits your design.

6 Design Ideas to Inspire Your Kitchen Remodel

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Feeling Inspired?

Getting the kitchen renovation bug means you are about to take on a huge task that will change how you live your life. You likely use your kitchen every day, so freshening up or completely overhauling it will result in big changes in the energy of your house.

Not only that, but the right kitchen design can also boost the value of your home.

Which kitchen look inspires you the most?

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