HOMEiA.com is the content hub for everything related to real estate. One of our goals is to present high-quality content in an engaging and professional way. We believe that when insightful content is combined with complementary graphics and thoughtful layout, we create something that is attractive and worth sharing for years to come.

One striking thing you might have noticed at HOMEiA is that we provide all the graphics, images and smart layout to make your guest post content stand out in the best light. In addition, we categorize and optimize your article’s title tag, description tag, and more, to ensure that your posted articles are search-engine friendly and that they carry a catchy title to grab people’s attention. These are the value-added actions that very few websites out there are willing to do (or capable of) for their guest post articles. Our HOMEiA team had raised the bar for what should be the new standard of content for consumers in the next decade.

This program is for digital content marketers who recognize that text-based articles for guest posts are no longer cutting it from the audiences’ standpoint. Even with images and graphics integrated into the article, it is becoming less competitive when compared to video. Video content is becoming the favored medium as it increases in popularity, especially on social media.

Although having a do-follow backlink from a reputable and related website to your niche website does benefit to some extent, it would be much more beneficial and would “look natural” if that reputable website would also re-share your guest post content on their social media channels. As we already know, search engines do take social signals into their ranking consideration; and might be even more important going forward.

Here is the HOMEiA Sequence and Standards for Silver Guest Post:

  • Step 1:

    You would select one of our guest post options and fill out the application form. Our team will review your application, and if we deem fit, we will send you an invoice for you to pay online along with a topic for you to write. That PayPal invoice must be paid within 3 business days or we will assume that you are not interest in our topic and will assign it to another author. Only AFTER you pay to show us your commitment that our team will move to step #2.

  • Step 2:

    Once your article is submitted to HOMEiA, and our topic expert reviews it to make sure the statements in your guest post article are correct and that the written article meets our quality standards before moving to Step 3. If your article needs adjustment, we will provide up to 2 rounds of feedback to help you improve your article’s quality. If for some reason after our two feedback communications, you haven’t brought your article up to our minimum content quality standards, we will refund your recent payment in full and will no longer accept future guest post applications from you.

  • Step 3:

    Once your article has been reviewed and approved by our content team, our design team will prepare the graphics to enhance your article, and our SEO team will optimize your article further prior to publishing it on HOMEiA.com and submit for Google to index. This will make your article a winner right out of the gate.

  • Step 4:

    Once your article is published, we will notify you via email and you will have 3 business days to share your article on your LinkedIn and Facebook pages to verify who you are as a professional. At that time, please email us the two URLs to your LinkedIn and Facebook shared posts. If we don’t see your email notifying us of your reshared article for verification, we will assume that you don’t have the control of those two social pages. We may then remove your article and/or backlink from HOMEiA.com without refund.

    You only need to reshare the first guest post article on your LinkedIn and Facebook pages to verify. After that, it is optional for you to share your future HOMEiA.com guest post articles.

  • Step 5:

    Our digital marketing team tracks to see how our online audience responds to your content over time and links to it accordingly from our new and existing content on HOMEiA.com. Once you have reached 10 guest post articles, you will have access to your dedicated profile page on HOMEiA.com highlighting you and your shared content. This helps you establish expert authority in your vertical. Over time, this page can be your professional online resume for years to come. Here is an example.

  • Step 6:

    If you keep up the good work of producing and sharing insightful content on HOMEiA.com, sooner or later one of our Contributor PRO members will notice your work and sponsor you into our Contributor PRO program where you can join the rank of HOMEiA’s influential professionals.

Why does our company require all of these?

Content is adding to the web at an exponential rate, and often the validity of arguments and information is not verified. HOMEiA’s mission is to stay away from that blackhole by having topic expert(s) carefully review content for each guest post before publishing it on our site. This significantly minimizes the chance that our readers will consume misleading information, which can have negative consequences if people believe and/or act upon such misleading advice. We strive to be thoughtful in the content we publish on HOMEiA.com to avoid unintentionally hurting our audience.

Also, authors who have real knowledge and expertise will have no problem standing behind their information and advice and will establish a strong history of credibility with their HOMEiA profile page.

Most importantly, our mission is to build a platform that enables these TRUE professionals to shine. At HOMEiA, we believe that in the near future when artificial intelligent (AI) is much better at writing text, it will be impossible for consumers to distinguish which articles are written by whom (or what). Then, it will be evident that HOMEiA.com is THE best platform, helping real professionals gain a strong foothold in their careers. And as consumers, we’ll still have content produced by a real human to read, because our team strongly believes that authentic communication among people is important to maintain and cultivate.

If you agree with our values and believe in our mission, please “Like” our Facebook page and share what we do here with others. Together, we can keep growing this beneficial platform for our community. Thank you in advance!

Overall, HOMEiA.com is the real estate content hub publishing only high-quality content with an intelligent presentation for both viewers and search engines (Google.com and Bing.com). In short, if you want THE best content guest posts on a great website, HOMEiA.com is the one for you. You can apply here!