Educator Plus

This guest post option is for contributors who would like to gain more exposure on as well as a do-follow backlink. Since HOMEiA’s policies only allow a limited number of backlinks to be given out each month (to maintain our backlink quality), we will let you know whether there is a slot open for the current month when we receive your application.

We are sometimes asked about discounting. We do not discount our rates for multiple guest post submissions. The reason for this is that we prefer a small number of impressive guest posts that gain a high-quality backlink from us rather than many average posts that can dilute our backlink quality over time. At HOMEiA, we highly value great content. If you want to establish a strong reputation for yourself and your company for many years to come, you are welcome to join us!

Note: With the Educator Plus guest posts, your first do-follow backlink will be at your author’s bio section. Then, with each additional guest post, you will get one do-follow backlink in the body of your article’s text. The do-follow backlink in your author bio section is always there. However, the do-follow backlink in the body of your article’s text will remain for a limited time only, depending on your agreement. We have three options for a 1-, 2- and 3-year duration.