7 Extraordinary Decorative Ideas to Spruce Up your Bedroom

7 Extraordinary Decorative Ideas to Spruce Up your Bedroom

Your bedroom is the most personal space in your house. Usually off-limits to guests, it’s a space you can decorate to your heart’s content—and yet many of us neglect our bedrooms.

Why bother spending money and time on a room that’s rarely on display—not to mention a room where we spend most of our time sleeping? Because it gives you the chance to start and end each day in a space that soothes your spirit.

Your bedroom sets the mood for the day. Do you see yourself waking up happy and peaceful? Energized and enthusiastic? Cozy and warm? Some of us prefer to be surrounded by rich colors and fabrics, and others by personally meaningful items. Or maybe you prefer the clear-headed feeling you get from a minimalist room.

Don’t worry about making a mistake or taking your décor decisions too far; the bedroom is the perfect place for a little experimentation!

Here are some ideas that will help you make your bedroom into a private retreat that’s perfectly suited to you—and without spending a fortune.

1. Style an empty fireplace

Style an empty fireplace, dress up the fireplace

Your bedroom is a great place to be extravagant with your décor and to think outside the box. If your owner’s suite features an unused fireplace, you can use it as a unique focal point for displaying art. Prop a canvas or several framed prints inside, and add twinkling lights or a flameless LED candle.

If you don’t have a fireplace, you can give the appearance of one by hanging a floating shelf that will serve as a mantel. Place artwork on the ledge, and lean additional pieces against the wall below to create a colorful and interesting centerpiece.

What about an empty fireplace in the corner of your room? It can make you display your paintings and artworks to enhance your bedroom ambiance. Having an empty fireplace is a must-have thing for any master bedroom according to modern interior designing.

The color pattern and selection are up to you – go for the colors you like and display your artwork according to your color scheme.

7 Extraordinary Decorative Ideas to Spruce Up your Bedroom

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2. Experiment with wood magnetic table lamps

Experiment with wood magnetic table lamps, try different types of table lamps

Bedside lighting is essential for reading and writing, but that doesn’t mean it has to be boring. If you’ve had the same standard-issue lamps for years, consider bringing some fun and excitement to the space.

Magnetic table lamps can perk up your space, suit the mood and straddle the gap between whimsy and sophistication. With wood tones and clean lines, they resemble modern art, and the hovering magnetic orbs not only seem to defy gravity but also act as the on/off switch.

3. Pay close attention to your windows

Pay close attention to your windows, dress up your windows

The right window treatments are like a great haircut—they frame the room and can signal sweetness, elegance, fun, or drama.

When choosing patterned curtains and drapes, make sure the print is both pleasing and easy on your eyes. High-contrast stripes and geometric shapes can seem to shift in your peripheral vision, taking away from the secure and relaxing feel of the room.

Whatever you do, don’t choose curtains that are too small for your windows. The total width of the panels should be greater than the width of the window to allow for a draping effect, and the length should reach to the floor.

7 Extraordinary Decorative Ideas to Spruce Up your Bedroom

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4. Spruce up the entry

Spruce up the entry, clean up your entry

You’ve probably given some thought to the main entrance of your home, but have you considered the entrance to your bedroom?

The first thing you see when you enter the room should be welcoming and beautiful, inviting you in after a long day. A small console table near the door can hold fresh or dried flowers and anchor a piece of artwork hung above it on the wall. This is also a great spot for a pleasant scent, like an oil diffuser or scented candle.

The bedroom entrance matters the most for any bedroom, and there’s no doubt about it. Can you not manage an expensive or a grand foyer? No worries. A small console table can be a great choice for your bedroom’s entryway.

It is suggested to place some flowers and abstract art piece over the table to welcome your visitors. A perfect bedroom entrance should have artwork and painting hanging on the gallery wall.

Once you spruce up your entryway, your bedroom will automatically start giving a royal kind of look.

7 Extraordinary Decorative Ideas to Spruce Up your Bedroom

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5. Install a canopy

Install a canopy, make good use of canopy

One of the most dramatic ways to transforming your bedroom into a regal retreat is to install a canopy over the bed.

A canopy elevates any bedroom, bringing to mind charming bed and breakfasts, stately manors, and grand palaces. It can impart a dream-like, ethereal quality to the space.

Don’t overlook a canopy bed if your tastes run toward the modern or minimalist. A sleek frame with sheer, gauzy fabric panels can bring romance to a sparsely decorated room, or you can skip the fabric altogether in favor of a simple geometric look.

6. Set up a cozy nook

Set up a cozy nook, designate a corner for relaxation

If you have the space, a small seating area can add a lot of appeal to an owner’s suite. With a petite round table and a couple of chairs, you’ll have the perfect spot to drink coffee and read the newspaper on a Sunday morning. If your bedroom window has a great view, arrange your seating to face it.

No room for a table? Even a modest bedroom may have space for an upholstered stool and a dainty accent table. Set a beautiful blank book and pen on top—to inspire journaling at night or first thing in the morning—and finish it with a plant to bring the outdoors in.

If you plan to sell your home soon, staging the room in this way can help to increase the value of your house.

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7. Swap out throw pillows

Swap out throw pillows, upgrade throws and pillows

One of the easiest and most versatile ways to freshen up a room is to bring in a new set of throw pillows.

Pillows are relatively inexpensive and available in almost any color, shape, and pattern you can imagine.

If your bedroom is simple, two or three pillows in coordinating colors may be all you need to add a finishing touch. If you prefer a room filled with interesting details, mix and match solids, patterns, and images to get a multi-layered effect. This is also a great place to express your sense of humor!

For those who love the look of pillows but find it tedious to remove and replace them every day, a chair, low dresser, or large basket can also hold a pleasing assortment.

7 Extraordinary Decorative Ideas to Spruce Up your Bedroom

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Your bedroom is the first thing you see when you wake and the last thing you see before you fall asleep. It should feel comfortable, secure, and true to your personality. Whether you have a big budget or need to use what you already own, giving some time and attention to your most personal room can have a big impact on the way you feel about your home.

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