5 Gift Ideas for Plant Lovers

5 Gift Ideas for Plant Lovers

Many homeowners love having indoor plants around their homes. They provide great visual stimulation, serve as a natural way to clean the air and introduce a pop of color to the home’s décor. From flowers to ferns, plants bring a closer view of nature into your home. The living space feels fresher, more vibrant, and more aromatic with the presence of plants.

A lot of day-to-day maintenance goes into taking care of plants. For starters, they need the right temperature, the right soil, and the right amounts of sunlight and water. Those who start to accumulate multiple plants may find that some floral species require even more dedicated attention. With the amount of effort required to raise each plant, owners naturally want to showcase them beautifully.

Fortunately, there is a large selection of vases, planters and other stylish containers available. These products make the perfect gift ideas for plant lovers, giving them numerous modern options to display the plants. Plus, the recipients will appreciate the sentiment of your gift, especially since you have considered their houseplant hobby.

If you don’t have a green thumb yourself, don’t worry. Here are some curated gift ideas for plant lovers that we know they’ll love:

1. Plant Mister

Plant Mister

Some plants need more moisture than others. Some tropical plants, for example, require misting when transplanted into an indoor setting. For those, a plant mister is the perfect giftware accessory.

A mister is used to spray plants and keep them moisturized, mimicking the sort of humid environment that some plants naturally need to survive. It can also help when there’s a risk of overwatering a plant, especially if it’s a tiny plant. A mister can target brown or dry leaves, ensuring that the plant is kept alive even through the winter.

This glass plant mister makes a thoughtful gift for those who love indoor plants, combining good looks with utility. Available in blue, green, brown and clear glass, it has an elegant design with a pump and a curved handle.

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2. Matte Vase

Matte Vase

The smell of fresh flowers and their presentation inside a trendy vase can be a beguiling combination. When choosing a vase, you should carefully consider the style, shape and color. Don’t just settle for a standard clear vase with a bland, generic form. Instead, pick a vase with a striking design, which will draw more visual attention towards your flowers.

Matte vases are stylish gifts for anyone who wants to bring their homegrown flowers indoors throughout the season. This Medium Matte Vase is an excellent example of an attractive vase. Made from premium ceramic material, this vase has a unique shape with a vibrant tone that will complement any flowers. Wrap it nicely or skip the paper and present it pre-filled with beautiful blooms.

3. Uniquely Shaped Planter

Uniquely Shaped Planter

For a recipient who loves the eclectic, a planter in a fun shape is a great gift idea. You can find planters shaped like anything from objects to animals.

This Large Woman Head Planter, for example, is a highly unique planter shaped like the head of a mythical goddess. While the planter is mostly grey, there are touches of gold highlights that add to its regal aesthetic. You can place the cement planter outside and not worry about the climate, temperature, or sun damage.

This beautifully crafted planter comes with a classic Greco-Roman design. If the gift recipient is interested in history, politics, or academics, you won’t find another planter that looks as smart and sophisticated as this.

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4. Plant Hanger with Beads

Plant Hanger with Beads

Some plant lovers might live in condos, apartments or single rooms where no garden can exist. They may not even have enough square footage to keep the tabletop plants they want. Here’s a workaround: hanging plants.

Look around your room. There’s probably unused vertical space above TVs, tables, or counters, opening numerous possibilities to place plants in midair. A plant hanger will inspire your recipient to find new possibilities as well.

This macramé-style Planter Hanger with Beads looks super chic. This elegant giftware wholesale is crafted from wood and cotton and made for planters from 4-6″ in diameter. Since this product doesn’t come with a planter, the gift recipient can customize with their own choice of a planter, making sure that the hanging suits the décor.

5. Nature-Inspired Planter

Nature-Inspired Planter

Not all planters need to be sleek, chic, and modern. Many plant enthusiasts love nature at heart, so they don’t always appreciate designs that look overly manufactured or polished. Instead, you may have better success with a gift that has a more natural and rustic style.

Think of the materials found in nature, such as wood and stone. These can make for a beautiful contrast with greenery. Some planters are made with more durable materials made to look like they were plucked from a woodland scene.

This Medium Slim Log Planter could be an exciting choice if you want to think outside the box. This planter is crafted from cement with a waterproof finish and shaped like a natural log. It is hand-finished and made to replicate the look of driftwood. Thanks to its waterproof design, you won’t run the risk of the wood disintegrating over the seasons. This planter remains durable even when exposed to elements like rain, wind or heat.

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The Perfect Gift

If you’re giving a gift to a plant lover, you have plenty of fun and elegant options. There are beautiful accessories that will help them care for their plants, such as an attractive glass mister. And there are many different styles of vases and planters.

Matte vases bring a distinctive appearance to an often-ignored part of a floral arrangement. A creatively shaped planter is a welcome conversation starter. A ceiling hanger can bring plant décor to a whole new part of the room.

And a nature-inspired planter can bring the serenity of the forest right into your recipient’s own home. From useful to classic to creative, there is a houseplant accessory available to suit any personality.

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