Proven Methods for the Protection and Restoration of Roofs from Storm Damage

Proven Methods for the Protection and Restoration of Roofs from Storm Damage

Nature is unpredictable. You never know when a cool breeze will turn into a severe thunderstorm. Winds can reach dangerously high speeds, causing damage to life and property. There are several regions in the US that face the weather’s wrath every year. In some areas, hurricanes and tornadoes rip roofs apart from the structures, causing extensive damage.

So, if your house has an old roof, then there is a chance it will be blown away with the winds. Therefore, you may decide it is necessary to prepare for the worst and do everything possible to minimize further damage.

1. Effects of Storms on Roofs

Effects of Storms on Roofs

Unexpected weather conditions, frequent hailstorms and natural disasters can make it a challenge to maintain a strong and sturdy home. Strong winds can knock off asphalt shingles, granules and the binding material, causing leaks, or could break off an entire roof. During storms, metal roofs are the most vulnerable and tend to get damaged. To handle significant roof damage, professional help is required.

Experienced roofers who specialize in storm damage roof restoration can do the job to the highest standards. Whether it’s an asphalt shingle roof or a metal roof; they have the tools, experience and knowledge to restore it to its optimal condition. These specialists carefully assess the damage caused and plan the restoration process. You’ll want a roof restoration strategy that prevents further damage and does so within your budget.

Proven Methods for the Protection and Restoration of Roofs from Storm Damage

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2. Protecting Roofs from Storm Damage

Protecting Roofs from Storm Damage

Start with a roof inspection. Roofs are often overlooked when it comes to home protection. Always inspect your roof long before the harsh weather season, so issues can be detected and addressed before a storm strikes.

  1. a) Check for cracks: Houses in hot areas develop cracks as the binding material expands and loses grip on the roof components. If left unchecked, these cracks can become the source of future roof damage. Assess the roof cracks and repair them with quality adhesives if you can, hire an experienced roofer to do the job.
  2. b) Examine the Interior Walls: There are certain roof areas that are difficult to assess. Here, the interior walls and corners help in determining the risks in these areas. If you see water ingress, then there are chances of leakage. Utilize the help of specialists and waterproof your property.
  3. c) Look Out for Penetration Areas: Check the areas around chimneys, skylights and any areas with channels from the interior to the exterior of the home. If there is any fault or missing material, repair or replace it right away. If you don’t know exactly how to fix it, then connect with roofing specialists.
  4. d) Review Condition of Gutters: Clogged gutters are the major cause of roof deterioration. The debris and leaves in the gutter do not allow water to flow, and it gets accumulated on the roof, causing leakage. So, inspect the gutters and clean them. If they are not accessible, you can use camera-mounted extended poles to unclog gutters.
  5. e) Check for Extended Tree Branches: Tree branches can fall down during the storm, causing roof damage.  So, check that there are no tree branches hanging over the roof or nearby siding.
  6. f) Look for Missing Shingles: If a shingle is peeling off the roof, nail it down firmly. If it is damaged, replace it with a new one.

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If you do not have the tools or the knowledge of how to conduct a proper inspection, it is wise to hire a professional roof inspector.

Experienced and licensed roof inspectors will thoroughly examine your roof for cracks, holes and other imperfections. They have state-of-the-art tools that can help determine the condition of your roof and the risks it presents to your home. Roof inspectors also suggest the best remediation methods to protect your roof and your home in general.

Based on the inspection, make the necessary improvements right away to ensure your safety.

Proven Methods for the Protection and Restoration of Roofs from Storm Damage

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3. Best Methods to Restore Storm Damaged Roofs

Best Methods to Restore Storm Damaged Roofs

A systematic approach must be followed to ensure safety and avoid further damage.

  1. a. Re-inspection: Yes. It is crucial to examine any damage carefully. Follow a non-invasive method and write down all the damages you see. Failing to note some of the damage could lead to further damage if repairs are not done properly.
  2. b. Now, if you are confident that a DIY roof restoration method will fix the issues, then go for it. If not, you should hire professional roofers to resolve the problem.
  3. c. Restoring the Roof: Use the help of a licensed and insured roofing company with at least ten years of experience in roof restoration. There are roofing companies in Charleston SC who offer quick and efficient solutions for storm damage restoration at competitive rates. With their expertise and cutting-edge tools, you can fix your roof quickly without running the risk of any further damage.
  4. d. Fixing the Sidings: Roofs and sidings support each other. Depending on the type of roofing, you can choose what to do first. But if the roof is damaged there is a significant chance it has harmed the sidings. You’ll want to ask your roofing company to assess the siding and make the required fixes, to be sure your home is safe from future storm damage.
  5. e. Repairing Essential Components: Gutters, flashings and chimneys help your home function optimally, and they all require attention. A roof restoration is incomplete if these elements are not functioning well.
  6. f. Insurance: Once the restoration work is complete, insure your property against future damages. Many roofing companies have relationships with insurance agencies, who regularly assess and maintain your property to avoid future damages.

Most companies also provide a guarantee on repair work for customers’ peace of mind.

Professional roof restoration ensures your roof is safe, structurally sound, functioning optimally and also complies with state building laws.

It’s wise to frequently check your roof and schedule periodic maintenance to prevent damage.

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