The Guide to Shower Screens for Your Bathroom Renovation

The 2021 Guide to Shower Screens for Your Bathroom Renovation

If you’re renovating your bathroom, a new shower screen is going to be at the top of your list. Many people prefer the screen to a shower curtain because it offers more protection than you get from a standard curtain. These screens come in all sizes and styles, of course, so you’ll have to take the time to explore your options.

You can choose from a range of sliding, folding, or fixed shower screens. They also come in several styles and finishes. Right now, screens that are more transparent and designed to open up the space seem to be more popular. People are also choosing styles that are more modern and elegant, without as much focus on affordability or function.

Of course, that’s not to say that you can’t find affordable shower screens that also look great. You can certainly find a lot of different options to choose from. Here’s what you need to know for this year if you want to take your shower screens to the next level.

1. Glass is Still King

Glass is Still King

While people are considering other options from time to time, the majority of shower screens are made of glass. There are several different trends revolving around glass doors alone, including the popular frameless glass door. This door is only connected via hinges to the shower stall, and it may or may not have a handle, depending on its installation and opening style.

If you want to upgrade your glass to something different, consider adding a semi-frameless door that adds an air of luxury, or installing a corner shower with a unique door that’s as much a design piece as a functional tool to keep the water in the shower.

The Guide to Shower Screens for Your Bathroom Renovation

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2. Unique Doors

Unique Doors

Some people choose less conventional options for their new shower screens, including two specific popular new trends. The first is the French-door-style shower door, which offers more style and a unique look that you won’t find just anywhere. This was originally a project design that turned into a big trend, and now it’s creating the perfect look for those who want an ultra-modern design.

Another door trend is the barn-style sliding shower screen. Although barn doors are less common in modern bathrooms than some styles, they are gaining traction as more improvements are made to the design to make them better options for shower protection. These doors come in several styles and designs, including sleek clear and frosted glass finishes.

3. Partial Enclosures

Partial Enclosures

Depending on how much of a renovation you’re doing, you will have the option to put in a partial enclosure or door instead of a full shower screen. Partial enclosures are great because they offer definite separation for the space, but they don’t fully block off the shower area.

These are more common with bath/shower combination fixtures, but they are also available for showers that are built appropriately to prevent water leakage.

These partial enclosures are usually found in glass, frosted glass, or glass block designs, although you can find them in several other materials as well.

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4. Motion


There are several options for how your shower screen moves, and that movement will need to be considered in your installation. Most smaller spaces use sliding or folding shower screens because they save space and provide the easiest installation.

Some people are opting to upgrade to pivot screens that function more like traditional doors, offering a totally new design. Bear in mind, though, that pivot doors will need adequate clearance in the bathroom in order to function properly.

Some people are even installing doors that swing inward instead of out, preventing water leakage and allowing them to have a different design, even if they don’t have the floor space for an outward-opening door. It’s a unique new trend that’s usually done using glass screens, but there’s really no limit to what you can use.

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How to Choose

The biggest thing that’s trending in 2022 is the importance of making the right choices about your shower screen designs. Too often, people start buying without doing their homework.

Bathrooms are generally tight spaces and there are a lot of considerations involved. Space is the first, but you should also not limit your designs just because you think that you don’t have room.

Get inspired by getting online to see what other people are doing. Use sites like Pinterest to glean inspiration from others’ bathroom renovations and take notes on how you want to handle your own. Get inspired by creative shower screens and unique trends, and then choose your new shower screen based on what you find.

You’ll have to consider things like the door size, what type of material is used, the hardware, and other details. The installation method should also be a factor. Consider frosted glass or glass blocks for privacy, but clear glass if you want to open up the space and create a modern look.

The biggest thing is to take the time to explore what’s out there and create the space that you want.

The Bottom Line

There are so many ways that you can go with bathroom design, and the right shower screens can make all the difference. Take the time to explore your options and figure out what you like best.

Whether you use the insights here for inspiration or just for reference, you’ll be sure to have a great new look in no time with modern screens for your shower.

If you want to be trendy or increase your appeal, stick to the tips and designs discussed here, and make sure that your door is accurately sized and fits the space. After all, if the shower screen seems out of place or takes up too much room, it won’t matter how stylish or trendy it is.

Consult with a professional contractor to discuss how to add the right shower screen to your renovation and keep these tips in mind while doing so.

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