Top 10 Benefits of Resurfacing Your Old Fiberglass Pool

Top 10 Benefits of Resurfacing Your Old Fiberglass Pool

If you have a pool, fiberglass pool resurfacing can be a great option for keeping it in excellent shape for many years to come. A concrete pool will stand up to about 10 to 15 years of use before it needs resurfacing. At that point, adding a concrete update can be expensive and will only need additional repairs down the road. This is one of the best options you have to create value in your home, keep your pool safe, and save money all at the same time.

We’ve compiled 10 reasons you should resurface your fiberglass pool below. These range from saving money to saving time and having a pool that simply looks better in your yard. Not every benefit may matter to you, but when you put them all together, it’s impossible to say that fiberglass resurfacing isn’t an excellent choice. Here they are:

1. Resistance to Staining:

Resistance to Staining

When you think about different pool materials, plaster is quite porous, while fiberglass is not. That means you are less likely to experience staining with fiberglass than other materials. When you go through with fiberglass pool resurfacing, your pool will look amazing once it’s done. But the best part is that it will continue to look that way for a long time. You don’t have to worry about looking down and seeing rust, which can spoil swimming fun.

Top 10 Benefits of Resurfacing Your Old Fiberglass Pool

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2. Can Improve the Value of Your Home:

Can Improve the Value of Your Home

A pool that looks to be in perfect shape is something that enhances the value of a home or a business property. Just having a pool of any kind can add value to a home, but if it’s not maintained, that can lead to issues. Fiberglass finishes are easily maintained and will add value to your property. There’s not as much maintenance, and potential buyers will be impressed by how amazing the pool looks in their potential new home.

3. Will Require Fewer Chemicals for Maintenance:

Fewer Chemicals for Maintenance

Algae has a difficult time breeding when inside of a fiberglass pool. What this means for you is that you need to use fewer chemicals to keep the water clean and clear. That means your guests will enjoy the water more since less chlorine is present. It also means you’ll save money when purchasing chemicals. With many people nowadays trying to avoid chemicals, this is just another way to have an eco-friendly life.

Top 10 Benefits of Resurfacing Your Old Fiberglass Pool

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4. Makes Algae Less Likely to Grow:

Makes Algae Less Likely to Grow

A traditional pool has a surface that becomes bumpy and rough when it degrades, which is also why algae grow so quickly. When you have a fiberglass pool surface, the pool stays smooth and algae will not be as capable of growing. This means you will spend less time shutting the pool down to give it a scrub. The algae have no crevices or holes to hide in so you can get rid of it as soon as it shows up.

5. Reduce the Frequency of Needing to Resurface:

Reduce the Frequency of Needing to Resurface

With a marcite or plaster pool surface, you need to redo the resurfacing once every five to seven years. That’s because when you balance the water with chemicals, it creates damage to the pool surface. With fiberglass pool resurfacing, the walls will stay smooth longer, and your pool will be safer. This makes your life easier since you can forget about resurfacing for several years at a time.

Top 10 Benefits of Resurfacing Your Old Fiberglass Pool

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6. Liner Replacements Won’t Be Needed:

Liner Replacements Won’t Be Needed

If you were to use a vinyl liner in a pool, it’s something that has to be replaced at least once every seven years. As time goes on, the constant replacements can add up in lost time and money. You can remove that problem from your life by ditching the vinyl replacements and choosing fiberglass pool resurfacing. On top of that, you won’t need to keep spending money on these liners that don’t stack up to the competition.

7. Make Your Pool Durable and Less Likely to Stain:

Make Your Pool Durable and Less Likely to Stain

Fiberglass technology has come a long way, which means that a fiberglass pool is going to cost a reasonable amount while offering great results. In fact, most average fiberglass pools last about 25 years. The durability that you get with this type of pool also helps prevent the growth of algae and excess staining.

Top 10 Benefits of Resurfacing Your Old Fiberglass Pool

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8. Heats Easier than a Concrete Pool Will:

Heats Easier than a Concrete Pool Will

Sometimes, you want to jump into the pool even when the weather has cooled down a bit. At that point, many people rely on using a pool that has a heating element for extra warmth. The use of this energy can lead to high bills with a concrete pool. When you have a fiberglass pool, the material offers extra insulation and uses less energy while you still get a warm swim.

9. Provides the Option for Custom Designs:

Provides the Option for Custom Designs

When you go with fiberglass pool resurfacing, you can choose from dozens of designs to show off your style. Fiberglass can be used on more than 40 pool shapes on the market, but it can also offer options on how the resurfacing looks. You can choose from various colours like blue, white, blue-green, light blue, and more.

Top 10 Benefits of Resurfacing Your Old Fiberglass Pool

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10. Offers a Great Look that Many Love:

Offers a Great Look that Many Love

A swimming pool is something that adds value to your property, especially if it looks like it’s clean and well-maintained. This is something that a fiberglass pool really excels at. When using fiberglass pool resurfacing, you’ll have a swimming pool that looks like new for years into the future. If you ever decide to sell your home, that also means you won’t need to spend ages making repairs to the pool before you do.

If you aren’t sure if fiberglass pool resurfacing is right for you, you can always talk to an expert to get a knowledgeable opinion. Pool experts can share their opinion and let you know what all your options are. Then you can decide what works best for your lifestyle and budget. It might be fiberglass pool resurfacing, or it might be something different.

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