Upgrade your House and Increase its Value with these 6 Renovations

Upgrade your House and Increase its Value with these 6 Renovations

There are many reasons people upgrade their houses: to increase comfort, , update style, increase the home’s efficiency, upgrade functions or improve values. There are tons of home improvement ideas and dreams every homeowner would want to explore. However, although they may sound exciting, not all upgrades are worth your time, effort and money.

If you plan to sell your house in the next few years, you’ll need to concentrate on renovations that add value, like updating the kitchen and bathroom, changing the front door and fixing any functional or cosmetic problems. And, since home remodeling projects are not cheap, you’ll also need to choose projects that fall within your budget.

6 Upgrades and Renovations that Add Value to Your House

Whether you are preparing your house for sale or you want to update it for your convenience and pleasure, there are many upgrades and renovations you can do to improve your space.

From incorporating leaf guards for gutters to refinishing your kitchen cabinets, here are some of the upgrades and renovations that will increase the value of your house and increase your enjoyment of your space.

1. Install Quality Gutter Guards

Install Quality Gutter Guards

If your gutters clog frequently, gutter guards or gutter covers will solve the problem. Gutter guards are covers installed on top of your gutters to keep debris and leaves from building up in your gutter. When dirt accumulates, it clogs your gutter. This may cause serious problems, such as roof and foundation damage, mold and mildew growth, basement flooding and more. For your gutters to remain effective at diverting water away from the house, you will need an effective gutter guard.

A quality gutter guard will reduce the need for maintenance and cleaning, which means you’ll spend less time risking your safety on a ladder.

With so many gutter covers on the market, you’ll be sure to find one that is right for your system.

2. Remodel the Kitchen

Remodel the Kitchen

A common gathering place for families, either for meals or socializing, the kitchen is one of the most-used spaces in a home. Many elements, like the flooring and countertop, wear out faster in the kitchen than in other rooms. Also, kitchen styles are always evolving, and many buyers are turned off by an outdated kitchen.

An appealing kitchen with modern updates improves the value of your house in a big way. Whether you are doing a full kitchen remodel or small renovations like adding an island, replacing the backsplash or upgrading faucets, be sure to choose quality material that will improve the overall look of your space. Don’t go overboard with expensive renovations, though, because the investment may not pay off when it’s time to sell.

Upgrade your House and Increase its Value with these 6 Renovations

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3. Upgrade the Bathroom

Upgrade the Bathroom

Like kitchens, bathrooms are frequently used places in the house; therefore, they need to be appealing. A bathroom upgrade not only improves the value of your home but also makes it appealing to potential buyers. There’s a lot that you can do to transform the bathroom’s look, and it all depends on your budget.

You can begin with simple projects like installing new lighting fixtures, painting, adding a mirror or installing new sinks. If your budget is flexible and space allows, you can add an extra bathroom, especially if you only have one. Most buyers find homes with multiple bathrooms good for convenience and privacy.

Upgrade your House and Increase its Value with these 6 Renovations

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4. Spruce Up the Interior

Spruce Up the Interior

Simple interior updates like adding a fresh coat of paint go a long way in transforming your space. Remember, you don’t have to undertake large-scale renovations to spruce up your interior; you can make updates without ransacking your savings. The following interior updates can transform your home into an elegant and attractive space that will entice buyers:

  1. a) Installing ceiling fans to cut down air conditioning costs
  2. b) Updating fixtures: light fixtures, switch plates, curtain rods, doorknobs
  3. c) Installing crown molding
  4. d) Freshening up the walls with a neutral color scheme that unifies the entire house
  5. e) Repainting baseboards, ceilings and interior doors

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5. Boost Curb Appeal

Boost Curb Appeal

Your house’s curb appeal plays a significant role in a buyer’s first impression. It is important to ensure that your home stands out in your neighborhood, as this will entice more buyers.

Enhancing your home’s curb appeal does not need to be complicated or expensive. Simple things like installing a new front door or repainting the existing one can instantly change the appearance. Other things you can do to boost curb appeal include

  1. a. Installing new lighting
  2. b. Replacing an old garage door
  3. c. Adding a new walkway

6. Finish Your Basement

Finish Your Basement

Do you live in a house with a basement? If so, you may want to consider turning that underground space into a place that is habitable and pleasant to spend time in. Finishing your basement is an easy way to add value to your home because you immediately increase your home’s usable square footage. A finished basement gives you an extra place to add a guest bedroom, a play space for kids or a home gym.

Basements tend to be moist and humid, thanks to their position underground, so make sure you get the basement properly insulated when you finish it. Consider adding windows to the space (up high on the walls) if possible, so you can let in some sunlight and fresh air. Once the work on the basement space is done, you’ll have a whole new floor to spend time in and be able to make use of potentially useful space that is (if unfinished) currently sitting totally unused and unoccupied (and potentially a little creepy, too).

Bottom Line

The best house upgrades and renovations for you will depend on your needs and your budget. But whether you go for simple, do-it-yourself renovations or a full-blown remodeling adventure, ensure the upgrades will boost the value of your house.

It is important to determine your budget and stick to it. If you are not sure which renovations to prioritize, you can consult with a real estate agent. You do not want to spend money on upgrades and renovations that will put off potential buyers or lower the value of your home!

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