How to Sell Your Home Faster and Save Money on Photography with 3D Rendering Services

How to Sell Your Home Faster and Save Money on Photography with 3D Rendering Services

When it comes to buying and selling real estate, technology has been a game-changer in recent years. New developments in computer-generated imagery (also known as CGI) have literally changed the way people can buy and sell houses, apartments, and condominiums. We can now view a home’s accurate dimensions, aesthetics, and untapped potential through the use of 3D property rendering, a modern system of creating CGI models of homes entirely in a digital space.

This modern process eliminates the need for slow, outdated methods of showing homes and allows people to sell faster than ever before. Whether you are a real estate agent looking for a better way to advertise a property or a current homeowner starting the process of selling a home, you will benefit significantly by hiring a 3D rendering company.

1. What is real estate 3D rendering?

What is real estate 3D rendering?

3D product rendering is so much more than just a blueprint. A rendered 3D image can show a clear, accurate picture of what any space may look like, even if the property hasn’t yet been built. Modern CGI technology can create images of interior or exterior spaces that feature realistic-looking views. These views can include surfaces, building materials, colors, decor, and even how the lighting will look based on the position of the windows.

How to Sell Your Home Faster and Save Money on Photography with 3D Rendering Services

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2. How has 3D property rendering changed the homebuying process

How has 3D property rendering changed the homebuying process? 

Years ago, the only way for a prospective buyer to properly assess a home’s suitability was through photographs or by traveling to see it. Even today, many rely on pictures or videos to see what their new home may look like. Still, these methods can feel inadequate in several ways. A 3D rendering service is more convenient and cost-effective for all parties, but how?

First, amateur photos are difficult to get right and often miss the attention to detail. They must consider many aspects, such as lighting, ideal perspective, and other issues, such as fading paint or old furniture. An inability to capture these details in photography may prompt home sellers or real estate agents to hire a professional real estate photographer. While a professional will get the best photos for a listing, it can be costly. The average cost for a simple photography session is around $230 nationally, which is for photographs only. It will also cost more money for people who live in major urban areas where real estate is more valuable.

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Furthermore, many sellers want to enhance property listings with features like video tours or aerial drone photography when it is necessary to show the entire neighborhood or development. Finding these services will take time and undoubtedly add to the photography costs, cutting sales profits.

Finally, homes for sale that aren’t currently occupied don’t make for great listings because prospective buyers have difficulty imagining what the space might look like when people do live there. To mitigate this issue, sellers will often need to pay for staging.

Staging is when sellers dress up a home with furniture and decor to show its potential. Staging a home can cost anywhere from a few hundred to a few thousand dollars, depending on the size of the space and the number of rooms that need to go on display.

All these costs can add up significantly, cutting into the bottom line of the property sale and creating many more obstacles for all parties involved. The solution to these extra costs and barriers is to look into real estate 3D property rendering services, which are convenient and less expensive than these older alternatives.

How to Sell Your Home Faster and Save Money on Photography with 3D Rendering Services

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3. What are the types of 3D rendering?

What are the types of 3D rendering?

  1. A. 3D Interior Rendering: An interior rendering of a home makes it possible to see what a space will look like once it is complete, renovated, or fully furnished. On a screen or even through a virtual reality machine, people can view what each of a home’s rooms will look like, allowing them to realize the potential of any space. Entire homes get programmed into these renderings, making it possible to take complete video tours.
  2. B. 3D Floor Plan Rendering: A floor plan rendering is arguably the most essential type. It is the closest thing to a blueprint. Like an interior rendering, it shows the rooms of a home. It can help buyers visualize what the living space will look like once they move into the property. Floor plan rendering is versatile. It can show an overhead view of what the rooms look like when empty or furnished, depending on the individual need. They can even show all the space measurements and specifics of each area of the home. Floor plan renderings can help buyers see if the new space is right for them.
  3. C. 3D Exterior Rendering: When a computer renders an image of the home’s exterior, it shows the curb appeal and all potential landscaping possibilities. One of the most incredible things about exterior rendering is that it can be customized to show what the home will look like at various times of the day. So, if the seller wants to show off a beautiful natural view, a daytime rendering is best. At the same time, homes surrounded by bright cityscapes benefit from being rendered at night.
  4. D. 3D Aerial Rendering: An aerial rendering is the CGI version of drone photography. Programs like this show a bird’s eye view of an entire development or neighborhood. These views are helpful for homes still in the planning stages. In this way, home buyers can get an accurate idea of the layout and look of their potential new neighborhood.
How to Sell Your Home Faster and Save Money on Photography with 3D Rendering Services

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4. What are some more benefits of 3D rendering?

What are some more benefits of 3D rendering?

  1. A. Virtual Tours: 3D rendering programs can simulate the experience of taking a video camera through a home, room by room, to show what it would be like to walk through it. These rendered tours can be even better than videos because the CGI can make the home look decorated to show its full potential.
  2. B. More Interactive Experience: Photographs and even video tours can fall short because the user needs the ability to manipulate these artifacts. What you see is what you get. 3D rendering makes it possible to see all angles of the home’s exterior and interior, as the technology takes all of it into account. The user can change the viewpoint to get a perspective on any corner of the home.
  3. C. Presenting a Home’s Full Potential: In many instances, a home on the market still needs to be built. In other cases, a home may require renovations or upgrades before being move-in ready. It has always been impossible to fully and accurately picture what such a home might look like once the new owners occupy it.Now, 3D renderings are advanced enough to show a complete and accurate view of the building materials, surfaces, walls, floors, and lighting. They can even render a fully-furnished model to show the potential. 
  4. D. Showing a Home in the Best Possible Light: Both interior and exterior 3D renderings have the capability to show what a property might look like at any time of day based on the orientation of the home, the position of the windows, and the angle of the sunlight. The advantage of this is to highlight the most beautiful time of day for a specific plot, making it more appealing for the user.
How to Sell Your Home Faster and Save Money on Photography with 3D Rendering Services

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  1. E. Virtual Reality Potential: In addition to virtual tours on a screen, 3D rendering services also have the potential to utilize virtual reality hardware in the form of current market headsets. This experience would allow the buyer an even deeper immersive experience. It will enable them to feel like they are physically walking through the home.
  2. F. Convenience: There are many obstacles and inconveniences to buying a home across the country, in another state, or even further than a short drive away. A 3D rendering can make it possible for a homebuyer to get all the information they need from the comfort of their own home or in the office of a real estate agent. The time saved cannot be overstated. There will be no need to spend time driving to see a property or to spend money on extra fuel while driving.
  3. G. No Need for Photography: Photography and video become things of the past when you use a 3D rendering company. There will be no need to worry about the cost of professional photographs when the much cheaper rendering option is available.
  4. H. Sell Property Faster: With the enhancement 3D rendering brings to property listings and the ease that comes with exploring the products, homes most likely will go off the market faster than ever before, making it easy and convenient to sell any property quickly. A quick sale makes everyone, seller and buyer, happier in the long run.


When selling a home, it is important to show prospective buyers precisely what they will get and to present it in the best and most beautiful way. A good 3D rendering company can do just that. With the new developments in CGI and digital technology, home listings are better than ever. They will help people sell their properties faster than they ever have before.

How to Sell Your Home Faster and Save Money on Photography with 3D Rendering Services

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