JoAnne Donna

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JoAnne Donna have always had this passion for helping people. JoAnne been a student of Real Estate personally for many years, and she still think it is NOT about her, but about what she can do for you. In this new millennium of the Internet and immediate delivery of information, it is apparent to her that today’s savvy real estate consumers have a lot of options.

Over the past 13 years and currently JoAnne have operated her own business, and have used her marketing experience to help in her real estate career. JoAnne believe that marketing is by far the best investment one can make in their business today and providing these timely market reports are just one example. JoAnne live and work in Fort Ripley, MN and she does consider herself quite knowledgeable in the market.

HOMEiA has listed JoAnne Donna as one of the best real estate agent in Otsego, MN. Contact JoAnne today for a great buying or selling experience!


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