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Lynn VanOrsdale is one of realtors in Minnesota. She has sold homes in a variety of markets since 2002, and She has never loved a job more than this one. Lynn can’t imagine anything that could have prepared her more for a career in Real Estate than moving. A lot! Some 16 times since Lynn was born! From her home state of Wisconsin to California, She has been there and back again. When an Edina Realty Agent sold her their current Stillwater home back in 1993, She finally found a place to put down roots. She knows the importance of having a place that feels “just right.” It’s one of the reasons why Lynn decided to become a licensed Realtor. HOMEiA has listed Lynn as one of the best real estate agents in Stillwater, Minnesota.

She has always enjoyed working directly with people. After college, Lynn began a 10 year career in Radio Broadcasting. What fun She had as a 20 something working on-air at KQRS, KBPI in Denver and KOME in San Jose! A move to Los Angeles put her into a National Sales position. That job taught her the importance of marketing and networking. When it was time to get married and raise a family, her husband and Lynn agreed, there is no place better than Stillwater, MN. It was here that she found out just how important a good Realtor is.

When She decided to begin a new career in Real Estate, Lynn decided Stillwater Edina Realty would be her company. There is none better. That was some 10+ years ago. She has sold homes in a variety of markets since 2002, and She has never loved a job more than this one.

Lynn is licensed in both Minnesota and Wisconsin and specialize in the St. Croix River Valley. From White Bear Lake to Hudson, Marine On St. Croix to Afton, this is her home and she know it well. Whether you are excited to buy your first home, or planning to down size into your last home, call Lynn for help!

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