5 Ways HOMEiA Adds Value to Your Sponsored Post

5 Ways HOMEiA Adds Value to Your Sponsored Post

Natural backlinks are a critical component of your SEO strategy. Are you making the most of them?

Most link builders take the easy path. They evaluate potential host sites based on their DA/PA (or UR/DR) and web traffic statistics, then compare prices among websites.

This approach is like betting on a car in the Daytona 500 based solely on its specs, without considering the ability of the driver, the skill of the pit crew, and the entire team’s strategy to win the race.

In this article, I will show you the unique ways HOMEiA adds value to your sponsored post. You will see why HOMEiA is a better investment for your backlink than another average blog site. Let’s get started.

1. Content is King

Content is King

It’s a cliché for a good reason. To maintain king-level content, the best sites don’t just publish incoming guest posts as-is. Instead, sites like HOMEiA subject each post to a thorough review and edit.

At HOMEiA, we screen each application to make sure the author is knowledgeable on the topic at hand. Only when the author has passed this verification will our team review his/her content.

Next, we score each article for quality on a scale of 1 to 10. Each post must score at least 9 to move forward — any article scoring lower will require a rewrite.

Once an article has passed the scoring round, our editing team edits and proofreads the article to bring it up to the level our readers expect. By the time the article is ready to publish, it scores at least 9 out of 10.

Those are the key steps we take at HOMEiA to ensure our sponsored posts are of the highest quality.

Meanwhile, sponsored posts like these are only a small percentage of what we publish on our site. Most of our core/niche content is produced in-house, which is also available for you to sponsor through our Gold and Diamond packages. For these posts, our team members research and write a long-form articles on topics highly related to the sponsors’ target educational web pages.

This approach benefits our sponsors in a number of ways:

  • We look for related topics that have strong web traffic volume, then select the topic with the best chance of ranking well on Google. This helps your target page gain relevant visitors from our site.
  • You don’t have to write the sponsored post. Our internal team invests time to research, write and author an insightful article on a topic related to your target page, so your backlink looks very natural once the article is published.
  • Whenever we see fit, we also link to your sponsored post from other articles on our website.


Overall, we at HOMEiA invest lots of time, money and effort into researching and producing insightful content that will serve our readers and sponsors well. It’s a long-view approach that keeps us among the top websites in our niche.

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2. High-Quality, Reliable Backlinks

High-Quality, Reliable Backlinks

Other blog sites accept guest posts with an unlimited number of outgoing permanent backlinks — anything goes as long as the site owner gets paid.

We at HOMEiA approach things differently. We only allow a small number of outgoing backlinks each month, and those links usually stay active for a limited time (between 12 and 24 months). This maintains the quality of our backlinks over time as our site’s reputation grows.

You might think a permanent backlink from an average blog site would be better than our 12- to 24-month backlinks, but there is a hidden drawback you should know about: Those average blog sites are giving out so many backlinks that they easily attract the attention of Google’s algorithm. Those sites are signaling that they are selling backlinks in bulk. From there, it’s just a matter of time before Google devalues all outgoing backlinks from the website — or worse, penalizes the entire site.

There is another downside to some of those sites. Under the stress of the global economy since COVID-19 started, website owners without a proactive growth plan have resorted to selling more backlinks than before at lower prices to make up for lost revenue. That sets off a downward spiral, causing the value of your backlinks to diminish over time. The bulk link sales also send a louder signal to Google’s algorithm.

Thus, the better approach is to have a natural backlink from a website that publishes great content and consistently improves its domain reputation. High-quality backlinks from websites like that of HOMEiA.com for 12 to 24 months — the amount of time you need to move the needle for your website — is a much better investment than backlinks from those average blog sites.

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3. Visual Presentation and User Experience

Visual Presentation and User Experience

If you browse through HOMEiA’s website and articles, you will see that we invest heavily in great graphics and videos. They make our content more helpful and entertaining, complementing our high-quality content and professional-looking website.

We also thoughtfully interlink our content for our audience, and we avoid intrusive banner ads. These small touches make a big difference for our readers’ enjoyment.

When you browse HOMEiA.com on your mobile device, our content loads fast, accommodating the short attention span most of us have on a small screen.

Our team at HOMEiA respects your time, and we constantly strive to provide a user-friendly experience to all visitors on our site. It makes our audience want to visit again and again — and share our content with others.

What do other sites offer? One image on top, followed by a long block of text — very boring for readers, especially on mobile devices. Many of these articles are interrupted by annoying banner ads. And worse, their anchor texts are often linked to unhelpful content, just because someone paid to put backlinks there.

This typical approach puts the advertisers before the audience, which will hurt the sites’ growth potential in the long run. At HOMEiA, we put the audience first.

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4. Content Updates and Thoughtful Interlinks

Content Updates and Thoughtful Interlinks

Our team constantly tracks the performance of our articles, and we update them periodically. We also interlink them thoughtfully in order to benefit our audience.

This manual process is time-consuming and takes a lot of effort, which is why very few websites commit to doing it. But since we believe in putting our audience first, we prioritize these ongoing tasks.

Another way we forgo short-term gains for our long-term success is that we often turn down parties who want to buy backlinks from our existing articles. If the target website isn’t appropriate or beneficial to our audience, we just say no.

In short, the content we present on our website and the content we link to must benefit our audience. Period.

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5. A Platform — Not Just a Blog Site

Our HOMEiA real estate directory empowers real estate professionals to establish their own dedicated profile pages. These promotional pages are more flexible than corporate profile pages because they enable professionals to produce and promote their own content. This content can help their HOMEiA pages rank higher in searches for their local area.

Here is a real example, just search for the keyword “Vietnamese real estate agents in MN” and you should see how a Vietnamese realtor name Kaylee Pham ranked her HOMEiA profile at the top of Google organic search (see the screenshot below). Anyhow, you can learn more about our program here.

5 Ways HOMEiA Adds Value to Your Sponsored Post


Together, these five factors set HOMEiA.com apart from average blog sites. We offer high-quality and reliable backlinks from a reputable website. If you want to show your client the professional articles from which you’ve built backlink(s) to their website, HOMEiA.com is your best bet.

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