Alexandria is a thriving center of business and tourism located in west-central Minnesota off I-94, nearly halfway between Minneapolis/St. Paul, Minnesota and Fargo, North Dakota. This active city of 13,000 residents seems much larger to the observant visitor, with good reason. The summer residents, tourists and residents of outlying areas support a lively combination of retail business, dining, entertainment and recreational activities. With an abundance of lakes, resorts and festivities, there are activities for every season.

The museum housing the captivating Kensington Runestone, believed by some to have been left by visiting Vikings in 1362, and the gigantic Big Ole Viking statue built for the 1965 World’s Fair form prominent attractions at the end of Broadway. This welcoming main street has been beautifully renovated and is decorated to the hilt for the Christmas season. Popular events and attractions include the Douglas County Fair, Art in the Park, stock car racing, golf, theatre, music, hiking and biking.

The town has grown substantially and commerce flourishes in each direction. In addition to its tourism, manufacturing, health care and food processing are major businesses in Alexandria. Serving the area for nearly 70 years, the Alexandria airport has two runways and is home to more than 50 airplanes.

The city is well known for its medical and educational facilities. The Douglas County Hospital has expanded several times and attracts specialists who serve the area with a high quality of health care. The city has many elementary schools and newer junior high and senior high facilities. It also has private schools and an area technical school.

This rapidly growing city attracts families as well as retirees. It’s a great place to put down roots, buy a house, find employment, start a new business, or relax and retire. Alexandria offers residential options including single-family homes, townhomes and condos, with properties in town, lakeside or in a rural setting for farmland or hobby farms.

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