Stillwater is an eastern Twin Cities suburb of nearly 20,000 residents, settling in along the St. Croix River, a protected national scenic waterway shared with Wisconsin. This historic waterfront section of town provides casual, touristy overtones which draw people from miles around to enjoy the relaxed atmosphere and beauty of the river and its bluffs.

Friends gather to check out the boutiques, galleries and antique shops, then wander over to their favorite tavern or restaurant for dinner. A few of the many activities are watching the boats, walking along the river, a gondola ride, wine tasting, a river boat cruise, and music at one of the lively hot spots.

The river has played a dominant role in Stillwater’s history. In the lumbering era, white and Norway pine logs were sent down the river for processing at Stillwater’s sawmills. Steamboats were a typical sight, and today, visitors can still hop aboard a paddlewheeler for a scenic ride on the St. Croix.

The lift bridge, under construction until June of 2019, has long been an attraction and is being redesigned for only pedestrian and bicycle traffic, and lift service for boats. The new, mile-long bridge to the south is drawing attention as well, as it makes a beautifully functional connection between Minnesota and Wisconsin.

Many movies have been filmed in Stillwater, including Grumpy Old Men, Grumpier Old Men, Fargo, Beautiful Girls and the Unearthing. Actress Jessica Lange and New York Times best-selling author LaVyrle Spencer were both residents of Stillwater, and Glen Perkins, former Twins baseball pitcher #15, was born in Stillwater.

With its hospitals, clinics, churches, public and private schools, festivals, arts, tours, parks, trails and riverfront, Stillwater is an amazing place to visit or call home. The city offers a wide variety of neighborhoods and housing along with opportunities for new business. If you’re interested in a single-family home, condo, townhome or commercial property, you’ll have good luck finding it in Stillwater.

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