Burnsville, MN is ideally situated as a southern suburb of Minneapolis, 15 minutes from the international airport, with the Minnesota River flowing along its northern border. Major interstates 35E and 35W intersect in Burnsville and continue as Interstate 35 to the south. The city’s extensive parks and recreation system includes hiking and biking trails, natural areas, access to lakes, skating rinks, sledding hills, beaches, golf, playing fields and play lots, and many parks are accessible by foot traffic.

The city provides a variety of employment opportunities within the nearly 2,700 local businesses, including many in healthcare, technology, science, engineering and manufacturing. The city has vacant land, redevelopment possibilities and a variety of available commercial buildings with loan programs for startups and established companies.

Burnsville attracts young families and seniors alike for its safe, friendly neighborhoods and bountiful entertainment, dining and shopping options. With its parks and rec opportunities and three school districts, the city serves the growing community with a family-friendly vision.

For those who enjoy the benefits of living in an active community with a variety of options for work, school and play, Burnsville is an attractive city with much to offer. Residential housing is affordable and convenient, and commercial properties are available for business owners and real estate investors.

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