Duluth, Minnesota is a rare blend of old and new, land and water. It has long been a major port city on the northern shore of Lake Superior, with breathtaking views, hilly streets and a friendly, bustling community of residents and visitors. Rich with history of the Ojibwe, fur traders, and explorers, and later, mining, steel and iron ore freighters, Duluth now enjoys its reputation as a tourist destination, drawing more than 6.5 million visitors to its shores each year.

Well known as the Big-Sea-Water of Henry Wadsworth Longfellow fame for his 1855 “Hiawatha” poem (By the shores of Gitche Gumee…), the 1975 sinking of the Edmund Fitzgerald and the mournful Gordon Lightfoot song, Lake Superior commands respect in all its splendor. Popular activities surround the lakeside city with music and art, hiking and biking, sailing and skiing. Education and research also play an important role with its colleges, universities and Large Lakes Observatory.

The Duluth residential real estate market is dominated by single-family homeowners. There is a need for apartment rentals as well, giving investors an opportunity to provide housing or Airbnb options with various levels of amenities.

Duluth maintains its unique posture in the Minnesota northland and attracts home buyers and real estate investors to the area. For locals, it might be a good time to sell if those thoughts have been brewing.

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