Kaylee Pham

(6 Reviews)

Meet Kaylee Pham! Having worked in the real estate service industry since the year 2000, from commercial to residential, Kaylee has the extensive knowledge and experience which enables her to help clients at a higher… View more >>

HOMEiA has listed Andy Pham as one of the best real estate agents in the Twin Cities, Minnesota. As an investor and real estate agent, Andy realizes there are many things we can do to… View more >>

Phong Nguyen

(6 Reviews)

Phong Nguyen is a realtor at KAP Realty, LLC and also the founder of HOMEiA.com. Phong’s goal is to set the gold standard in real estate services with HOMEiA.com, by enabling real estate professionals who are… View more >>

Trish Williams

(6 Reviews)

Trish Williams has been in the construction business for her entire career. Trish began working on a housing development in the 1980’s as an on- site administrator and decided this is where she wanted to… View more >>

Constance Vork

(6 Reviews)

Constance Vork is a lifelong Minneapolitan and Realtor since 2007. She is a house-junkie and a neighborhood enthusiast, having rehabilitated and lived in homes across the city, and serving on many of the neighborhood boards… View more >>

Cheryllyne Vaz

(6 Reviews)

Cheryllyne Vaz is originally from Mumbai, India, and has over 20+ years in advertising and marketing—a forté she uses well when it comes to selling her clients’ homes and negotiating on behalf of her home… View more >>

Tom Vance

(6 Reviews)

Tom Vance is Not Just Another REALTOR. Talk to Tom about real estate and you’d think he’d been in the industry his whole life! In some respects that is true; he’s been involved with real… View more >>

Bryan Paschke

(6 Reviews)

Bryan Paschke understand that buying or selling a home is more than just a transaction: it’s a life-changing experience. That’s why Bryan and his team of highly-seasoned real estate professionals is dedicated to providing exceptional,… View more >>

Sarah Page

(6 Reviews)

Sarah Page is a lifelong resident of Minneapolis. Sarah bring over 25 years of customer service and teaching experience to her career in real estate. Sarah have been licensed since 2013 and strive to provide… View more >>

Dana Mavros

(6 Reviews)

Dana Marvos is very excited to have joined the Keller Williams Realty Integrity Lakes team where she is able to be of service to others in a positive, professional environment. Dana background in engineering and… View more >>

Julia Israel

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Julia Israel is a well-respected leader in the Twin Cities real estate community. Over the past 18 years she has owned several real estate related businesses and trained and coached hundreds of real estate professionals.… View more >>

Tom Dunn

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Tom Dunn is a life-long resident of the Twin Cities and specializes in Minneapolis and its surrounding suburbs. His extensive knowledge of the Twin Cities metro area, the current market and home values has enabled… View more >>

As a Realtor with a deep love for Minneapolis and the surrounding area. When Alicia Wendlandt is not being a “house nerd”, you’ll find her near the urban lakes and rivers with her dog and her… View more >>

HOMEiA has listed Scott Wollering and his team as one of the top real estate team in St. Paul and Minneapolis, MN. Scott Wollmering is a long time Minnesotan who cut his teeth in business in… View more >>

Charlie Adair

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As a Realtor, Charlie’s purpose is to represent you.  It’s why he loves the business.  For Charlie, taking care of his clients — seeing that they get the best deal and are as comfortable as… View more >>

Bob Kessler

(6 Reviews)

Bob Kessler and his group delivers a true one-stop-shopping opportunity for home buyers and sellers. These services include the professional coordination of the home search, property marketing, negotiation of purchase or sale, and details of… View more >>

After earning a BA in communications at the University of Minnesota and studying abroad in New Zealand, Mike Seebinger dove into the entertainment marketing business. After gaining the experience of the business world he soon… View more >>

Fritz Kroll

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Fritz Kroll’s education, business background, sales, marketing experience and specialized training are instrumental in providing him with the skills to help both buyers and sellers successfully complete their real estate transactions.   Held a BA… View more >>

Joe Grunnet

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Perhaps it was his background in the fitness industry, but Downtown Resource Group founder Joe Grunnet felt the Twin Cities urban real estate experience could use some shaping up. The Chicago-area native felt immediately at… View more >>

Danny Dietl

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If you’re searching for a real estate broker who knows the Twin Cities like the back of his hand, look no further. Meet Danny Dietl. He was born in Minneapolis and has been here ever since. What… View more >>

Joe Houghton

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If you ask him, Joe Houghton will tell you there is no career he would choose over real estate. A full-time Realtor, he has been in the business since graduating with a degree in Business… View more >>

Geoffrey Bray

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HOMEiA has listed Geoffrey Bray and his team as one of the top and best real estate team in Minneapolis, MN. Geoffrey Bray have the distinct honor of being the co-owner and broker of Engel &… View more >>

Michael Pahl

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Growing up in Minnesota and having moved all around the metro Michael Pahl have a great sense of what each city brings to the table and what the best qualities are when working with home… View more >>

Brian Carion

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Brian is a professional Realtor®, Mechanical Engineer, and Real Estate Instructor in St. Paul, MN who holds his Master’s degree in Mechanical Engineering from The University of Michigan. In 2017, he was named by Minnesota Monthly… View more >>

Ryan Fischer

(6 Reviews)

Ryan Fischer is an award-winning REALTOR for Re/Max Results in the Twin Cities Metro.  He is a hard-working, responsive, fast-moving REALTOR that works 7 days a week.  Please contact him to ask any real estate questions or interview him for your… View more >>

Whether your price point is grand or modest, buying your first home, expanding to meet your growing family needs, or simply down-sizing your household — as your trusted real estate provider, Berg Larsen Group is… View more >>

A Minnesota native, Kris came to real estate after finishing his bachelors degree in education at Minnesota State University, Mankato. With teaching jobs in short supply, Kris was encouraged to explore the world of real… View more >>

Arne Johansson

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If there is one thing that you can count on, it’s that Arne Johansson loves real estate. One of his first memories as a young child was working alongside his dad on the job site… View more >>

Ana Vogler

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Real estate isn’t a “do-it yourself” endeavor. You need a home pricing expert, a skilled negotiator and a marketing guru: and that’s where Ana Vogler come in to place. When you work with Ana you… View more >>

Ben Ganje

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HOMEiA has listed Ben Ganje and his team as one of the top and best real estate agent in the Twin Cities, MN. Ben and his team of agents have extensive knowledge within the Twin… View more >>

Tim Kindem

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Tim Kindem is totally committed to providing my clients a world class level of real estate service that is above and beyond expectation. In turn, He offers the same commitment to your friends, family, and… View more >>

The Twin Cities, although technically referring to Minneapolis and Saint Paul, more generally includes at least an 11-county region in the heart of metro Minnesota. With its lakes, parks, recreation and festivals, theater, music and sports, the region attracts visitors throughout the year.

The Minneapolis/St. Paul International Airport (MSP) serves travelers from all parts of the globe, including many who visit the world-famous Mall of America in Bloomington, Minnesota. Many fall in love with the seasons and decide to stay or to return when they retire. Housing includes single- or multi-family homes, lofts, condos, townhomes, etc. for purchase by homeowners or investors. Apartments with a wide variety of amenities are available too.

There’s real estate for everyone whether it’s downtown or in the suburbs, lakeside or near the golf course, in a rural community or secluded setting. It’s always a pleasant prospect to consider real estate deals in the mighty metro! With business opportunities in mind, investors and business owners continue to buy and sell commercial properties.

If you are thinking about a real estate sale or purchase in the Minneapolis/St. Paul metro, check out our recommended list of the Top 20 Real Estate Agents in Twin Cities here. Their industry experience and knowledge of the local market will help answer your questions and get you moving in the right (MN) direction! Contact one or more of these top 10 agents for an interview today. You’ll be glad you did!

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