Popular Christmas Home Decorating Tips for Small Living Spaces

Popular Holiday Home Decorating Tips for Small Living Spaces

It is true that the holidays are the most wonderful time of the year, but what if you are planning to have your limited square-footage home on the market during this time of the year? Many will argue that it’s not a wise move to sell your house during the holiday season. On the other hand, they are not in your shoes and might not understand the fact that you do need to sell your home. Whether it happens during the holiday season or any other, there are many good reasons to sell and equally as many reasons to buy.

If you and your family are selling but don’t want to miss the holiday spirit and all the beautiful decorations, the big question is: How should you decorate? How can you decorate within your limited space and still attract buyers? Our recommendation is to keep it to a minimum and be creative.

You want to enjoy the holiday season, yet you still need to sell your home. The saying “less is more” applies here. Following are a few holiday decoration tips for you and your family to enjoy the holiday while maintaining maximum buyer appeal.

1. Front door and porch

Front door and porch, the face of your home

How does your front door look? Does it need a little attention, like a fresh coat of paint? A cheerful color selection could be a great choice. Then, select an embellished wreath to complement your new door. Don’t go overboard by choosing a huge wreath. Keep it simple, so you can still see most of your door. If you also have some space by the front door, consider placing mums, lighted spruce tips or a small artificial Christmas tree for instant curb appeal.

Popular Christmas Home Decorating Tips for Small Living Spaces

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2. Tasteful yard display

Tasteful yard display, dress up your front yard

When you have a smaller home, chances are you won’t have a large yard either. Even if you do have a big yard, do not set up a yard display where there are inflatables, large ornaments, reindeers, etc. to make it look pretty. You want to make sure buyers remember your home and not your decorations. This is a no-décor zone. The only recommendation we would suggest is a simple décor along the sidewalk or steps (if there’s room).

Popular Christmas Home Decorating Tips for Small Living Spaces

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3. Christmas tree

Christmas tree, decorate your home with Christmas tree

A Christmas tree symbolize the whole holiday season, so how can you go without one, right? The guidelines for setting up a Christmas tree are determined by the square footage of your house. If you have a big open room, you can go all out and get a 10-foot tree, but this is not the case here. Your space is limited. So, what can you do without taking up too much space? There are alternatives, like choosing a miniature Christmas tree. Better yet, be creative and explore options like a wall Christmas tree for your small space. You can choose a theme and decorate away. Just remember to keep it simple and not too busy.

4. Stairs and railings

Stairs and railings, dress up your stairs and railings

Should you decorate your stair railing? Probably not, but if you feel the need, keep it simple and tasteful. Perhaps you’ll choose a simple décor at the end post or a few simple decorations on the railing. You don’t want the stairway to feel overcrowded when buyers are walking up and down.

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5. Fireplace and mantel

Fireplace and mantel, add decorative ornaments to your fireplace and mantel

The focal point in your home is the fireplace and its mantel. Giving your mantel a holiday makeover will catch everyone’s attention. A simple garland with a few decorative candles and a centerpiece is all you need. What if you don’t have a fireplace or mantel? You can improvise a mantel on your own, at low cost. For small space solutions, you can create a shelf, then add a garland and a few mini pine cones, along with your festive Christmas stockings. You will see the instant transformation into a stylish, cheery holiday space.

Popular Christmas Home Decorating Tips for Small Living Spaces

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6. Table centerpiece

Table centerpiece, main attraction of your home

Don’t forget to throw in a centerpiece for your dining table. No need to get extravagant. Keep it simple so you can have extra space when you have company over. You want the centerpiece to be at the table without removing it while having dinner with guests. At the same time, you want the buyers to envision having a wonderful time with family and friends in this area.

The ultimate goal is to avoid having holiday décor throughout your house. When buyers come through and see a house full of decorations, chances are they will only remember the decorations and not the house itself. The buyers who want to look at your home are already aware of its limited space. So, how can you show buyers what the home could feel like during the holiday season?

Many buyers cannot envision what the home will look like when holidays come around. The fact that they haven’t lived there, and their furniture is not in place, makes it hard for them to imagine. You have the opportunity to show them that it doesn’t need to be spacious to feel warm and cozy. Small spaces with the right amount of decorating can inspire an element of calm, captivating joy. Not only will it feel homey, it will provide an intimate setting as well.

Popular Christmas Home Decorating Tips for Small Living Spaces

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When we think of Christmas, we think of family gatherings, good food, good times, exchanging gifts and good memories. It’s all about the spirit, so don’t let the decorating take over and stress you out. A few well-chosen trimmings here and there will go a long way. Homebuyers will notice how welcoming and beautiful your home is because of your flair for attractive decorating.

Lastly, if your home doesn’t get an offer during the holidays, remember to take down your holiday décor right after you ring in the New Year. Replace it with other decorative pieces that will complement the focal points. Your agent could also take a new set of pictures to offer the new look to prospective buyers. Hopefully, many buyers will fall in love with your home during the holiday season. You’ll end up with multiple offers and not have to worry about taking the decorations down so quickly. You and your family can sit back and enjoy the season!

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Popular Christmas Home Decorating Tips for Small Living Spaces