Power Contributor Program


If you write and guest post for a living, this program will benefit you. Once you become a Power Contributor author under our new Contributor package, the fee is waived for content guest posts by you on HOMEiA.com. This program is for those who are passionate about producing helpful content for our audience, while establishing a strong Contributor profile on HOMEiA.com— “The content hub for everything related to real estate.”

In addition to the waived fee mentioned above, here are other significant benefits:

1. Once you are accepted into this program, we process your new articles faster than regular Contributor guest posts.

2. For each of your first 4 guest post articles, you will get a brand mention/no-follow backlink within the author bio of your article.

3. When you reach your 5th guest post article, the no-follow backlink within the author bio of your articles will become a do-follow backlink.

4. With your 5th posted article, you also gain a dedicated profile page on HOMEiA.com, complete with another do-follow backlink. Here is an example: https://HOMEiA.com/profile/gloria-russell. When logging in to your account, you will be able to see the performance statistics for each of your articles.

5. We also create backlinks from new and existing articles on HOMEiA.com to your articles whenever we see relevance.

Simply stated, this program enables you to build a very professional presentation for yourself on HOMEiA.com. Our team is striving hard every day to make sure our members’ profiles look great on the desktop as well as on mobile devices. In short, your member profile is your “digital resume” to showcase your expertise in the best light. If you have interest in this program, please apply here!