Thank you for your interest in contributing content on Before you begin producing guest post content for our site, please take the time to read our policies to see whether this is a good fit for you. Your understanding of our policies will reflect in your communication with us. We will place a priority on responding to thoughtful inquiries over those that are sent as part of a “copy-and-paste” email blast (oh yes, it’s easy to tell).

If you have spent a few minutes browsing you should see the quality of our content and presentations. We strive hard to continually improve our website and maintain the quality of our content for years to come. In order to do that, while opening the door to accept a small number of guest post content, we need to be clear about our expectations for content on That way you will know in advance whether this is a good fit for you, which will save you time and effort. So, let’s get straight to the point.

We receive many requests every day asking for permission to contribute content on with the promise to deliver high-quality content. And from our experience, “high-quality content” is a relative term. It means different things to different people, and that is okay. We respect your time and want to clearly state what “high-quality content” means at HOMEiA, so you know ahead of time, BEFORE investing hours in your content production. Let’s started.

First, is not a typical website that accepts guest posts. is an educational platform that promotes thoroughly researched, well-written and strongly presented content on topics related to real estate. We allow a limited number of incoming guest posts each month. At HOMEiA, we’re striving to create the type of content that can thrive (not just survive) over time, as Google’s search engine becomes more sophisticated through their use of artificial intelligence (AI), which will increasingly turbo-charge its algorithm.

To perform well, the content must possess “context” (or good insights relevant to the searcher’s intent) as well as provide the pleasant “experience” our readers have grown accustomed to. We want our writers and guest posters to customize their content around “an experience.” This helps to make content more memorable for our audience.

We strictly avoid guest post requests from agencies that hire each of their writers to churn out ten 700-word articles per day because those articles are typically hastily written and lack research and context. While many link builders still use this approach of guest posting for backlinks, we believe that soon, the sites with high content volume but low context value, will be downgraded in the eyes of Google as its algorithm gets more intelligent over time. One classic example of this already happening are the guest posts on EzineArticles, which have become devalued significantly over the last decade.

Today, AI is already able to compose poems at a level that is difficult for an average person to distinguish whether it was composed by a poet or by AI. Soon AI will be able to scrawl the web to gather information on a certain topic, then compose a unique article of 1,000 words at the 9th grade writing level, with the help of existing content editing software like Grammarly. When that time comes, the link builder agencies mentioned above will stop the content guest post approach and their contracted writers may be out of work.

However, while composing a unique article that passes a plagiarism test (like that of CopyScape) at the 9th grade level is easy (especially for AI), composing a high “context” piece of content is much harder for AI than for a living, breathing professional writer. Therefore, to avoid wasting your investment of time on low-context content that will soon be devalued by Google, we encourage you to invest your time writing content that’s strong in terms of both content and context—and which will hold its value in the long run.

Overall, at HOMEiA, high-quality content means the content must be rated by our editors and industry experts at a level of 9 or 10 (on a scale of 1- 10). On this scale, a rating of 5 would be average and anything below a 5 would be regarded as “spin content.” For example, here is an author who is a power content contributor on HOMEiA having written many articles with a quality rating of between 9 to 10. That said, if you “really” want to guest post on, this is what we expect from your content.

If you have read this far, you are probably not a guest poster soliciting just for a backlink. To reward you for your efforts (if you are interested in one of our guest post options), please enter the passcode “REAL PRO” in your application form and we will give priority to your inquiry. You will receive a faster and more dedicated response from our team. Thanks!

Here're 5 Factors that make HOMEiA's guest posts different, and why posting is worth your money, energy and effort!

  • Content is adding to the web at an exponential rate, and often the validity of arguments and information is not verified. HOMEiA’s mission is to stay away from that blackhole by having topic expert(s) carefully review content for each guest post before publishing it on our site. This significantly minimizes the chance that our readers will consume misleading information, which can have negative consequences if people believe and/or act upon such misleading advice. We strive to be thoughtful in the content we publish on to avoid unintentionally hurting our audience.

  • Content is GOLD at HOMEiA, and it shows in the quality of our guest posts. We strongly believe that great educational content should be presented with complementary graphics that illustrate the points even better. If you take the time and effort to produce great content, our team will work with you to present your guest post in the best light possible.

  • Our digital marketing team optimizes each guest post so it will be search engine friendly and user friendly. The effectiveness of your content is maximized when these two key factors are optimized right out of the gate.

  • We provide a dedicated author profile page which can help you establish strong authority in your vertical markets. You can use your profile page as your online resume to showcase your best work while utilizing our dedicated communication features (phone and contact form) to track leads coming to you.

  • The more helpful and insightful your content is, the more we will link to it from existing and future content on You can track the performance of each post when you log into your account. This feature gives you direct feedback on which content items interest our audience, so you can produce more of them to build your trust authority in that specific area.

  • HOMEiA is THE unique platform for those who value their time enough to produce the type of content that is worth sharing. That approach sets these authors apart from many others, and these experts are having fun as they achieve greater success in their careers. If you are one of them, congrats and Welcome Home! If you are working hard to join this unique crowd, keep at it. We are here for you and ready to give you honest feedback. Life is short. Why not make a small impact with each content we create?

Frequently Asked Questions

These are the most commonly asked questions about our guest post programs. If you have a few questions for us in mind, most likely you will find the answers to them on this list. We are adding more onto this list as we go to make sure you will find most of the answers to your questions here. Also, if we have any updates related to our guest post programs from time to time, we will post an announcement here as well.

No, we don’t pay you for guest posting on our website.

No, we only link to our affiliate partners’ content or qualified guest posts.

No, we only publish unique content that has not yet been posted anywhere else. We strictly avoid publishing duplicated content that has already been published elsewhere.

It depends on what kind of website you want to gain a backlink to. We don’t link to irrelevant and/or spammy websites.

No, but thanks! is one of those rare platforms that takes a well written guest post article and adds graphics and video summary to make it very attractive and user-friendly to the audience. We also optimize the article and its video summary for search engine friendliness and for optimum performance. Better yet, we then share that content on our social media pages to give it a further boost. Note: A video summary is only offered in our Contributor Gold.

At HOMEiA, we believe that to stand out in the overcrowded space of average guest post publishing, we have to make sure that our authors’ guest posts are prepared well in a way that gives them a very high chance of outshining the competitive content online. That’s why we don’t accept free guest posts and publish them like many other average blogs do.

The authors who value their time, are proud of their work, and want to establish a strong professional profile online are those who find the ideal platform to help them shine vibrantly in a space that is getting increasingly crowded. If you are one of those authors, please learn more about our unique guest post publishing.

We receive many emails like that every day, often in the format of an email blast where we are one of many websites the email blast is sent to. We ignore email blasts like that, because we prefer to connect directly with real writers.

At HOMEiA, we don’t accept free guest post articles. Most of the content published on our site is produced by our internal team in our effort to maintain high content quality on Each month we allow only a limited number of spots for incoming guest posts, to add more diversity perspectives to our content. This also gives us the opportunity to identify and recruit topic experts we think will best fit our Contributor PRO program.

As our Contributor PRO program grows, we might one day replace it with these guest post options, because by then we will have enough topic experts to cover the quality content we need.

In summary, HOMEiA is on a mission to create and promote The BEST content in our vertical, while attracting talent collaborators to our team. That’s why we don’t accept free guest post articles on this site. More than a decade of SEO experience taught us that free guest post articles often do not provide the best content. is committed to providing The Best content for the home real estate industry.

Sorry, our company policies don’t allow us to discount our high-quality content presentations and backlinks that way. We can’t discount even $1.00 on any package you choose because the company requires our team to spend a lot of time proofreading, preparing images and optimizing on-page well before each article is published on That takes lots of time and is not as simple as posting an article like on many other average blog websites.

Also, we only have a limited number of guest post slots available to order each month to minimize the backlink giving out (to retain the quality of our backlinks). If you want an on-going guest post partnership with HOMEiA where you publish more high-quality content, as you reach a certain level, the price for each guest post article drops. You can try to get sponsored into our Contributor PRO program.

Overall, if you want to get your guest post presented very nicely along with a high-quality backlink on the website that doesn’t dilute its site link juice, then our current rate is a bargain.

Undeniably, is not just a blog website, but also a real estate platform for professionals to promote their HOMEiA profiles.

I hope this clarifies things for you, and you feel confident in giving it a try to see the big difference first-hand once your content is published on

Yes, you can, once you have published 10 articles or more on and become a HOMEiA-certified author. Then, you will have a member login access to your HOMEiA profile dashboard where you get a permanent do-follow backlink on that page as well.

Sorry, we can’t. In order to set the gold standard for being THE best guest post destination on the topic of real estate, we can’t discount our prices, nor can we cut corners to provide subpar products and services. Our mission is to improve our services and products over time to establish a strong brand among others in their verticals.

If you want a valuable backlink from a website that does not dilute its out-going backlinks over time with unlimited out-going links, along with a great presentation of your article high above most blog websites online, is THE place for your investment.

No sorry, our company policies required a prepay for every guest post article without exception.

Only if the web page we link to meets our quality standard such as:

  1. Good authority and non-spammy site,
  2. Quality content that is relevant to the anchor text link on our page, and
  3. The content we link to is not overly promotional.

The no-follow backlink would stay for 24 months from the date your article is published on In the last 6 months of this 24-month period, you have an option to upgrade your content by rewriting it to replace the old content, and retain your backlink for another 12 months, providing it meets our quality standards. If we don’t receive the updated content from you before your 12 months is up, we will remove the backlink. Then, we might have another party write a new piece to replace it.

At HOMEiA, our mission is to continually evolve to make our platform and content better for our members and audience. Overall, if you upgrade to refresh your content every 12 months, your no-follow backlink can stay on for a long time.

If that content was already published on another website online, then no. If it hasn’t been, then we will consider it for posting under our Contributor Basic package, providing the content meets our quality standards.

No thanks! Unlike other sites, is a new breed of sites that approaches things in a different way. If you want to make money on our platform as a professional writer, You can try to get sponsored into our Contributor PRO Program.

Once you reach 10 articles published on, you will qualify as HOMEiA-certified author. Then you will have access to your profile dashboard and other perks to promote yourself as a professional writer.

If you submit in your article as a guest post or you do that on the behalf of your client, your name or your client’s name must be listed as an author of that content. Currently, we don’t state anywhere on your article that it is a sponsored post.

We feel that if someone shies away from or is embarrassed to list his/her name on the guest post content s/he produced, our site is not for him/her. is a platform where authors should be proud to establish their professional profile.

Each month, our company policies only allow a limited number of backlinks going out (and many coming in, so we only have a small number of guest post slots available, especially a guest post with do-follow backlinks (to retain our backlink quality). To reserve a spot for your guest post this month, if one is still available, we will email you a PayPal invoice for you to prepay. Otherwise, you can prepay to reserve a spot for next month when new slots open up.

Why this policy? Early on, we had a few incidents where our team spent lots of time communicating and preparing articles for a few guest post authors. But once their articles were published and we sent the invoices for them to pay, they disappeared, and we had to eat the costs. So, our executives decided to make it a policy where each guest post submission has to be prepaid first before we can move forward. We hope you understand.

If you are still interested in guest posting on, please let us know.

If you selected the Contributor or Contributor Silver package for a guest post, you must submit high-quality content. At HOMEiA, high-quality content means the content must be rated by our editors and industry experts at a level of 9 or 10 (on a scale of 1- 10). On this scale, a rating of 5 would be average and anything below a 5 would be regarded as “spin content.”

For example, here is an author who is a Contributor PRO on HOMEiA having written many articles with a quality rating of between 9 to 10. That said, if you “really” want to guest post on, this is what we expect from your content.

Once you submit your article, there are up to 2 reviews and feedback rounds for each article from our content team (if needed). If your guest post article does not meet our quality standards after the two rounds of feedback from our team, we will refund your payment deposit in full and will no longer accept future guest post applications from you. Otherwise, we move forward and prepare your content for publication like normal.

To be THE best in the industry, we can only accept content from the best contributors. We are pleased to work with those of you who share our values of building something that will be highly regarded for years to come.

Any of the following might cause your article to move more slowly toward publication on

1. Too many backlinks: Our SEO team has reviewed and approved your target web page for one backlink from, and you’ve made the payment to place your guest post order. However, once we received your guest post article, we found more than one outgoing backlink in your article’s body.

When that happens, we have to track down the payment receipt and review the article text to remove the unauthorized backlinks. Because we have many guest post orders to process for other clients, this step may delay the content team’s review by a day or two.

2. Our first-rate presentation: Unlike average blog websites, which publish any text you send their way as soon as you make the payment, HOMEiA takes content publishing very seriously. We strive to deliver high-quality and thoughtful content to our audience for years to come. To meet this standard, we require 5-6 business days to prepare each guest post article for publishing.

After our content team reviews and approves your article, our design team prepares the graphics for it and our SEO team optimizes it before it is published. That’s why the presentation of HOMEiA’s content is much better than most websites out there, and why the majority of our content ranks higher on Google and YouTube.

3. Poor writing quality: When our content team determines that an article is poorly written, we have three options:

  1. a) Refund your money 100% and decline any guest post orders from you in the future
  2. b) Ask you to hire a professional writer to rewrite the article before resubmitting it
  3. c) In some cases, if the topic is interesting enough, we offer you the option to have HOMEiA hire a professional to research and rewrite the article, then publish it with HOMEiA listed as an author, while you still get a backlink.

4. Excessive status requests: If you have submitted your article to us less than a week ago and it is under review by our content team, any request we receive for the status of your article (or attempt to hurry the process) will instead delay the process. When we receive these requests, our guest post coordinator will have to reach out to the content team and review previous emails to see whether we are late on delivery (which rarely happens). This costs time we could be using to process your article.

On average, each follow-up email will delay your article by one day. The fastest way to get your article published is to let us focus on doing our work well for you without interruption.

We reserve the right to cancel your guest post order and refund 100% of your money if we notice any of the following:

  1. Your submitted article is automated (spin) content (created by third-party software), duplicated content, or poorly written.
  2. If our staff has witnessed unprofessional or disrespectful conduct from you during our communication as our team members prepared your article for publication.
  3. Your submitted article is less than 1,000 words, or its “context” is too promotional.

We will forego short-term revenue in an effort to maintain both the highest levels of content, as well as positive, professional communications for everyone involved with

We are working hard to attract respectful, talented people to our team. We do that by emphasizing quality work and professional, respectful communication. HOMEiA is focused on serving both clients and partners with excellent standards for both personal conduct and high-quality content.

Overall, we are here to do meaningful work and build meaningful relationships for years to come.

Multiple factors contribute to this policy:

  1. We want to maintain the quality of our backlinks by allowing only a limited number of backlinks to go out each month.
  2. We want to have a larger and more diverse group of experts sharing their knowledge on, rather than just a few.
  3. We do keep a list of authors whose articles perform well on and periodically we invite some into our Contributor PRO program.

At HOMEiA, whenever our digital content marketing team sees an article that is well written on the topic and has a good potential for reshare by our audience, we will invest our resources to produce a summary video to make your article more shareable.

Besides embedding that video onto the top of your article, we also upload a copy of that video onto HOMEiA’s YouTube channel and social media pages with a backlink to your article to boost its exposure.

Very few websites out there, if any, have this program in place to help knowledgeable authors amplify their hard-earned content without lots of extra marketing costs. So, you are very welcome! Keep up the good work, and we both grow together. ^_^

No, most of the time we will provide the images/graphics if we choose to publish your article. Only when your article covers unique products or services will we need your images and graphics to complement your content.

The do-follow backlink would stay for 365 days from the date your article is published on After the 365 days, your backlink will be removed. During those 365 days you have the option to upgrade your content or rewrite it to make it better to retain a no-follow backlink status for another 180 days, providing it meets our quality standards.

If we don’t receive the updated content from you to replace the old one before your 365 days expired, we will remove the backlink. Then, we might have another party write a new piece to replace it.

At HOMEiA, our mission is to continually evolve to make our platform and content better for our members and audience. Overall, if you upgrade to refresh your content every 180 days, your no-follow backlink can stay on for a long time.

The most benefit-rich status is Contributor PRO membership on This VIP membership is by internal invitation only, whereby an existing Contributor PRO or one of HOMEiA’s executive team leaders will have to personally sponsor you.

So, to get noticed by those people and increase your chances of being sponsored, you need to prove your expertise by producing and publishing insightful content on reputable websites related to real estate topics like those on

At the same time, reach out to build a relationship with those influencers and gradually increase your chances of being sponsored. As you network with those influencers, ask to share the content you’ve already published on other reputable websites and invite them to review your written content.

Contributor PRO is a community of expert influencers who use this platform to add another channel of revenue and take advantage of other benefits HOMEiA provides while you network and collaborate with other like-minded individuals.

Yes, but only when you achieve the Diamond badge as the Contributor PRO member on