Real Estate Professionals: Guest Blog with Us!

If you are a real estate professional who wants to guest blog your educational content on, we can help you gain exposure on our site and establish your own dedicated professional profile page.

How to Join our Guest Blogger Program

  • 1. Submit your application.

    Fill out this application form and submit it to us.
    Our staff will contact you to verify your account. Once your account is verified, it will show the green “verified” status. This helps your profile rank higher on our agent listing page above profile that yet verify. Here is an example of our agent listing page.

  • 2. Share your ideas.

    When you’re ready to share content, fill out [this form] to tell us about your expertise and your chosen topic(s).
    If you have past content (articles, infographics, videos, etc.) to present as examples of your work, please include them with the form. Our content team will review your proposal and get back to you.

  • 3. Submit your posts.

    Once your topics are approved, you can submit your guest posts. We will send them through our review process and publish them on

What You’ll Get—Exposure and Backlinks

  • 1. Post up to 3 articles per month for free.

    As a HOMEiA-verified member, you will be able to guest post up to 3 articles per month for free. Each article must have at least 1,500 words and the majority of its content must be educational.
    This content will help establish you as a local real estate expert whom potential clients can contact for products and services.

  • 2. Get up to 2 backlinks per article.

    You can have up to 2 backlinks from each article to your one domain site.
    The backlinks from all your articles must link to the same domain site of your choice, and the site must meet our quality standards.

  • 3. Earn permanent do-follow links.

    Once you reach 10 or more guest posts on, all the backlinks from your articles will become permanent do-follow links. Until you have reached that number, the backlink(s) on each article will turn into no-follow links 365 days after the publication date.

Our Vision

We at HOMEiA want to partner with a small number of committed real estate professionals to publish local content. We’re selecting professionals from each state who are knowledgeable and interested in sharing topics relevant to their communities with our audience.
Some of the professionals with whom we look to partner with are:

  1. Real estate agents/brokers
  2. Insurance agents
  3. Mortgage loan officers
  4. Home builders
  5. Contractors

Here is an example of a state page in Minnesota where we partnered with local professionals to provide and promote helpful content to our audience.

Contact Us Today

If you are interested in applying to be an educator on our platform, please submit your application here. Our team will get back to you soon.

Please know that once all seats are filled in a state, we can only waitlist new applicants until a seat opens up.

We look forward to working with you!