The Quickest Way to get Your Article Published on

The Quickest Way to get Your Article Published on

We appreciate that you want to establish a backlink to your website as quickly as possible.

Some link-building blog sites accept every submission. They take your money and throw your post onto a website that doesn’t care about the visitor experience.

At, we do things differently.

In order to generate more site views, shares, and return visits — all of which increase exposure to your links — we hold our content to a high standard. Every submission we receive follows our quality control process.

The extra investment of time and effort means the content you share on will continue to bring value even as search algorithms evolve.

There are a few things you can do to make sure your submission is processed quickly:

  1. Prepare. Read our guest policies and check out our guest post options so you know what to expect.
  2. Apply. Fill out all fields in this guest post application so we don’t have to contact you for additional information.
  3. Once accepted, pay promptly. When you receive the email indicating that our SEO team has approved your application, use our PayPal invoice link within 5 days to secure your guest post spot for the month.
    Since we publish a limited number of guest posts each month, we reserve the right to release your slot to another applicant after those 5 days. If no slots remain for the current month once we receive your payment, your application will be bumped to the following month.
  4. Produce a great 1,000-word guest post. As the topic expert, you should invest the time to research and produce an insightful, appealing article. If you submit an article that does not meet our standards, we may require you to cover the cost of a professional rewrite, which is between $45-$75 depends on the topic.
  5. Let us work our magic. Our content team will review and approve your article, then send it to our design team, who will prepare graphics. Next it will go to our SEO team, who will complete on-page optimization, publish the article on, and submit it to Google for faster indexing.

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Why our way is better

Why our way is better

Many sites that sell guest posts take a passive approach, throwing your post onto a bare-bones website with a large volume of questionable content. They may not even do the little things that make your link effective — like submitting your article to Google for indexing.

(If you know backlinks and off-page SEO, you know that if Google hasn’t indexed the page then its backlink won’t pass any “link juice” to your target site — no matter how high the UR/DR stats.)

At HOMEiA, we make sure your guest post looks great to the human audience and search engines alike, from graphic design to on-page optimization and indexing. Your guest post on is the kind of content marketing you can proudly showcase to potential clients and partners. Here is a short list of guest post examples.

And here is a few examples of our HOMEiA’s members:

  1. (Professional writer)
  2. (Real estate agent)
  3. (Loan officer)

In short, we believe only this high-quality content will thrive going forward, leaving behind the mountains of poorly written text created to squeak past the CopyScape scan. (Ezine, anyone?)

Are you with us?

Insider tip:

If you are in a hurry and don’t have time to write an article, you can sign up for our Gold article sponsor package. We’ll have one of our topic specialists research, write, and author a 1,500-word article, then provide a backlink to your target page. You’ll get all the results with none of the work!

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HOMEiA is a city living guide site where visitors can find detailed information about communities of interest. HOMEiA’s City Living Guides, created in partnership with local writers, are curated lists of the best, safest, and most affordable places to live. The guides feature the HOMEiA Score, a proprietary index that rates communities on such factors as housing costs, education and employment. aims to be the premier site for people planning to relocate, providing them with insightful content and connecting them with skilled real estate professionals.

We also empower real estate professionals to establish or strengthen their web presence by highlighting their experience, knowledge and achievements. If you’re selected to join our list of certified real estate professionals, you will distinguish yourself from your peers — and earn HOMEiA’s support.

If you believe in HOMEiA’s mission, please share the site with others.