5 Things to Consider When Relocating

5 Things to Consider When Relocating

It’s never too late in your life to start over somewhere new. A change of lifestyle, a new job or going back to school are all great reasons to reinvent your life.

Moving to a new neighborhood, a new state or even a new country can be an exciting life adventure. It can also come with a lot of stress and uncertainty, but you can help ease those feelings by doing lots of research and planning beforehand. Being as prepared as possible for a move will help you feel confident in your decision and more organized during a process that can be quite overwhelming.

Maybe you have an empty nest, or you want to start a family, or perhaps you need to move closer to home to help care for your family members. Whatever the reason may be, there are some important things to remember before you consider relocating.

If you don’t have to, try to not rush into a move. Take the time to consider what your realistic budget is, and plan for unexpected expenses that could arise. You should also consider the climate, laws and transportation in the new neighborhood you’ll be moving to.

There are many things to consider before making such a big choice, so think through some of these first before you take the plunge.

1. Budget


This is the most important factor that will help you decide when you can afford to relocate. Some places are expensive, and while that doesn’t mean it’s impossible to live there, you need to plan for it first.

There are also many costs to factor in when it comes to your moving budget. Hiring movers or trucks, paying for gas, fees for storage, and realty or land transfer taxes are all things that can sneak up on you while you’re planning, so take the time to map everything out first.

There are also those unexpected costs that can come up and take you by surprise. It’s a good idea to set aside even more than you think you need in case you run into any of those issues.

5 Things to Consider When Relocating

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2. Neighborhood


The most important thing to research before moving is your new neighborhood. Are you in a safe place, or is there a lot of crime? Are there shops or local restaurants that interest you? Do you need to be close to schools or a bus stop? How long is your commute? Are there community groups (online or in person) or other fun ways to meet your new neighbors?

Examining these factors and more beforehand is important when it comes to picking a place to live. You can find lots of community groups and associations online that can help you make this big decision.

If you’re having trouble finding them on internet searches, try using a social media platform like Facebook. Many communities have groups that discuss their issues and share things going on in the neighborhood. These discussions can give you a good sense of what the place is going to be like if you live there.

5 Things to Consider When Relocating

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3. Climate


The weather in the place you’re going to live will have a huge impact on your life. Some people move from the city to the country and don’t realize how different the weather can be. If you’re moving to a different state or country, make sure to research what the weather will be like. Moving to a hot place may sound relaxing, but you have to consider how the heat and the humidity will affect you.

One American woman recently described for cnbc.com the things she wished she knew before relocating and retiring in Mexico. Some examples included the effects of the humidity on her clothing, such as colors fading and materials like cotton and spandex losing their elasticity. Even materials like vinyl and leather, she said, could get moldy after spending some time in the humid weather. She also observed that electronics and appliances tended to rust quickly.

4. Laws


If you are considering a move out of your current state or country, it is absolutely essential for you to know local laws. It’s better to research these before you make the big move; otherwise, you could find yourself living somewhere that may not align with your values.

There are also regulations that could be different than what you have been used to, like neighborhood commercial zoning. Many other important rules around driving, parking and other common circumstances should also be looked into ahead of time.

Laws, bylaws and policies differ from community to community, so you’ll really want to do this research first before making any life-changing decisions.

5. Transportation


Check what transportation is like around your new city. If you don’t have a car, are there options to commute to work or to buy groceries? If your new neighborhood has a robust public transit system, you can plan your routes before you even move there. It’s best to do this beforehand so you can ensure that you have a reasonable and safe way to get around.

If you have a car, getting around shouldn’t be a problem, but you might want to consider whether your new home is close to busy roadways. The noise could impact your peace, and the traffic could cause more pollution of the air around you and your family.

Heavy traffic could also add stress to your commute by causing you to fear for your safety or by increasing the time you spend sitting in the car, stuck in traffic.

Moving is a big change in your life, and while it’s not always the most fun or glamorous experience, there are numerous resources, tools and services to help make it all a bit easier for you. Simple things – like knowing that it’s cheaper to move in the winter – can help you in the long run.

Do plenty of research before you make the final decision; rushing into buying a house is never a good idea. Take the extra time to find the perfect place for you and your lifestyle.

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