Content Educator Program

This program is for digital content marketers who recognize that text-based articles for guest posts are no longer cutting it from the audiences’ standpoint. Even with images and graphics integrated into the article, it is becoming less competitive when compared to video. Video content is becoming the favored medium as it increases in popularity, especially on social media.

Although having a do-follow backlink from a reputable website to your niche website does benefit to some extent, it would be much more beneficial and would “look natural” if that reputable website would also re-share your guest post content on their social media channels. As we already know, search engines do take social signals into their ranking consideration; and might be even more important in the near future.


Here is the HOMEiA Sequence and Standards for Guest Posts:

Step 1: Your content is submitted to HOMEiA, and our topic expert reviews it to make sure the statements in your guest post articles are correct and that the written article meets our quality standards before moving to Step 2.


Step 2: Our graphic design team prepares custom images, graphics and a short, summary video for your article.


Step 3: Our digital marketing/SEO team uploads your article onto along with its graphics. The team then optimizes your on-page article content to be search engine and user friendly before submitting it for Google indexing.


Step 4: We post the video summary of your content onto HOMEiA’s YouTube channel with a backlink in the description to your full article, then also embed that video near the top of your post on


Step 5: Our social media team schedules to share that YouTube video along with your HOMEiA article’s URL on other HOMEiA’s social channels such as Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and LinkedIn.


Step 6: Our digital marketing team tracks to see how our online audience responds to your content over time and links to it accordingly from our new and existing content on Plus, as your volume of content grows, you can achieve our Content Educator badge as well.


Step 7: Once you have achieved Content Educator status, you will have a dedicated profile page on highlighting you and your shared content. This helps you establish expert authority in your vertical. Over time, this page can be your professional online resume for years to come. Here is an example. is the real estate content hub publishing only high-quality content with an intelligent presentation for both viewers and search engines ( and In short, if you want THE best content guest posts on a great website, is the one for you. Apply here today!

As a content educator, here are the 5 levels of badges you can achieve:


When you reach 5 quality articles posted


When you reach 10 quality articles posted


When you reach 50 quality articles posted


When you reach 100 quality articles posted


When you reach 200+ quality articles posted