Guest Post Policy Changes

Guest Post Policy Changes

In April 2022 we will make the following changes to’s guest post policy:

Why are we making these changes?

To become one of the best websites in this niche and stay there, we must constantly increase the quality and presentation of our content. We can only achieve that by being selective about the type and quality of content we publish on our site.

Since our content will be increasingly produced in-house, we will be able to keep the quality high and regularly update our content.

We will also have more control over our investment in graphics and videos, boosting the presentation of each piece based on the potential viewership for the topic.

How will this help our sponsors?

You’ll get more out of your sponsorship than just backlinks — you will have more exposure to relevant audiences. We believe that this exposure will be an increasingly important signal to search engines’ AI algorithms.

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What packages will HOMEiA offer?

In addition to our existing Silver guest post package, following are the details of our Gold and Diamond guest post packages.

Gold Package

With our Gold package, our HOMEiA team researches, produces, and publishes a 1,500-word article about a topic we determine to be beneficial to our audience. We also prepare graphics to make the article more attractive than most content you see online today.

The Gold package includes a link insertion from our article to your URL, but the backlink must take our readers to a site we deem helpful and not overly promotional.

Here is a few examples of our Gold articles:

Best Interior Wall Colors for Selling a House

15 Essential Steps for Moving to a New City

10 Ways to Add Greenery to your Living Room

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Diamond Package

Our Diamond package content is usually related to our City Living Guides and similar topics we determine to be beneficial to our audience.

This type of content takes more time and effort to produce than that of the Gold package, involving in-depth collaboration among our research specialists, local experts, content editors, and SEO specialists. The articles are typically about 4,000 words long.

Diamond content often features a short video summary at the beginning of the article to make it more attractive to our visitors. We also promote that video summary on our social media channels, including YouTubePinterest, LinkedIn and Facebook.

The Diamond package includes a link insertion from our article to your URL, but the backlink must take our readers to a site we deem helpful and not overly promotional.

Extra benefits:

  1. Each Diamond article has a high potential search traffic volume; we work toward a ranking among Google’s top 10 results.
  2. We feature the article on our City Living Guide page.
  3. We feature the article on our homepage for the first 15 days from the publish date.
  4. We link from at least three related (existing) articles to the new Diamond article.
  5. We keep the do-follow backlink for 18 months, instead of 12 months as in the Gold package.
  6. We only allow up to three sponsors’ outgoing backlinks per Diamond article in the first 24 months.

Here is a few examples of our Diamond articles:

7 Key Factors To Know About Living in Denver, Colorado

12 Key Factors to Know About Living in Los Angeles

7 Key Factors to Know About Living in Boston in 2024

We are now offering the ability to sponsor our video summaries. You can place your banner ad in the video created for the Diamond article. Here is an example.

If you are interested, contact us to learn about video sponsorship.

We are excited to partner with our sponsors to make HOMEiA’s content more beneficial to visitors, to increase our sponsors’ exposure to relevant audiences, and to continually increase our backlink quality.

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