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If you write and guest-post for a living as an expert on a narrow topic, this program will benefit you. Specially, once you have achieved the Contributor PRO Gold or Diamond level at, the fee is increasingly reduced for your guest post content on, plus more. This program is for those who are passionate about producing helpful content for our audience, while making money and establishing a strong copywriter profile on — the content hub for everything related to real estate.

HOMEiA’s content selection and presentation are very different from other websites. Instead of just publishing a guest post article like many other average sites, HOMEiA spends a lot of time and effort preparing each guest post article for publishing. We prepare the graphics and optimize on-page for your article as well.

Behind the scenes, there’s a lot of work that goes into the article before publishing. We do great work, and our content presentation speaks for itself. Here are examples.

If you ask any company that would prepare the graphics for articles like ours, you would find that they would have significantly higher rates. If you review all the work that goes into completed projects like those on, our fee is near at cost, not counting the backlinks and other perks. Plus, to maintain our backlink quality, our company only allows a limited number of do-follow backlinks going out each month.

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Guest Post Policy Changes

In April 2022 we will make the following changes to’s guest post policy:

In addition, is the platform where real estate professionals use their dedicated HOMEiA-profile page as an online resume. For their benefit, HOMEiA provides guidance and additional services to help promote their dedicated profile on the internet.

It is important to note that you are guest posting on the website where your backlink can be increasing in value over time, instead of becoming diluted as on many other websites where there is an unlimited number of out-going backlinks and a poor strategy for natural in-coming backlinks.

At HOMEiA, we are building THE platform that stands for high-quality content and presentation. Our goal is to continue to be an effective, top-performing marketing channel, not just for real estate professionals, but for guest post contributors as well.

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Why is Guest Blogging on Different?

In this article, I will discuss three common types of blog sites for guest posting. Then I’ll introduce a fourth way — HOMEiA’s way — and show you how HOMEiA is unique in the way we publish our content

Frequently Asked Questions

One of HOMEiA’s key missions is to help professionals like you build another channel of revenue that you can count on for the long term. And, in order to make this platform stronger, our team constantly innovates with new technological changes.

We consistently collaborate with professionals who have similar goals of delivering exceptional content with intelligent marketing approaches that reach audiences in a memorable way.

Sorry, we don’t sell permanent backlinks. The only time you gain the privilege of having a permanent backlink on each of your articles is when you achieve a Diamond badge as our Contributor PRO member.

Once you have been a HOMEiA Contributor PRO member for 6 months and fulfill your commitment to our program as initially agreed, you will have two tickets each year where you can sponsor a new member.

In your first 12 months, you can only sponsor one member every 3 months, up to 2 members. After the first 12 months, if your membership is in good standing, you then can sponsor 2 new members each year whenever you like.

Not really. If a new member you sponsored fails to fulfill his commitment as agreed in the first 12 months, you will lose one sponsor ticket on your next renewal. And it will take 24 months from your next renewal date (the date you lose it) to gain back the reservation for that ticket.

And, if within that same 12-month period your second sponsored member also fails to fulfill her commitment as agreed in her first 12 months, you will lose your second sponsor ticket on your next renewal.

And this will take 36 months from your next renewal date (the date you lose them) to gain back the reservation for both tickets.

At HOMEiA, we take this VIP membership very seriously. We expect those who make it to this elite group to be influential professionals who stand behind their work and promises.

Our team at HOMEiA treats each member of this group with special care to help them stand out on the web while earning more money.

Therefore, once you become a Contributor PRO member, please consider each candidate you sponsor into thoughtfully.

We place our trust in you to introduce like-minded individuals whose values align with ours at And, we thank you for believing in us.

Here is a list of benefits we at HOMEiA have customized to make your time, effort and trust in us worthwhile:

  • A. Your content will get processed and published faster than a regular guest post.
  • B. You get a discount off each of your monthly guest posts and the discount gets bigger as you achieve a higher badge (Silver, Silver+, and Gold). This in turn will gain for you more profits as you resell guest posts to your clients.
  • C. You get two tickets each year with which you can sponsor like-minded individuals within your network onto as Contributor PRO members.
  • D. Once you reach and maintain the Diamond badge, all your articles’ do-follow backlinks will stay permanently on, which is a huge value since all our regular guest post packages have an expiration date on do-follow backlinks.
  • E. You will get ranked in our HOMEiA’s local directory as one of the best content producers.
  • F. You get our periodic emails notifying you of the current trending topics, so you can produce the type of content that will attract more attention to your posts.
  • G. If one of your posts attracts the attention of a large audience, we will invest our own resources to make a video summary version of your content to help you gain even more exposure. That video content will be embedded directly onto your article as well as published on HOMEiA’s YouTube and social media channels with a backlink to your article to boost traffic to your content.
  • H. Your content published on will get strategically promoted by our team of digital marketers to help you gain the most exposure without costing you extra money.
  • I. Once you reach the Gold badge status, your profile headshot will be displayed on the landing page of your category along with other members who also achieved the Gold or Diamond badge.
  • J. Our mission at HOMEiA is to keep making the presentation of our web pages better. That means your profile page on will keep evolving over time to be more effective and attractive to the audience.

This internal, invitation-only membership is reserved for knowledgeable professionals in a narrow topic category related to real estate.

And since we have a limited number of seats in each topic category for our Contributor PRO members to write, we prefer to be selective in order to bring the best content to our audiences.

Here are the important factors we look for in the applicants:

  • A. Knowledgeable professional who has at least 10 insightful articles related to real estate published on on one specific topic. (Ex: mortgage, kitchen remodeling, home improvement, real estate investing, etc.)
  • B. Able and willing to commit to at least one insightful article each month to submit to for publication.
  • C. Responsive and respectful communications to get each article published on schedule.

As of now, each Contributor PRO member can only register to write on one category, which should be his/her core expertise.

That is up to you. After you pay the reseller rate to HOMEiA for a guest post, you can quote whichever rate seems fair to you for the effort you put into it.

That purchase agreement is just between you and your client. We recommend you put together very clear terms and an agreement with your clients for the services.