HOMEiA.com Terms & Conditions of Service for Publishers

Publishers may publish, reprint and distribute articles from the HOMEiA websites to their own websites, blogs, RSS feeds or forums if permission is granted by HOMEiA and the following conditions are met:

1. Articles by our content creators are owned 100% by those authors, and copyrights must be honored. Articles must be printed or published in their entirety, with no edits or changes. Titles and content must remain as originally published.

2. Bylines and credits will be honored, publishing credits in their entirety.

3. Publishers will not reprint any author photo or images found on HOMEiA’s sites.

4. Reprinted articles will credit the source at the end of each article with an active link to:

Article Source: HOMEiA.com

5. Any links created must be active/linkable with no syntax changes.

6. Articles will only be reprinted on websites of high ethical standards. Articles may not be reprinted on sites that contain spams, virus or other files, instructions or information on creating weapons or promoting illegal behavior, profanity, racism, bigotry, pornography, exploitation of children, adults or animals, or any other unlawful activity.

7. HOMEiA articles will not be reprinted via any unsolicited email, text, spamming or pop-up ads.

8. HOMEiA articles may not be sold, and viewers/readers will not be charged a fee to view any article reprinted from HOMEiA.

9. Publishers agree to HOMEiA’s limitation to the number of articles reprinted per calendar year. Restrictions are as follows:

10. No more than 20 articles may be reprinted from HOMEiA’s sites per calendar year per unique domain name.

11. For owners of multiple domain names, you may not reprint more than 200 articles per year (10 sites x 20 articles reprinted per domain).

12. You are not required to include the Google ads that are found on our site when you reprint an article, but you must honor the 20-reprint limit per year.

13. Publishers will not translate any HOMEiA content into another language and will not redesign content into audio, video or any derivative works of any kind.

14. Publishers may not add any active links to any HOMEiA reprinted article. Such an addition could create the impression that the author endorses the link which is untrue and unethical.

15. Publisher agrees that article crawlers, rogue bots, site scrapers or any automated script/software or method that attempts to mine the article content on HOMEiA may not be used under any circumstances. HOMEiA may block your access to our site and/or terminate your account membership at our sole discretion.

16. While HOMEiA does not generally own the copyrights to the articles found within our sites, permission has been granted for HOMEiA to publish and promote them. No additional permission is required from the author of any article on the HOMEiA websites as long as you agree to all terms listed in these Terms and Conditions.

17. It is common courtesy to let an author know when you reprint their article. HOMEiA does not provide a list of authors’ email addresses; however, you can find them on their article credits or at their website.

18. Any use of material connected to HOMEiA, our newsletter, our RSS feed or our websites is completely at your own risk.

19. Any violation on your part of the above Terms and Conditions and/or any author copyright when reprinting articles from our sites, you agree to be held liable for all legal fees and statutory damages incurred upon a copyright infringement lawsuit that may be brought against you.

Please read Section 504(c)(2) (http://www.copyright.gov/title17/92chap5.html#504).