Dear Content Creators,

Thank you for interest in providing guest posts on! The big question is: Why would you spend your valuable time researching and creating content for

The answer is because you’ll see that we only present and promote high-quality content to our audiences, and you’ll want to be part of it, or at least gain a backlink from to your website. That would be a good enough reason! However, let me paint a bigger picture of the type of content is known for—and the opportunities and benefits that our creatives can take advantage of early on. Let's get started. is not a website, but a platform, with a community of real estate professionals, each with a dedicated profile on They use this personal profile to market and establish themselves as one of the best professionals in their area since we have carefully screened and selected them. In other words, their HOMEiA-certified member page is the digital resume that follows them even when they move from one company to another.

With their own personal profile on, they don't have to start over with each career move, building a new professional web page from scratch and losing their network contacts since their former URL page is no longer available to them. Because of this, their HOMEiA-certified membership page is an online asset they can count on to build their own professional presence for years to come.

We encourage our professional members to produce the type of exceptional content, in their respected fields, that addresses what our audience finds most interesting in their searches. By providing insightful content, our contributors gradually attract a broader audience to their profile, which in turn helps them gain new clients, and establish a highly respected reputation on within their field.

Now, although these real estate professionals provide great customer service for their clients, they often don't have time to research and produce content. That is where you, as content creators, can step in to fill their needs by offering your services for a fee. If you qualify to be one of HOMEiA’s Power Contributors in a topic vertical, in addition to offering your services to our HOMEiA-certified members, you can also offer them to professionals who are not yet qualified as members on but have set the goal of joining our ranks.

HOMEiA's Power Contributor program offers opportunities for you to establish a reputation for yourself on similar to that of our real estate professionals. As you continue to contribute and build a solid reputation, you will most likely gain more projects from HOMEiA's internal as well as external members.

To qualify as a Power Contributor member on with a dedicated member account, you need to have at least 10 content pieces posted on; either as guest post content for yourself or for your clients who are HOMEiA-certified professionals. This approach lets us allocate resources accordingly serving members who are most likely to commit in establishing an excellent reputation for themselves on as professional content creators.

For those who just want a few content pieces posted on to gain backlinks or brand mentions, you shall have those, but if you want to build a career as professional content creator and a reputation for yourself on, our Content Educator program is available as well.

As you reach higher levels of badge recognition, you will earn the ability to submit your guest post content more frequently and with a quicker turn-around and process time. In addition, we screen and select content creators carefully to bring in only those who will create something worth sharing, instead of creating the second-rate versions through "spin content." Many of you know what I'm talking about. As a content contributor, there are the 5 provider badges you can receive:

So, if you are one of the content creators who knows your true worth, the value of your content and how to differentiate yourself from the overabundance of average content writers out there (or content spinners), is the platform for you. We are offering a unique channel to make a positive statement with your work. We live only once in this lifetime, so why not create something to be proud of, instead of filling the web with another bundle of trash, right?

Once you are selected into one of our content contributor programs, you will receive support from our digital marketing team. These specialists will help you stand above the online competition in these ways:

  • 1 We will send a weekly notification email to you of the content that is performing well online. That way, you have hot topics to suggest to our HOMEiA-certified members and others who would pay you to research and write on those trending topics from a unique point of view.
  • 2 Our digital marketing team will promote most of your new content online and on our social media channels to help amplify them for you.
  • 3 We will help position your posts even further by linking to your new content (as we see fit) from existing articles that have already ranked well and attracted a good number of visitors each month.
  • 4 We will provide an analytics tool that allows you to track your articles' performance. That way, you have proven statistics to show your clients as a recommendation to hire you for more content production.
  • 5 When you submit your content to us, our team of experts (in the field of your topic) will review your content to make sure that your writing and claims are accurate. This is how we continually maintain high-quality content for our audience.

I know by this time, most of the average content writers might have already exited this page because of our strict policies. But if you are still reading, you might be the type of content creator we would like to consider as a future partner. We look for knowledgeable, creative writers who appreciate what we stand for and what we offer.

If you feel this could be a good fit for you, please apply here! We’ll take your application under serious consideration. Thank you for taking your valuable time to read this letter! I look forward to meeting you in person when our paths shall cross.


Phong T. Nguyen

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