Websites for home builders

As the price tag for a home increases, the customer’s approach to finding a home builder and finalizing their decision becomes more complex. The initial Google search is where consumers will begin their online analysis of potential providers. Your website is your first (and sometimes only) impression. The first impression will determine whether they will dig further and read more about styles, floor plans, services and recommendations. Because this first step is critical to gaining new leads and clients, it is not only important to dazzle your audience with an impressive website, but it is crucial that they can find your website effortlessly. This means that you must be found in the top 10 of Google’s organic search locally (or in the demographics you desire). Your company must then be represented professionally while highlighting your key services and experience prominently.

You want to gain the trust of your potential customers within the first 15 seconds of entering your site. Viewers have a short attention span and once you’ve lost them, it’s a lost opportunity that is not often recovered. Since your website is your online business card and the first chance for customers to learn about your business, you want to present it in the best light possible. In doing so, your company will stand out among the competition and weigh in effectively on your customer’s final decision.