These are the most commonly asked questions about our guest post programs. If you have a few questions for us in mind, most likely you will find the answers to them on this list. We are adding more onto this list as we go to make sure you will find 99% of the answers to your questions here. Also, if we have any updates related to our guest post programs from time to time, we will post an announcement here as well.

Yes, here are our paid guest post options as well as Guest Post Terms & Conditions.

  1. Contributor guest post options
  2. Power Contributor guest post levels

No, but thanks! is one of those rare platforms that takes a well written guest post article and adds graphics and video summary to make it very attractive and user-friendly to the audience. We also optimize the article and its video summary for search engine friendliness and for optimum performance. Better yet, we then share that content on our social media pages to give it a further boost. Note: A video summary is only offered in our Contributor Silver and Gold and Power Contributor options.

At HOMEiA, we believe that to stand out in the overcrowded space of average guest post publishing, we have to make sure that our authors’ guest posts are prepared well in a way that gives them a very high chance of outshining the content of the competition online. That’s why we don’t accept free guest posts and publish them like many other blogs do.

The authors who value their time, are proud of their work, and want to establish a strong professional profile online are those who find the ideal platform to help them shine bright in a space that is getting increasingly crowded. If you are one of those authors, please learn more about our unique guest post programs.

No, most of the time we will provide the images/graphics if we choose to publish your article. Only when your article covers unique products or services will we need your images and graphics to complement your content.

It depends on what kind of website you want to gain a backlink to. We don’t link to irrelevant and/or spammy websites.

No, we don’t sell backlink nor link to any websites which we deem irrelevant to our topics.

No, we don’t pay you for guest posting on our website.

If you submit in your article as a guest post or you do that on the behalf of your client, your name or your client’s name must be listed as an author of that content. Currently, we don’t state anywhere on your article that it is a sponsored post.

Besides, if someone shies away from or is ashamed to list his/her name on the guest post content s/he produced, our site is not for him/her. is a platform where authors should be proud to establish their professional profile.

You can apply to become a member of our Power Contributor program where you’ll be guest posting content on the topics that will attract the attention of our consumers. These are people that real estate agents want to connect with as their target audience.

No, we only link to our affiliate partners’ content or qualified guest posts.

No, we only publish unique content that has not yet been posted anywhere else. We strictly avoid publishing duplicated content that has already been posted elsewhere.