The homeia story

Homeia Mission: The place where home sellers, buyers, and real estate investors find useful information, advice, and insights to elevate their wisdom and confidence as they make one of the biggest decisions in their lives.

Years ago, my wife and I were planning to move to another city and wanted to sell our first home. Through a referral, we engaged the services of an agent. But it soon became apparent that our interests were taking second place to the agent’s interests. We had mistakenly assumed that since she was representing us, our needs would be a high priority to her and that she would work diligently on our behalf. Not so.

I learned some hard lessons during that process, and I knew that it wasn’t the fault of the person who referred us. I blame myself for not spending enough time gathering information that would help me make a wise choice when selecting an agent. This is just one example of the things that can go wrong amid all the factors in buying, selling or investing in real estate.

Clearly, problems of all sorts happen to home buyers and sellers, and people don’t voice their frustrations online often enough. Why? Because buying or selling a home is a major transaction that doesn’t happen often so there is no reason to use the agent again. It’s better just to forget it and move on. The only time it comes up is IF another person asks about that agent specifically, then we are more likely to recount the details of our disappointing experience. Few people take the time to share their bad experiences online to warn others.

Because I would like to help others avoid such unfortunate experiences, I decided to create a website that would provide content to help home sellers, buyers, and investors become better informed. I like to educate myself on the topics of real estate investing, macroeconomics, digital marketing and management, so why not write about them and encourage other professionals to do the same? In this way, we can help people prepare for the biggest transaction of their lives.

Unless you’ve been directly involved in real estate for years, you can’t possibly be expected to know enough about each aspect of the process to make the best decisions. The real estate industry is complex to say the least, and it is my desire to have intelligent, qualified information available on one site.

Ultimately, I think it’s much better to help people grow wiser and avoid problems rather than to hear about their problems as they try to recover from them. Overall, there are three things I set out to accomplish with

  1. Help home sellers, home buyers, and real estate investors find helpful content produced by knowledgeable professionals in the industry.
  2. Help good real estate agents produce and market educational content intelligently and effectively.
  3. Enable everyone who has hired agents affiliated with to voice their feedback and reviews regarding their agent’s services. Those unfiltered reviews will go directly to that agent’s public profile on

My goal is to set the gold standard in real estate services, by enabling agents who are willing to take on the challenge to prove that they consistently deliver professional services. I have no interest of listing all real estate agents on My preference is to be selective, engaging those agents who are committed to providing and promoting exceptional services, and thereby earning the stamp of approval.

It is my goal that, over time, will become THE place where people can confidently find high-quality content on real estate topics before making decisions that affect the biggest transaction of their lives. If you believe in our mission, please like and share our content. Thank you very much!