10 Ways to Design the Layout of a Small Living Room

10 Ways to Design the Layout of a Small Living Room

If you have recently bought a new house, you will realize that designing a space, no matter its size, is always challenging.

Of all spaces, the living room is one area where people spend most of their time. That is why it is important to make sure the living space is properly designed.

For some who have limited space, though, it may be a challenge. Even so, it’s not impossible. Here’s how you can pull it off:

Here are 10 decorating tricks for small living rooms.

1. Place mirrors strategically.

Place mirrors strategically

Small living rooms can make you feel boxed in, especially if they don’t have enough windows to bring more light into the room. The trick for this is to add a mirror that will create a focal point and add depth to the room. Make sure to position the mirror across from the window to reflect the view outside and create the illusion of another window in the room.

10 Ways to Design the Layout of a Small Living Room

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2. Go for multipurpose furniture.

Go for multipurpose furniture

When a living room is small, it can be tempting to add additional storage space. However, a better option would be to go for multipurpose furniture that can double as storage. For example, you can choose a small chest of drawers that holds your trinkets rather than having a console table.

You can also have a couch that has a hidden compartment where you can keep some household items, like blankets and extra pillows. You can also place an ottoman that can double as a coffee table or as a storage space.

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3. Choose small furniture.

Choose small furniture

Having limited space means that you have to be careful when choosing your furniture. You should immediately cross any full-size sofas or armchairs off your list, as they’ll take up too much space.

If vintage pieces suit your design aesthetics, you can scour antique shops to look for minimalist or small-scale pieces. Keep in mind that in a small space you should only have furniture pieces that will serve a purpose beyond being decorative.

4. Use a backless sofa.

Use a backless sofa

Small spaces will look fantastic with an open floor plan. If you want to go for this layout, it is best to have a backless sofa placed in the middle of the room to help create a continuous look while delineating the space.

5. Invest in built-in storage spaces.

Invest in built-in storage spaces

If ever you need to add more, you can use your vertical space to maximize your floor space. Go for shelving that doesn’t look too bulky. You may also want to use awkward corner spaces to add shelving. It may be a good idea to add floor-to-ceiling storage spaces where you can organize books, pictures, toys, a media center, and even a pullout desk.

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6. Ditch the sofa.

Ditch the sofa

If your living room is really limited, sometimes the best option is to skip the sofa. Your workaround can be to have armchairs circling a coffee table instead. For some added character, you can even use an ottoman that can be converted into a stool or a seat.

Imagine this: a low coffee table at the center of the room with three armchairs around it. It is the perfect setting for intimate conversations. You can make it homier by adding a rug.

7. Let there be light.

Let there be light

One useful trick to help you give the illusion of space is lighting. You can install bright lights in your living room. Placing them in the corners will allow the light to bounce off the walls and the ceiling, effectively spreading the light into the room.
Having bigger windows installed can help let in more natural light to shower your home, giving it a more relaxed and cozy ambiance.

Table lamps are also great options for smaller rooms. Here’s a useful guide for choosing the right table lamp for your home.

8. Declutter your space.

Declutter your space

Perhaps one of the most effective tricks in styling your small living space is to remove as much clutter as possible. All of the little trinkets you have in your home take up visual space or require storage, making it harder for you to style your space according to your budget and preference.

If items have sentimental value, think of a way that you can use or display them effectively without hurting your aesthetics. For example, try to incorporate a wall where you can hang souvenirs from your trips abroad. This way they are easier to maintain.

9. Go for a large rug.

Go for a large rug

An area rug is an effective way to create an illusion of space. Unlike small rugs, large area rugs don’t visually break up your room. Instead, they make the room look bigger than it really is.
When choosing a large rug, factor in the placement of your furniture and the number of pieces in the room. Some designers use large rugs to anchor the whole look of the room, especially when they are paired with a corner sofa.

It will also help to choose light-colored rugs to make the space appear bigger. When going for carpets with patterns, make sure the dimension of the design will be proportional to the size of the room.

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10. Play with colors.

Play with colors

Many people find bright, neutral colors to be the best option for small spaces. If you are open to exploring a little, though, you will realize that using dark colors can help give your living room an intimate feel. Sometimes, embracing the fact that you have a small area to work with can help you create a more meaningful space.

You can also follow different color schemes to help you create depth in your room. There are various painting tricks that can change the appearance of your room. For example, if you have a narrow room, you can paint the shorter ends of the wall a shade or two darker than the rest of the room to make it look more proportional.

Designing small spaces should not be a daunting task. Sometimes, you just have to experiment and think outside of the box to achieve a comfortable yet stunning living room space, no matter its size.

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