10 Ways to Add Farmhouse Décor to Your Bathroom

10 Ways to Add Farmhouse Décor to Your Bathroom

Airy, casual, and a little bit rustic, farmhouse style is everywhere right now. Maybe you’ve installed shiplap around your fireplace; a big, sturdy table in your kitchen; a perfectly faded rug in your living room; or even a sliding barn door in your bedroom. Now how do you bring the same look into your bathrooms?

We’ve found best ways to bring a classic farmhouse feel to some of the most functional rooms in your home. We’ll explore colors, finishes, and accessories that will give your bathroom a beautifully aged, cozy-casual, and stylish look. Which tips will work in your home?

Here are 10 ways to Add Farmhouse Décor to Your Bathroom.

1. Paint the cabinets.

Paint the cabinets

Farmhouse paints are all about matte textures and sun-faded hues. If you have shiny stained wood or sleek, modern white, it’s time to refinish your cabinetry.

Consider a gray-green shade. Greens are grounding, as they bring a bit of the outdoors into the room, and the gray shade softens the color to give it a lived-in look.

Or try a dusty blue—it can look classically farmhouse and coordinates well with any reclaimed wood touches in the room.

If you want a subtler look, an aged white paint—more matte than shiny—will brighten the room and make it look fresh and clean.

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2. Tile your floor.

Tile your floor

There may seem to be infinite options when it comes to tile flooring. For modern farmhouse style, look for the simple and warm patterns and natural textures that might be familiar to a homeowner in the early 1900s, but don’t be afraid to add a modern twist.

Here are a few styles that work well with modern farmhouse:

  • Hexagonal tile. The honeycomb pattern adds a bit of extra dimension to room with too many right angles. It’s familiar yet unexpected. Try larger-scale tiles in a white or a solid color, or use smaller tile to create a honeycomb mosaic pattern.
  • Subway tile. Simple rectangular shapes can be homey and timeless. A glossy finish will give a more modern look, while a matte finish or slightly textured surface will have a more vintage aesthetic.
  • Patterned tile. For a bold look with a feminine edge, try a patterned tile in black or gray and white.
  • Wood-look tile. Wood floors aren’t practical in the bathroom, but today you can get the same look with tile. Go for an unstained or washed gray style.
  • Penny tile. Penny tile feels old-timey, in a good way. Be sure to try out any patterns before you commit.

Still not sure what to choose? A high-quality tile shop can help you make a great decision.

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3. Bring in a rug.

Bring in a rug

Bathroom rugs tend to be more functional than beautiful, providing a warm place to walk and absorbing drips. But as long as you choose a material that can handle moisture, there’s no reason you can’t work a beautiful farmhouse rug into your bathroom décor.

What type of rug works? In general, there are two styles that give a strong farmhouse vibe.

One uses natural materials in neutral colors and has a could-be-handmade appearance.

The other type has a beautiful print with a faded, heirloom quality—the type that could have been passed down from your great-grandmother.

Choose the largest rug that fits well in your space; it should cover the areas where you walk but stop a few inches short of walls and cabinets.

And if you’re worried that your rug might not dry completely, leading to unpleasant smells, check out some of the new washable rugs.

4. Hang the right mirrors.

Hang the right mirrors

Wall-to-wall and frameless mirrors won’t cut it if you’re looking for farmhouse style. With such a prominent position on the wall, your mirrors are one of the best places to enhance the farmhouse look.

One way to go is metal-framed mirrors—but not sleek silver. The metals to look for should have a patina. Think oil-rubbed bronze or brass or a black finish that is reminiscent of wrought iron.

Both circular and rectangular mirrors can work; just make sure they’re still large enough to suit your needs.

Another option is to choose (or build) a simple wooden frame. Give it a natural stain or a white or gray wash, or paint it to match or coordinate with the cabinets.

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5. Make a barn-slat backdrop.

Make a barn-slat backdrop

Shiplap is a popular way to add textural interest to a wall. Another is to use reclaimed wood, which tends to have a grayish cast. Either way, the horizontal slats will give your bathroom a big dose of farmhouse style.

If you don’t want to cover an entire wall, or you’re not sure you want to commit, try hanging a large panel of slats on the wall. Then you can add towel hooks or art to create a large-scale feature.

6. Go big with your sink.

go big with your sink

The classic farmhouse sink, generally found in the kitchen, is wide, deep, and has an apron front. It’s a natural choice for food prep and other kitchen tasks, but don’t write it off as a bathroom option.

Keep in mind that many farmhouse sinks are made from heavy-duty fireclay, so they may require specialized cabinetry to support their weight. Some customizations may be required, in part because bathroom vanities do not typically have the right cut-out for an apron front.

Another good option is a pedestal sink. This stand-alone look is quaint and can be charming when done well.

Finally, make sure you consider some of the more artistic sinks available to you, such as those that sit atop the counter rather than flush, with concrete, stone, or copper finishes. You can find these in rectangular shapes and bowl shapes, either deep or shallow.

You may even want to consider a long, shallow trough-style sink, which can have a rustic look when done in concrete or stone.

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7. Change out your hardware.

Change out your hardware

Your door handles, drawer pulls, faucets, and showerheads—even your light fixtures—are all opportunities to bring farmhouse style into the bathroom.

Any color of hardware can work in a farmhouse bathroom, as long as it coordinates with the rest of the room. The important thing is to choose a look with more of an aged patina.

Instead of stainless steel, try oil-rubbed bronze, brass, or simple matte black. If you prefer silver, consider a satin finish or a darker tone rather than chrome.

Tall gooseneck faucets and separate hot and cold cross-handles with a bit of a flourish give the farmhouse vibe here.

8. Find a showcase bathtub.

Find a showcase bathtub

A beautiful bathtub can be the centerpiece of your farmhouse bathroom. Choose a standalone model for an authentic look; they’re also great for soaking.

A clawfoot tub is a classic, giving an instant vintage quality to the room. It’s not the only option, though. Any cast iron tub, regardless of the shape, can be solid and inviting. Or, if you have the budget for it, consider a copper bathtub.

Attached to (or stuck with) your built-in shower/bath combo? Consider tiling in the enclosure, including the side of the tub. A new showerhead with a detachable sprayer can have an industrial farmhouse look, too.

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9. Add appropriate artwork.

Add appropriate artwork

Artwork can make all the difference in the style of your room. Picture a series of vivid, modern posters versus a set of black and whites or a subtle landscape painting; the effect on the room is completely different.

You have a lot of leeway when choosing art that suits your version of farmhouse style—but don’t skip it entirely. It will personalize your room.

Try a collage of black-and-white family photos, either new or reaching back generations. Or experiment with sepia tones.

If you don’t want your great-grandmother looking at you as you bathe, consider paintings of simple nature scenes for a calming effect. Or go whimsical with old advertisements or signs.

10. Finish with the right accessories.

Finish with the right accessories

With the current popularity of farmhouse style, it’s easy to find little touches that will bring the look of the bathroom together. Here are a few ideas:

  • Handmade soaps and lotions in glass bottles
  • Wire baskets of rolled hand towels
  • A vintage ladder to hold bath towels
  • Dried wildflowers in mason jars
  • Unfinished or aged wood trays to hold accessories

Accessories are like jewelry; use enough to make the room look finished, but don’t go overboard or your room will look more themed than styled.

Plenty of Options

There are many touches you can add to create a cohesive farmhouse style throughout every room of your home. The bathroom is no exception.

Whether you’re ready for a complete bathroom renovation, a DIY weekend, or just a quick shopping trip, there are ways to bring the farmhouse look home.

Bathrooms may not be the visual centerpiece of your home, but they are a great place to add something special—a little color, a little texture, and a few interesting accents. A well-designed bathroom is the icing on the cake that is your farmhouse-style home.

Which tip will you try first?

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