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Situated in the Las Vegas Valley, North Las Vegas has a population of around 250,000 residents. Part of the desert valley, it has a typically hot, dry climate preferred by many, with lots of sunshine, mild winters and very little rainfall. Its proximity to downtown Las Vegas, the Strip and regional attractions are benefits for residents and their guests.

The city has planned for community recreation with more than 30 parks, with activities for the whole family. Many parks have swimming pools, gymnasiums, ball courts, sports fields, horseshoe pits, playground areas and facilities for picnics, concerts and festivals. One park features a model airplane flying field that is used daily, and another features a large man-made lake with waterfall, multi-story playground unit, and nature discovery area.

There is an abundance of hiking and biking trails and organized sports for youth and adults. Residents can enjoy the two municipal golf courses, community interaction, leisure activities and workout facilities. The Silver Mesa Center also offers classroom instruction for arts and crafts, guitar and piano, computer skills, English as a second language, and conversational Spanish, as well as swimming classes in the adjacent pool.

As a residential community, North Las Vegas offers job opportunity, a moderate cost of living, zero state income tax, and a variety of single-family homes. Main businesses include healthcare, hospitality (hotel, dining, entertainment), retail and construction. With its pro-business environment, the city promotes business incentives such as no corporate tax, no inventory tax, no franchise tax on income, and abatements for property tax, business tax, and sales and use tax.

If you are thinking of starting or relocating a business and thrive in a desert climate, North Las Vegas might be for you. Here is our recommended list of the top 10 real estate agents in the area. They are experienced and understand the North Las Vegas real estate market for both residential and commercial use. They are eager to help you succeed in your next real estate transaction! Contact one or more of these top 10 realtors to get started today.

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