Minneapolis, Minnesota is situated on the Mississippi River and has the distinction of being the largest city in Minnesota and a major hub between Seattle and Chicago. The area is a significant business center with Fortune 500 companies, a wide variety of manufacturing plants and small businesses. Boasting a strong economy, the city is known for its beautiful landscape, distinguished quality of life and opportunity for business success.

Because the city has an educated, diverse population, there are housing opportunities for quiet family living or lofts and condominiums for active, downtown folk. Along with this variety of residential options, there are ample possibilities for finding commercial property as well.

Minneapolis consistently illustrates growth and rejuvenation with a wealth of real estate opportunities for homeowners, businesses and investors. If you are interested in buying or selling a property in Minneapolis, Minnesota, here is our recommended list of the Top 10 Real Estate Agents serving Minneapolis, MN. Their expertise in local market trends will help you reach your real estate goals with confidence. Contact one or more of these top 25 agents for an interview today!

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