Impactful Ways to Market Your Home for Faster Sales

Impactful Ways to Market Your Home for Faster Sales

When you think of selling a house, you probably want to sell fast and get the best value possible.

Whether it’s because of a new job, a change in location or even a great offer on a new house, there are many reasons you might want to sell faster. Besides, selling your house quickly is likely to result in the best offer. Houses that stay too long on the market will most likely be valued lower than those that are fresh on the market.

Clearly, selling fast is important.

1. Pricing Your Home

Pricing Your Home

One major factor in how fast a house sells is its list price. Listing a house way above market value is a trick that many sellers employ to try to raise the value of a house. However, it rarely works. Overpriced homes stay on the market too long, and buyers start to wonder if something is wrong with them.

Underpricing, on the other hand, can lead to multiple offers over asking price as buyers compete for a good deal. This may work in certain markets, but it can also backfire. A lower list price may cause buyers to assume it has a lower value, and their level of interest and offer amounts can reflect that.

In most cases, the best strategy is to list your home at market value. That means basing your list price on the selling prices of homes nearby that are like yours. Real estate agents call these “comps.” A good real estate agent can find the best comps for your home and advise you on your pricing strategy.

Impactful Ways to Market Your Home for Faster Sales

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2. Preparing Your Home for Sale

Preparing Your Home for Sale

Getting a good price depends on the condition of the house listed for sale, and that’s why special effort should be put in to ensure your house is in the best possible shape.

There are several things you should do when preparing your home for sale.

A. Make repairs and improvements.

Even though you want to get your house on the market right away, it’s a good idea to take some time for repairs and improvements to your house.

In most cases, it is not worthwhile to make major renovations. Instead, you should focus on quick repairs to problems that could deter potential buyers from paying good money for your house. Take a good look around the house to find any potential damage that needs fixing. It could be a loose tile, a loose door hinge or even a leaky faucet. The key is to ensure that your house is in the best condition to appeal to prospective buyers.

If you have some extra cash, you can even spend a little on some upgrades, like buying new appliances or installing new hardware on the cabinets. You can even give some areas in the house a fresh coat of paint, just to give your house that new look that buyers absolutely love. While making repairs, it’s important to pay attention to both the interior and exterior of the house.

B. Clean and declutter your house.

Cleaning a home thoroughly before you sell it is a basic trick to increase the value of the home, but you might be surprised how many sellers actually ignore this aspect and try to sell homes that are dirty and disorganized.

Making sure your house is cleaned and organized properly before sale will help attract buyers, and they are more likely to pay top dollar.

If you want the best results or if you just can’t clean it on your own, hire a professional to do it. Make sure your house has that clean sparkle before you go on to list it.

Impactful Ways to Market Your Home for Faster Sales

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C. Stage your house.

Once your house is clean and looking good, it’s time to set things up. Staging your house involves arranging the furniture, décor and other items in the house in an appealing way to attract potential buyers and help them picture themselves living in the home.

If necessary, very bulky items can be put into storage to emphasize how much room the house has. Rearranging the furniture will also help your house look very inviting, so you should make sure to set up your furniture in a way that shows off the home’s best features and enables the easy flow of traffic.

Staging is even better when you hire a professional home stager. Although it cost some money to hire a professional stager, staging can help buyers see the full value of a house. A professional will use their knowledge of design and experience with previous houses to give your house the perfect setup. According to real estate studies, staged houses sell 88% faster than non-staged ones and also sell for 20% more.

According to, most stagers charge around $300 to $600 for the initial consultation and about $500 to $600 a month for each staged room. But don’t worry; the extra value you’re getting can make it worth every penny. You can also learn the way this company listed each house for sale in Burnaby.

Impactful Ways to Market Your Home for Faster Sales

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3. Selling Your Home

Selling Your Home

Once your house is ready for sale, it’s time to go into the sale process. The first thing in selling a house is to get the word out to the kind of buyers you want. This is where marketing comes in. Listing your house and promoting your listing are how you get attention from potential buyers and their agents.

A. Effective Marketing 

In selling a house, getting your ad in front of the right buyers is very important. Targeted marketing helps to ensure that the right buyers see your listing — those in your price range who are looking for a home in your area.

One important factor in the listing is the quality of your photographs. While anyone can take photographs using a smartphone camera, a professional photographer can choose the best angles and lighting and adjust the photos to make your home look its best.

Here are some things to consider when taking professional listing photographs:

  • Use natural early morning or evening light.
  • Add supplemental lighting to illuminate dark areas.
  • Make sure to frame and crop every shot properly.
  • Avoid using too many filters in your pictures.
  • Use wide-angle shots to help buyers get the big picture of rooms and layouts.
  • Try to list the pictures in an order that makes sense: typically, the front of the house, then shared spaces, then bedrooms, then the backyard.

And if you want to go all out, you may consider adding these extras to make your listing unique:

  • 3D walkthroughs: 3D walkthroughs give a very realistic view of your house and make buyers feel as if they are actually there. They take buyers on a tour of the home so they can understand the layout.
  • Drone images: Drone images provide buyers with a view of the home’s external surroundings and the neighborhood.
Impactful Ways to Market Your Home for Faster Sales

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B. The Effective Use of Keywords

When looking for a house online, buyers don’t want to search through dozens of pages of results. Homes that appear on the first page of their search are much more likely to get attention. Buyers will use keywords and filters to narrow down their search, so you need to make sure your listing has the right keywords and descriptors. Poor use of keywords may mean that your listings don’t get enough views.

While keywords are important in online listings, you shouldn’t just spam your listings with excessive and redundant keywords. That will get you nowhere. Try to be creative and intentional with the use of keywords.

C. Getting Eyes on Your Listing

If you want to maximize the number of potential buyers who see your listing, it’s important to utilize multiple marketing methods, like social media, Facebook ads, X ads and other forms of social media marketing.

Real estate websites are also useful in matching your house to the right buyer, since thousands of buyers view such sites every day.

One approach that many people ignore these days is to use traditional marketing methods, like ad posters. While they may not get your house the kind of exposure you get by using online platforms, they can be very effective in getting buyers for a house.

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D. Using an iBuyer 

Choosing an iBuyer, or instant buyer, could be a smart move if you want to sell your house as soon as possible. iBuyers are tech-focused businesses that buy houses directly from you. They make cash offers, typically within 24 hours after receiving your information, using computerized appraisals known as automated valuation models (AVMs) together with pictures, virtual tours and house inspections.

In contrast to the normal selling process, you won’t need to employ an agent or worry about cleaning, staging or conducting tours of your house. In exchange for this convenience, you will have to pay the iBuyer a service fee, which normally ranges from 5% to 14% of the home’s sale price.

E. Hiring a Real Estate Agent

You cannot afford to gamble on an inexperienced housing professional when time is of the essence. Instead, work with a real estate agent who is familiar with your neighborhood and has experience working with sellers in your shoes.

It’s usually better to find a real estate agent who has years of experience in your neighborhood and sells plenty of houses. They’ll probably know people who can help you find the ideal buyer. They can also help to create sweet deals that will attract buyers to your house.

Lastly, don’t be hesitant to speak with numerous agents. While most buyers choose the first agent they speak with, meeting with several people may help you locate someone who is a better fit. Check the agent’s license with the real estate department of your state once you’ve found one you like.

The only downside to involving an agent is the commission you will need to pay. Be sure to negotiate properly with the agent before selling the house.

Impactful Ways to Market Your Home for Faster Sales

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Selling a property may be stressful, especially if you’re on a tight timeline. Fortunately, whether you need to sell quickly due to a new job, a life event or financial considerations, there are options to expedite the process.

If you don’t have a large budget to prepare your property for sale, concentrate on the initial impression that purchasers will get when viewing it for the first time. Buyers can decide in a matter of seconds — a few from the curb, and a few more when they walk through the front door. Make those seconds count by using a good agent, presenting a well-kept home and pricing the house right.


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