An Ultimate Guide to Moving for Home Buyers and Sellers

An Ultimate Guide to Moving for Home Buyers and Sellers

The real estate is a booming industry which makes it easy for anyone to earn and mold their professional careers. With perseverance and patience, a career in real estate will allow you to meet new people, enhance your customer service skills and expand your network.

But if you’re someone who is either selling or buying a home, do you know how to actually move from one location to another with much less stress? Aside from looking for customer-friendly movers, do you have any tricks up your sleeve which can help you move as easy as possible?

Buying and selling a home doesn’t make you an expert in moving. Buying and selling are much more different when you’re actually moving. Carefully go through the tips listed below and uses these as your ultimate guide whenever moving:

1. Start by going through all of your valuables and consider purging.

Start by going through all of your valuables and consider purging, find a home for every items in your home

If you have been living in the same house for years, usually, you’ll have a lot of valuables stored in your place. These valuables are either given to you, or you’ve purchased on your own. Go through all of these and sort out which ones are still usable, and which are ones should be disposed. This will require you to go through all of the clothes in your bedroom, storage boxes in your garage and even pieces of furniture you’ve been keeping for years.

You can dispose unusable items through a garage sale, donation to organizations and charities or by giving these to your friends. This is an essential step as this will save you from moving costs for items which will only collect dust in your new place.

An Ultimate Guide to Moving for Home Buyers and Sellers

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2. Measure the available space in your new home.

Measure the available space in your new home, take measurements of your new home

You have bought pieces of furniture for your present home. All of these works are fine as these don’t compromise any available space. However, since you’re moving to a new house, consider if these pieces of furniture will still fit. This is the reason why measuring the available space in your new house is essential. This information will help you determine if you should bring all of your furniture or buy new ones instead.

3. Look for free moving boxes.

Look for free moving boxes, reuse moving boxes to reduce costs

Regardless of when and where you’re moving, you’ll also need moving boxes, tapes, and markers to pack all of your valuables. Packing is an essential part of the move which is why these supplies should be readily available ahead of time. Sure, these can easily be purchased from any local store, but would it be better if you can have these for free?

Visit nearby supermarkets in your area and inquire if they have any spare boxes. If they have, ask for these boxes and schedule your pickup. Old boxes can be converted to moving boxes which you can use to pack all of your valuables.

While you’re at it, check if you have old boxes in your attic or garage, as well. You might have bought appliances or pieces of furniture in the past which comes with boxes. These can also be used as moving boxes.

4. Non-essential items should be packed first.

Non-essential items should be packed first, pack less frequently used items first

Different items from your house will always have different levels of importance. For example, your Christmas decorations will not be as crucial to your daily vitamins and medicines. When you’re moving, you should determine which are essential and which ones are not. Non-essential items should be packed first because most often than not, you’ll still be using essential items until the day of the move.

Pack all of your Halloween costumes and stilettos first because you won’t need them weeks after moving. Essential items such as kitchenware, food and electrical chargers should be packed last so you can still use all of these until moving day.

An Ultimate Guide to Moving for Home Buyers and Sellers

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5. You should learn to love labeling.

You should learn to love labeling, label every box

Whenever you’re moving, packing will never be complete without proper labeling. You need to label all of your moving boxes according to their category, uses, or where these will be used. Labeling is essential especially when you’re hiring a professional mover to help you out.

Properly labeling all of your moving boxes will make it easy for you to track all of your valuables and determine if there are items missing. With the number of labeling techniques available today, choose ones which are apt to your preference.

No matter what labeling technique you choose to use, make sure that everyone who will help you is on the same page. Your attempts to label all of your items properly will be useless if you’re the only one doing it.

An Ultimate Guide to Moving for Home Buyers and Sellers

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6. Asking for helps from friends and family can do wonders for your move.

Asking help from friends and family can do wonders for your move, get help from family and friends

Moving will always require you to shell out a large amount of money, but there are a lot of strategies on how you can move cheap. Aside from asking for free moving boxes, asking for help from your friends and family can also help to make your upcoming a success.

Once you’ve already finalized the date for your move, call your friends and family and ask them if they’re available during those dates. They can help lift moving boxes around the house, watch over your children and pets and even provide valuable tips which you can use when moving. This will not only help you save money on moving expenses, but this can also be an excellent avenue for everyone in the family to bond.

7. Always think about your health.

Always think about your health, take care of yourself

There are a lot of tasks to be accomplished whenever moving but this doesn’t mean that you should compromise your health in the process. It might be tempting to skip sleep or meals just to pack all of your valuables but doing this can only delay any progress for the move.

You’ll get tired quicker or end up sick which can hamper you from moving fast. Whenever you’re moving, always think about your health, too. Get enough rest, drink plenty of liquids and always eat well-balanced meals. When you’re physically fit, the entire move will come off easier.

An Ultimate Guide to Moving for Home Buyers and Sellers

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It’s Worth It:

It’s Worth It, hard work paid off

Regardless of whether you’re buying or selling a home, you need to make sure to use the correct strategy as these endeavors require your time and lots of efforts. Using the right strategy will get you a smooth move. Let this article be your guide for you to achieve this goal for your next move!

An Ultimate Guide to Moving for Home Buyers and Sellers

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